The best U.S. cities for renters

Renting or buying a new home is often a question that pops up when it is time for relocation. Due to various reasons, most of the people decide to rent a house or an apartment. There is an increasing number of people that are moving and changing their living location very often. It is not always easy to find a suitable place for renting, especially if you are moving across the country with kids. There are many factors that should be included, not only the price of rent. If you are trying to find out what are the best U.S. cities for renters, you are in the right place. This article will give you the insight on some of the most popular and affordable cities for renting a home.

Moving to another place

Every relocation to another place is a complex process that takes a lot of time and energy. Whatever the reason for your relocation is, it should represent a positive challenge. Apart from this joyful part of the relocation, there is also the other one. It is the part with a lot of tasks, and where the level of stress might be even higher. Organizing the process of moving step by step is what can help you. Good preparation is key for stress-free moving even if you are moving from Florida on a budget. That is the reason why one of the tasks should be making a budget plan and sticking to it. Hiring a reliable moving company is one more thing that you should pay special attention to. Gather as much information as you can before choosing the one that will be in charge of your possessions.

Have a moving checklist, which can guide you through the whole process of moving. That will give you time for more important things. And that is- finding the best U.S. cities for renters, finding the best new place for a living.

What to have in consideration when looking for the best U.S. cities for renters

To have a whole picture of the place where you will move to, some things should be taken into consideration. Apart from the price of renting which might seem to be the crucial factor, there are seemingly more important ones. The best places for a living are those that can provide a safe life for you and your family. Factors that should also differentiate a place as a good for a living are job opportunities and good pay. And of course affordable housing. Gathering all those factors, researches are showing that some of the best U.S. cities for renters are the ones in the bellow text.

Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville is the largest U.S. city by land area, and 12th largest on the scale of population, with around 880k people. Situated in northeastern Florida’s First Coast region, place of natives for thousands of years. But also the first place of permanent European settlements in the continental United States. Due to the affordable prices of living, this place has a big interest in retirees and those looking for a vacation. With a lot of job opportunities, Jacksonville is also a good place for business people and people with families.

Jacksonville, Florida

Studies say that the average rent is around $1000, for one or two-bedroom home, per month. According to U.S. Census Bureau median house income is $48,256 a year. This means that around 27% goes to rent making this place one of the best U.S. cities for renters. Living index cost is 88 which is under the national average. If you decide to move to this place, Florida cross country moving companies are at your disposal. Experience and professionalism are on their side so that the satisfaction can be on yours.

Lincoln, Nebraska

With a population of 280, 348 people, Lincoln is the second largest city in Nebraska. The main benefit of this place is the University of Nebraska, the region’s third largest employer. The culture and lifestyle of this place have a big influence on the young population and students. Not only the University of Nebraska but also the State of Nebraska and Lincoln Public schools are providing job opportunities. There are also a few healthcare companies that provide a stable employment base.

Less than 3% of the people are unemployed, which means that almost everyone can find a job here. Median rent for one or two-bedroom house is between $750-1000. While median house income is around $51,000. Living index cost is 85,2, below the national average. It seems like one of the best U.S. cities for renters, especially those looking for work or studying.

Tampa, Florida

Tampa is one more place for having a good life with affordable price of renting in Florida. It has a population of 377,165 people. The median rent is $970 per month and the median income of around $46,000. Cost of living index is 96 which is a bit above the average but still renting options are very affordable. This place is offering a nice lifestyle, place full of diversities and entertainment. It has a hip social scene and a large Hispanic community.

Tampa, Florida

The biggest part of residents of Tampa are people gathered from other areas of the U.S. The reason for this diversity is good weather, job opportunities, different social and recreational activities, as well as retirement communities. If anything from this mentioned suites your needs, our Tampa cross country movers can help you with your relocation to this place.

Austin, Texas- one of the best U.S. cities for renters

Austin is on the top of the list of the best cities for renting a home. Situated in Texas, with a population of 947,860 citizens, Austin offers a nice and affordable life. We must mention that the median rent is around $1000 and a median income of around $60,0000. This implies that more than half of renters are spending 30% and less of their income on rent. Big place for renters is also low eviction rate of 0.92. With one of the strongest economies in the country, an unemployment rate of 3,4% is lower than average. Cost of living index is slightly below the average, around 95.

Nevertheless, Austin is a really friendly place worth living in. The rich history of this place is one of its biggest advantages. It is named as a Live Music Capitol of the World and for a reason. This place has a variety of music venues, local bands, bars where crowds are being entertained. Besides a lot of music festivals, other activities such as hiking, bicycle riding, kayaking are available in more than 250 parks. Perfect for young and older generation, this place is for sure one of the best U.S. cities for renters.

Charleston, South Carolina

The city is situated in South Carolina with its population of 728,271 people. Charleston’s charm attracts many people, and the numbers of tourists are going up every year. That opens plenty of job opportunities, especially in the summer months. The city economy lies in marketing, advertising, sales, and tech. Median rent is $1000 per month and median income is $45,000 per year.

Charleston Bridge, South Carolina

Sophisticated ambiance as an example of southern culture is evident. A mix of historic and modern is present, visible in cobblestone walkaways, great nightlife and culture spots such as art galleries. Proximity to a lot of beaches is also a benefit of this place. This place is suitable for singles, millennials, but also families and workaholics. With a lot of places for exercising your hobbies and having fun and good food, it might be the perfect place for a renter. So, if you are into moving to Charleston, our Charleston cross country movers can make this big step much easier. With a help of professional hand, your moving to one of the best U.S. cities for renters can be fun.

We’ve mentioned just a few of the best U.S. cities for renters, but there are many more. It is up to you to decide which one suits you need the best. We wish you a great moving, stay positive and have fun.

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