Tips for downsizing your office

Today, for running a business office is no longer the necessity. In the modern economy, you can run your business online. All you need is a computer. Renting big office space is expensive, so there are many benefits to downsizing your office.

When is the Time for Downsizing your office?

If you are ready to change the address of your business, downsizing your office is a great way to cut your rent costs. But, first, you should ask yourself a few questions:

  • How much space do you need?
  • Do you need daily access for your clients?
  • Can you do your business from anywhere?
  • Do you need an address close to your clients and suppliers?
When making a plan for downsizing your office you should think about the size of space your business requires.

The answers will determine the size and the convenient location for your office space. You must pick the size of the office that is enough for all the office furniture and business needs. By choosing smaller office space, you can save yourself from paying high monthly rents.

Downsize it step by step

Downsizing your office is a big task. You need some practical tips that can save you money and increase the business flow.

Think about the size of your office furniture

If you have big furniture such as large desks, huge conference room tables, etc. you should think about donating your old furniture and buying smaller pieces. A small table can be used the same as the large one. Also, you should think about using your vertical space. It means you can use desktop shelves to store files and documents.

Rent a storage unit

If you are tired of having piles of paperwork in your office, you should think about renting a storage unit. In this way, you will clean your space, and defiantly you will cut your rent costs. You can move to a smaller office and rent a storage unit for a lower price than renting a big office space. Consider hiring our best cross country movers Georgia to help you pack, move and archive your files efficiently. Storage space is excellent for all items you cannot keep in your new smaller office space. Storage units are much less expensive than the office space. Plus, you will have easy access every day and night.

If you are tired of having piles of paperwork in your office, you should think about renting a storage unit.

Think about sharing office space

Sharing office space is becoming more and more popular. When you pair with other businesses, you can share the conference room when you need it same as the rent. Another option to cut your costs and running a business in a small space is to rent a conference room at a hotel when you need it. The rest of time your small office space is enough for running a business.

Make your space look larger

Take tips from professionals (interior designers) to make your office look larger than it is. Our suggestions are to stay away from dark colors and bring some bright colors and mirrors in your office space.

 Other tips for downsizing your office

If you are planning to move your business to smaller space, there are few additional tips for easy downsizing.

  • Allow More Employees to Work from Home

This is a great solution for you and your employees. Not every employee wants to commute to work every day. For some of them working from home is a more convenient option. So, you can downsize your office space for the people who want to work from the office and others can work from home.

Allow more employees to work from home – they don’t need to commute and you don’t need to pay more for bigger office space
  • Transfer your paper files to digital

With today’s technology, you should transfer your paper files to digital. In this way, you will clear out more workspace by eliminating unnecessary papers from filing cabinets. Virtual data will save you money and space.

  • Custom office furniture

Custom office furniture is an excellent solution for your small office. It provides functionality and comfortability in your new office. Soon you will realize you don’t need a big space to feel comfortable and more productive.

Small offices are better for team spirit and bonding between your employees

If you think that downsizing an office means unsuccessful business, you are wrong! There are many benefits of downsizing your office. Moving to a smaller workspace can be better not only for your finances but also for team spirit. You can get a happier and productive space. Hire your Atlanta cross country movers today to make your transition to a smaller office space quicker, more comfortable and efficient. Professionals will help you settle down with no worries. Soon, you will be ready to start working in your new office space.

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