Step-by-step guide to changing your office address

So, you’ve come to the point when your small business office is to small for all of your staff. Congratulations! When growing your company, it is expected you will need a change of address. Transferring your business to bigger office space is not that hard when you have quality cross country movers Atlanta helping you. However, changing your office address is no easy task. There are also numerous people you need to be informed of this change. Use our guide to changing your office address and make the transition easier before the moving day comes.

Changing your office address – step-to-step guide

Step one – The Postal Service

The first step is the easiest one when changing your office address. Your personal opinion aside, your postal service should be one of the first parties you visit. To make the address change, you will only need a forwarding mailing address. You will also need to make sure you have the correct date when you want to turn it on. In most cases, you can complete this task using an official post office online form.

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Change your address at the post office before moving.

Step two – Federal Revenue Service

Your next stop should be the Federal Revenue Service. When changing your office and leasing commercial real estate, you should let Federal Revenue Service know as soon as possible. It is very important to do this part before the actual moving day because you may not remember the specifics they may ask in their forms. In most cases, the government will allow you to submit to fill on the online form.

Go to your official government website and find the official forms online. Changing your office address this way shouldn’t be a difficulty. However, if you don’t know where to start, ask a representative to give you more information.

Step three – state and local Revenue Service

If you are changing your office address and moving it to another province or a state, you should inform both the old and new State Revenue Service. This is very important because your tax obligations may change. In case you are moving your business within the same state or town, you will want to update them anyway. On the other hand, some states and provinces offer numerous tax benefits in case your business is located in a specific zone or area. For this reason, you should check everything and send an e-mail or two just to be on the safe side of things.

Step four – Your bank

Before hiring the best long distance moving companies Georgia to move your business to a new location, you should notify your bank when changing your office address. In most cases, you will do most of your banking digitally. Even then you should update the back about the change. In case you are making a lot of transactions, your billing address should match your bank address.

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Consider changing your business address before moving to a new office space.

Step five – your accountant

Professionals advise that you take advice from your accountant when changing your office address. He will explain the process in detail and help you with all the important steps you need to take. In case you think ahead, you may even consult your accountant on the best course of action before moving. He may advise you on the best future location for your business and think strategically from a tax perspective. With great advice, you may even have some benefits in the future.

Step six – Your company’s lawyer

Moving and changing your office address may not be as important for your lawyer as well as other government institutions. However, it is best your lawyer is informed in case you need any kind of legal assistance. He may help you avoid possible delays or problems that may occur.

Step seven – Clients and customers

Moving your entire business to a new location will take a lot of planning and preparations. Long before you start packing your business and your office, you should make sure your current and future clients are well aware that you will be expanding your business and moving. In case you want to make sure your customers know about your upcoming move, consider having an open house in your new space. You can print out new invitations, business cards with your new address, etc.

Step eight – Vendors and Payroll Providers

All the people your business deals with should know that you are changing your office address. That includes your vendor and your providers. In case your business already has a payroll set up, you should also update them about your change. Your payroll provider will be filing your employer and employees’ tax important documentation. In case they confuse your address, you may have serious consequences.

Step nine – the Internet providers you use

Your internet provider may take time to move your internet service to a new location. Every business uses the internet, and it is crucial to have a stable internet connection as soon as you move in. For this reason, you should notify your internet provider in advance and schedule a transfer. This way you will be sure your new office will be ready for you and your team after the move.

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Change your office address using online forms.

Step eleven – Insurance providers

To be exactly sure your business is safe and secure, you should notify your insurance company that you are moving. Your official documents should be up to date. That way you will prevent problems with your insurance company in case of any damage in your new office.

Step ten – Online services you use

In case your company uses paid cloud-based applications or services, you will need to update your payment information too. This step is quite important because a mix-up with your billing information may cause a problem. It may restrict access to the service and create a big problem. That is why it is best that you deal with your online paid accounts before changing your office address.

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