Reasons why people leave Florida

There are many reasons why people want to live in Florida and surely we all know that Florida is one of the favorite states in the USA. But this time we will tell you more about the reasons why people leave Florida! There are many things that make living in Florida difficult, starting with the climate, then the cost of living, etc. We hope that the following article will help you to see what Florida is missing, as well as to see all the shortcomings of the life that this state offers. And if you decide to leave Florida, you will need to seek the help of Best Cross Country Movers. But also, it is very important to note that Florida is one of the top states when it comes to outbound and inbound migration. So let’s see!


Florida is a state in the USA that is located in the southeast and is home to over 19 million people. Florida is also one of the most popular states for vacation and life, which offers you a number of different possibilities. If we look at the last ten years, Florida has also become a favorite place for people to move across the USA. But what is important is that this trend was worsened by the pandemic of the covid 19 virus, because it led to the fact that people switching to working from home, which also enabled them to work from another state, travel, and explore the world. Also, people moving from Florida due to restrictions during the pandemic period led people to look for a quieter place, less populated and if possible in distant mountains, villages, and smaller cities.

A girl thinking about Florida
The concentration of inbound and outbound migration is high. People are leaving Florida, but they are also moving in.

So, before we get to the topic, it’s important to highlight some of the main reasons why people move to Florida:

  • Low taxes
  • More affordable living costs
  • Rich business environment
  • Beaches
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Diversity

The thing that most attracted new residents was the diversity of this country. Considering that people from all over the USA immigrate to Florida, it’s quite normal that there is diversity among the population, lifestyle, culture, and customs. But the main reason people move to this Sunshine State is the entertainment and the beaches.

Florida migrations

When we talk about migration in Florida, it’s important to note that Florida has been in fifth place in terms of net migration for five years in a row. The largest population increase was recorded in the period between 2019 and 2020, from 252,700 inhabitants. Also, best cross country movers in Florida revealed that about 692 people move twice a day. This means that the population is expected to increase in the next five years.

The highest increase in net migration was 30,129. Also, when we talk about moving to Florida, the most recent data shows that between July 1, 2020, and July 1, 2021, 220,890 more people moved into Florida than left Florida. This data makes this country the main destination for migration. The data also shows that 62.3% of the moves were to Florida, and 37.7% were leaving Florida in 2021.

Why are people leaving Florida?

There are people who just don’t like the way of life in Florida anymore. These can generally be business reasons, finances, security, education, healthcare, etc. Given that this Sunshine State has over 19 million inhabitants, as well as the fact that around 700 people move to it every day, we can say that people of different mindsets, needs, and desires live here. Or, to put it more simply, not everything suits everyone. There are also people who have lived in Florida for years, and maybe they simply want to change something. And moving represents a big change in life. Young people most often moved for better education and career advancement because, perhaps, they don’t see their future in Florida.

Suitcases at the train station
A large number of young people leave Florida in search of better education and a more fulfilling business career.

So far, we can name all of these reasons why people leave Florida. Also, it’s very important to say that there is a possibility that what doesn’t suit you, and what is the reason for your move, maybe is a reason why other people move to Florida. And for that reason, it’s very difficult to say the exact reasons why people leave the Sunshine State. So, based on the research and reviews that people left on the forums, we singled out a few of the most common reasons they gave for leaving Florida.

Safety – One of the reasons why people leave Florida

As we already mentioned, some people do not feel safe while living in Florida, and there are numerous reasons for it. Now, it is not all black when it comes to living in Florida. There are places that are very safe and provide you with everything needed for a good life. But, on the other hand, currently, the crime rates are starting to rise. Since Florida turned to the IT sector, you should know there is a rising in theft.

According to data from the FBI, the USA registered about 308 violent crimes per 100,000 people. When we talk about security, it’s one of the most important factors to consider if you are planning to move to Florida. Because the crime rate actually represents the safety of the state or city you are planning to move to. According to the latest data from August 2022, Florida registered 382.4 violent crimes and 2168.7 property crimes reported per 100,000 residents. So, it is quite normal that if someone doesn’t feel safe, they should look for a new place to live. There are places and cities in Florida that have a high crime rate. And those who write Florida for this reason, live in them.

If you are planning to move to Florida, and you are looking for a city that offers a safe and secure life, you are in the right place. We will highlight a few. But it’s important to know that these cities may not be the biggest or the most popular, but they were chosen based on the quality of life they offer. Among the safest cities are Satellite Beach, Key Biscayne, Marco Island, Parkland, North Palm Beach, and Lynn Haven.

Natural disasters

Considering the geographical location of Florida, this country is unfortunately often exposed to natural disasters that leave lasting consequences on the state itself. And at the same time, this is one of the leading reasons why people leave Florida. So, 5 different natural disasters hit at least once a year.

large floods that cause flooding, which is one of the reasons why people leave Florida
Storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes bring with them large amounts of water that cause flooding.

Tropical storms. This is one of the regular natural occurrences in Florida. Also, Florida is one of the states that have the highest amount of annual precipitation. And as we said, the most common cause of tropical storms is their geographical location. Florida State is a peninsula located between the Gulf of Mexico, the Florida Straits, and the Atlantic Ocean. Tornadoes usually come from the Atlantic and spread toward the USA.

Hurricanes. This is Florida’s worst enemy. Of all the hurricanes that can happen in the USA, 40% of them will hit the Florida peninsula. The reason for this is that Florida has the longest peninsula, and therefore is in the path of hurricanes. And also, it’s found in warm waters that encourage the formation of hurricanes. The consequences of hurricanes are catastrophic, and they bring flash floods, heavy rainfall, and strong winds, which are followed by floods, wind currents, and tornadoes.

3 other natural disasters that hit Florida

Have you ever seen a tornado? Those who did must have moved away from Florida. Tornado season lasts from February to May, and that’s when they are at their strongest. But it’s not authoritative, because, like all other natural disasters, tornadoes can happen at any time, more precisely, at any time of the year. Tornadoes often come together with tropical storms and hurricanes. But there are also situations when they are formed by themselves. The damage after a tornado is catastrophic. And according to data from July 2022, 42 people died and 262 were injured in Florida.

Wildfires are one of the most common occurrences in Florida. They most often appear in wild areas that are overgrown with trees. During the fire, many houses and hectares of land were damaged, but unfortunately, the animals that were in the burning area also suffered. The most common cause of fires in Florida is heavy storms followed by thunderstorms, which also gave Florida the title of the lighting capital of the USA. Also, summer heat and high temperatures can be the cause of fires.

Damaged houses from our hurricane and tornado that is one of the reasons why people leave Florida
Damage after tropical storms, hurricanes, and other natural disasters is in the millions.

Floods are another in a series of natural disasters and one of the reasons why people leave Florida. Floods can cause huge damages, which can cost several million dollars. They usually occur as a result of hurricanes or tornadoes that bring with them a large amount of water. Also, the western part of central Florida was completely closed for several days, and the flood damage was 40 million dollars.

Not-so-good public education is also one of the reasons why people leave Florida

This is also another disadvantage of Florida. Florida residents complain about public schools and the education provided to children. But the reason for this is lagging funding, not teachers and professors. Also, most students leave Florida to study at some of the most famous colleges in the USA. but in general, when we talk about education in Florida, it’s not that bad in all cities. Let’s say, Orlando is one of the best cities in FL that offers a very good education. The schools of this city are highly rated A+, and in this city, you can find 154 public schools. The best of them are Orlando Science Middle/High Charter School, NeoCity Academy, Winter Park High School, and Windermere High School.

Also, best long distance movers in Orlando, they recommend this city if you are planning to move with your family because of its good education, and affordable real estate prices, which are around 234,000 dollars.

Too many tourists

Apart from being a favorite country to move to, Florida is also a favorite tourist destination for people from all over the world. According to data, about 100,000 tourists visit Florida annually. And one of the favorite locations in Miami. And of course, the beaches are the main attraction. The best long-distance moving company Miami will warn you about this if you decide to move to Miami. You will encounter a large concentration of people from faraway countries who come here on vacation. And this is one of the reasons why people who have lived here for a long time are leaving Florida.

Universal Park
Universal Park is one of the favorite places for tourists where the crowds are huge.

Near the popular places that tourists visit the most, such as Disney Land, Universal Park, and others, you can see a crowd of cars blocking the road. Even in the summer months, there are very few chances that residents of Florida will be able to visit some of the amusement parks.

Wild animals and many insects are the reasons why people leave Florida

There are people living in Florida who have strange animals as pets, such as strange species of lizards, fish, etc. So, don’t be surprised if you see iguanas and similar wild animals on the beaches. There are also people who don’t like this. In Florida, believe it or not, you can encounter hungry bears. More and more buildings and other residential facilities are being built near the habitats of these animals. And the leftover food that people throw away attracts them. Another less favorite animal of Floridians is the Alligator. And in Florida, there are over a million of them. They inhabit fresh waters, lakes, and swamps. But don’t be surprised if you see them in your pool.

Also, here you can come across a lot of insects such as various bugs, spiders, and mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are the most numerous inhabitants of Florida, but they are dangerous, the bites of some types of mosquitoes can have great consequences. Therefore, if you want to live in Florida or visit it, be sure to use protection against these insects.

Climate is another reason why people leave Florida

If you think you can handle the heat, think again. You will have high temperatures almost every day and not to mention the level of humidity. And if any of you suffer from some pulmonary issues then this definitely isn’t the place for you. People often complain that the humidity and high temperatures are making their lives hard. Although, there are periods when living in Florida is good and it doesn’t have such extreme heat, but, you can’t live there just because a couple of months are good on a yearly basis.

High temperatures and high humidity are one of the cons of living in Florida.

Also, it is a well-known fact that heat and humidity cause a lot of health issues for people living in Florida. It is very easy to get a heatstroke here and just collapse from the heat. The important thing is to know what to do when getting a heat stroke! It can seriously harm someone and people can actually die from it. And also, when you go out in the sun, don’t forget sunscreen with a high factor, glasses, a hat and a bottle of water.

Public transportation can be a nightmare 

Yes, this is true, there are a lot of problems with public transportation in Florida that people just can’t fix. And this is just one of the reasons why people move from Florida. Imagine having to be somewhere and you do not have a car to go there. You can’t even be sure that transportation will be there on time or arrive at your station on time. These issues can be very stressful after a while because, if you do not own a car, then you will have a big problem commuting. If everything is in the near vicinity of your home then that’s good. But if you have to travel long distances, then you are in for a “ride”. This issue with public transportation is what makes people rethink where they can buy their next home! Just to avoid the issues they have with living in Florida!

Bad public transportation - one of reasons why people leave Florida
Transportation in Florida can be a nightmare if you don’t have your own car.

One important piece of information if you’re planning to travel through Florida is that the I-4 highway runs from Daytona Beach on the east coast through Orlando and ends in Tampa on the west coast. Best long distance movers in Tampa will advise you on another route for your move because this route can be very crowded. And also, traffic accidents, which unfortunately happen often, can block the road completely for several hours.

There is not much to things to do?

Although there are some monuments and galleries in Florida, the main reason why it is dull is the lack of historical monuments. There aren’t that many things to see, and just in a couple of days, you can see and visit them all. And for the residents of Florida, this has already become very boring, and that’s why they want to look for new entertainment.

What Florida can offer are clubs and rich nightlife. And in St. Petersburg, you will find the best nightlife scene. The best long distance St. Petersburg movers revealed to us that the young population mostly moved to this city. And now, it’s not all black, there are places in Florida that are really good.

Florida’s nightlife scene isn’t too bad and offers some of the best parties around. But older people who are tired of it are leaving Florida.

So, Florida is a state that lives on tourism and wants to invest in it. Since tourists bring a lot of money with them, the state of Florida doesn’t want to invest in something that won’t pay back. The main reason tourists come here for a few weeks is the sunny days they can get. For two weeks they can enjoy sunny weather and summer like nowhere else. But, when we look at all the reasons so far, living here can be a real challenge. The US has a lot of states that have a huge number of sunny days. All you have to do is find out what the sunniest places in the US are and you can visit them, or move there, anytime soon. These places are just like Florida, but minus the mosquitos, humidity, crocodiles, etc.

It’s not all that bad!

These are just some of the main reasons why people leave Florida. Although they are basic, they are also the largest. With South Florida’s high crime rates, high taxes, etc., more and more people have decided to leave Florida and find a better place to live and raise their families. Hurricanes and other natural disasters leave the biggest consequences, and that is why people move en masse from the coastal areas where such occurrences are most common.  Also, it’s very important that you know that not all places in Florida bad for life. You just need to make a good choice for yourself and for your family.

We hope this article has broadened your perspective on the state of Florida and why people choose to leave! If you’ve already left, tell us why you did. What made you move out of Florida and are you happy with where you live right now? You can do so by leaving a comment in the comment section!

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