How to pack small appliances

One of the most important tasks that you will have to face in the process of relocation is packing. It might seem that packing is an easy job, just like packing your clothes for a trip. But the truth is unfortunately different. Packing is the most time and energy consuming task in the whole adventure called moving. But that should not upset you, because the key for successful packing lies in good organization and preparation. Gathering useful advice about packing your possessions can be helpful. This is the reason why we will here try to give you some tips on how to pack small appliances.

How to handle moving preparations

A relocation is an important event in one’s life and in most cases, it makes a positive change. Having an opportunity to change the environment and open a new chapter in your life is priceless. On the other hand, moving is not an easy process and requires a lot of effort and money. The process of moving includes a lot of tasks. So in order to have a stress-free relocation, a good organization and preparation are what you need. This means making a moving checklist where all tasks will be listed. And among them the tricky task of packing small appliances. The checklist will be your guide to a successful moving day.

Making a budget plan is very important in organizing your relocation.

One more important part of the preparation for moving is making a budget plan and sticking to it. It is of great importance to collect information regarding the moving costs. Especially if you are moving from Florida on a budget when you will not be able to cross the budget limits. That way you will easily monitor all the expenses and know where you can even save some money.

Hire professional movers

Every relocation process starts with hiring a reliable moving company. If you are wondering where to look for the best cross country movers, we are at your disposal. With an experience in their job and dedication to customers, you will not have to worry about your moving. You can contact us at any time regarding any information. When you are sure that your belongings will be safe during the transport, you can start to pack your small appliances. And of course, other possessions that you would like to move with you.

Declutter your home before you start to pack small appliances

Before you start to pack small appliances, sort them out first. Decluttering of your possessions will help you in decreasing the number of items you should pack. There are for sure some appliances that you are not using anymore. Hence you can get rid of them by selling them, donating or of course recycling.

Before you pack small appliances such as toasters, you should declutter the kitchen.

After you decide which items you want to pack, start sorting them in categories. Most of them are small devices that you are mostly using in the kitchen. There are coffee makers, toasters, blenders, rice cookers, mixers, food processors, electric grills, microwaves, fryers etc. Apart from the kitchen small appliances, there are many other, such as clocks, fans, radios, and other similar items. There are some recommended steps which you should follow to protect and properly pack small appliances.

Step by step in order to properly pack small appliances

In order to pack small appliances that are in your possession, it is good to know the right technique and to have the right equipment. So let us start from the beginning.

Collect all necessary packing supplies

Before you start to pack your small appliances, gather all packing supplies for it. On the list of supplies, you should have packing paper or blank newspaper paper, packing pads and packaging tapes. For protecting your items from damages use foam or bubble wrap, towels or linens. You should also need permanent markers and labeling stickers so that you can know what is the content of the box. And of course packing boxes of different sizes, preferably the medium size ones or small. Do not use peanuts and shredded papers because they can get into the device and cause a damage. It is important to use good quality packing supplies to provide utmost safety.

Properly clean every device

Cleaning of your appliances plays an important part in the process. Unplug your devices from a power supply, clean them and put to dry properly. For drying use cotton cloth or towels. If you are not sure how to do that you can use a device’s manual.

Detach everything from the appliance, remove batteries

When you are doing the cleaning part, remove all detachable parts form the device. These are power cords, lids form blenders or juicers or any extra accessories. Wrap each item separately, especially sharp parts or blades. If you have appliances with batteries, remove batteries as they might start leaking.

Do not forget to remove batteries before you pack small appliances.

Try to find original boxes of your items

Try to find original boxes of your appliances because it would be best to pack them in their sized proper boxes.

Prepare the box before you pack small appliances

If you cannot find their original boxes before you start to pack small appliances, protect all boxes correctly. You should tape the bottom and the sides of the cardboard boxes and provide padding to the bottom. For that use towels, newspapers of linens. That way you will protect the appliances inside the box from damages.

Protect your small devices

The most important part is the good wrapping of your devices. Use paper pads for appliances such as microwave or packing paper for smaller one such as a toaster. Bubble wrap can be also very useful for extra protection. Wrap all items with tape to secure that every part is covered.

No empty space in the box

When you start to pack small appliances in boxes, put first the heavier ones. Smaller one should be on the top with the other detachable items. Make sure that there is no empty space between devices, so they cannot move and collide during the transport. To fill empty space put bubble wrap, paper or towels to immobilize appliances from moving. Try not to overweight the box, and for heavier items use separate boxes.

Fill empty space in the box with bubble wrap

Sealing and labeling the box

After you put all the appliances in boxes seal them with heavy duty packing tape. Put a sign with permanent marker or labels to indicate what is in the box and that items in the box are fragile.

After unpacking your devices there will be a lot of leftover boxes that you can use for different purposes. So, do not just throw them away, they can be useful, and money spent on them will be not wasted.

We hope this article gave you some guidelines on how to pack small appliances that you have in your possession. As you can see, with a bit of effort you can easily pack everything. So, start choosing your moving date, and start packing your belongings on time. That way you will have more space to prepare yourself for a big change. And to spend some quality time with your family and friends.

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