Pros and cons of moving to Tennessee

You’d probably never guess that moving to Tennessee can be one of the best ideas you can have. That is if you like low cost of living, gorgeous scenery, southern food, very low tax burden, and music, of course. When you are imagining your future, you’re probably thinking about living in other, more attractive places. If you are still indecisive, you need to see the reasons for moving to Tennessee and the reasons not to move here.

Why should you move to Tennessee?

As we already mentioned before, one of the most important factors for a move is the low cost of living. This has to be on the top of your list of reasons for moving somewhere. It means that you can afford more for yourself and your family if you don’t spend a larger part of your earnings on daily expenses or housing. Today, Tennessee is listed as the number one state to retire. This is because there are no personal income taxes, low cost of living and average housing. If you are in this life period, pick some of the best long distance movers Tennessee and pack your bags. The perfect place to retire doesn’t mean it is only good for retirees. Simply, it is good if you are on a budget.

Low cost of living

Moving to Tennessee will certainly do wonders for your savings. Tennessee is the second cheapest state to live in. Renting a house is not expensive and besides that, no income tax surely sounds tempting. In case you have a job waiting for you, you can focus all your attention on finding a house. On the other hand, if you need a job, you have a high enough chance because Tennessee has a low unemployment rate. Groceries, health, and housing are below the national average and they together contribute to a low cost of living.

a man putting money in his wallet
When you are living in an inexpensive place, you can afford much more for your family, than simple daily necessities.

The cheapest places to live in Tennessee, this year, are:

  • Union City
  • Lexington
  • Rockwood
  • Lewisburg
  • Munford
  • Dunlap
  • Paris
  • La Follette

Beautiful landscape

Let’s be honest, if you already have to move your home, why wouldn’t it be somewhere with beautiful surroundings. Residential moving to Tennessee will give you an opportunity to explore beautiful nature like in Great Smoky Mountains National Park or often visit Lover’s Leap waterfall. Trust us, this is a must-see breathtaking place. It is a heaven for nature photographers since Tennessee is filled with natural beauty.

nature in Tennessee
Tennessee has exquisite nature with many beautiful waterfalls.

Hiking enthusiasts will also enjoy the scenery, especially Rainbow Falls and Grotto Falls trails. Rock Island State Park is also a big attraction with its Twin Falls and Great Falls George. Check before you visit, because when the water level is high, you cannot see the cascades of Great Falls George.

Music and other festivals

Most people think of music or Elvis when they hear about Tennessee. The state capital city Nashville is also known as Music City. Fans of country music will enjoy living here. You can enjoy year-round festivals in Tennessee. Two of the major music events in the USA are here. They are the CMA Music Festival and the Chattanooga Riverbend Music festival. The first one is the largest country music festival and the other one attracts many people who like classic rock, jazz, and bluegrass music.

Bridgestone Arena
Tennessee is the home state of country music.


Tennessee, Nashville to be exact is very famous for its food, especially in the last couple of years. Relocating to Tennessee will allow you to enjoy that famous southern food and hospitality on a daily basis. Comfort food can be in your regular diet and you can eat famous pies nonstop – if you don’t care about calories.

Warm weather

Winters are mild and summers are hot and humid. If you don’t like colder climates, moving to Tennessee is the right move for you. There are four distinctive seasons in Tennessee, but there is a difference depending on if you are in the west or east. One of the warmest cities in Tennessee is Memphis. When you are moving from another state, it is the smartest to find interstate movers Tennessee, because they are familiar with the routine here and can help you to settle in any part of the state.

Cons of moving to Tennessee

Everything can be different if you are looking at it from different sides. Warm weather is a plus for some people and a downside for others. Summers are very hot, so if you decide to move here anyway, try to avoid the summer season. Although there are some benefits when moving during the summer holiday, it is hot and it can be difficult to relocate in those conditions. Humidity is your real enemy because it will make you feel worse than it actually is. 

Tornadoes and hurricanes

We can agree that nobody likes hurricanes and tornadoes. This can be a big reason not to move to TN. If you decide to move, steer clear of mid-Tennessee because mostly tornadoes are hitting here. Tennessee is not in the so-called tornado alley, but it has a large number of tornadoes, especially in November.

Crime and gangs

A very important factor to consider before planning to move to Tennessee is its ranking in violent crimes in major cities. This is a topic that nobody likes to talk about, but if you are still indecisive you need to consider everything before you move. There is a large number of gangs, mostly in the city of Memphis. It is categorized as the second most dangerous city in the nation, a few years back. If you are moving with small or teenage children, maybe this is something you need to give more thoughts. Gangs usually operate in rural parts of Memphis, so choose your neighborhood well.

How easy is it to find a job in Tennessee?

If you’re looking for a job, U.S. News says that Tennessee is the 13th best state for finding a job. So, you should not worry much about finding a job when moving to Tennessee. The median income in Tennessee is $50,972, while the average is $71,458. Job seekers in Tennessee are most interested in filling the position of software developer, and apps. Earning an Average of $87,630 Per Year The unemployment rate in Tennessee was 4.9% in February 2021, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is lower than the national average of 6.2%. The employment rate of X-Ray Technicians (Limited Scope) in the state of Tennessee is 7.9 times the national average.

a woman on a job interview
Finding a job after moving to Tennessee won’t be a problem. Plus, you’re getting a tax-free salary.

How high are the tax rates in Tennessee?

Income tax day is a holiday in Tennessee when residents enjoy tax-free salaries! On the other hand, you could feel like singing the blues after a trip to the mall. The combined rate of state and local sales taxes in Tennessee is 9.55 percent, the highest in the United States. Beer in Tennessee is subject to a tax that is among the highest in the country at $1.29 a gallon. The 15th lowest effective property tax rate in the nation is in Tennessee, but that’s not the only thing homeowners there have to worry about.

Which professions in Tennessee are the most profitable?

Trying to get the most out of your time in Tennessee? Find a fulfilling line of work. Top earners in the state include several types of doctors (surgeons, psychiatrists, orthodontists, family doctors, obstetricians, gynecologists, and general physicians). It would be wise to seek a medical degree in Tennessee due to the state’s severe shortage of trained doctors. We can declare with confidence that Tennessee is one of the greatest states in the United States for starting over, thanks to the excellent work-life balance that is the norm there. In order to get out from under their debt and into a comfortable lifestyle, many Tennesseans have sold their homes.

What is the Tennessee minimum wage?

Unlike the vast majority of other states, Tennessee does not have a minimum wage law. The federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, which has been in place since 2009, maybe the starting salary for many entry-level professions. However, finding work is never a problem in the Volunteer State.

Education opportunities in Tennessee

United States News and World Report ranks Tennessee’s public school system at #33 overall, #29 for higher education, and #31 for grades K-12. The quality of public schooling in Tennessee ranks 31st nationwide. The average per-student spending in Tennessee is around $9,544, or $9.6 billion per year. In percentage terms, it equates to 3.2% of total tax revenue. In Tennessee, 64,930 people reach the end of their college careers each year. Community colleges in Tennessee have average annual tuition and fees of $4,270 for Tennessee residents and $16,620 for non-residents. The average cost of a year at a public institution in the United States is $21,216, however, in Tennessee, it is just $20,304.

What’s the housing market in Tennessee like?

Nashville’s real estate market is among the hottest in the country. Despite the economic downturn caused by the virus, Nashville’s real estate market is witnessing solid demand. A growing number of individuals in major cities move to the suburbs. Nashville has witnessed an inflow of purchasers similar to those in Seattle, New York, and California. The lack of a personal income tax and the inability to deduct interest and dividends from taxable income are further contributing reasons. Because of this, demand has skyrocketed. Nashville property prices increased rapidly as a result of high demand and poor supply. Median house prices in the Nashville-Davidson-Murfreesboro-Franklin metropolitan region are $280,000.

Healthcare costs in Tennessee

If you’re most concerned about your health, you can find a first-rate medical center or hospital pretty much everywhere in the state. The state of Tennessee is home to some of the finest medical experts in the nation. The Affordable Care Act mandates health insurance on a federal level but not at the state level. People living in Tennessee are mandated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA, popularly known as Obamacare) to have health coverage.

Even though open enrollment for 2020 health plans in Tennessee has ended, those who have had a qualifying life event may still enroll in or make changes to their coverage. The open enrollment period for the 2023 plan year will begin on November 1, 2023. Residents of Tennessee may choose from a variety of insurance providers, including both commercial firms and government-run exchanges. The average annual premium for a major medical health insurance policy for an individual in Tennessee is $537. You may qualify for a premium discount based on your health status.

a lady at the doctor's office
Healthcare costs in Tennessee are fairly reasonable.

Is it cheaper to live in Tennessee than in the rest of the country?

Based on our research, moving to Tennessee seems to be one of the best financial decisions one can make in the whole United States. Rural areas may have a 40% cheaper cost of living than the rest of the nation, despite their closeness to major hubs. Chattanooga, like many other medium-sized cities, has a substantially lower cost of living than the national average. Nashville is often regarded as the most expensive major city in Tennessee, yet its total cost of living is really just slightly higher than the national average. In comparison to the rest of the United States, the cost of living in Tennessee is much cheaper.

How easy is it to get around in Tennessee?

The capital of Tennessee is one of just six American cities where three major highways meet. Southbound I-65 links the city to Birmingham and Montgomery, while northbound I-64 links the city to Indianapolis and Chicago, as well as Louisville and the Kentucky Derby. I-40 cuts Nashville in half from east to west and connects it to Memphis, Little Rock, and Oklahoma City. Asheville, Knoxville, Memphis, and Little Rock are just a few of the places it travels through. It connects the city’s northwest and southeast neighborhoods with St. Louis and Atlanta.

What are the best places to live in Tennessee?

Tennessee has some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. Lakes, rivers, mountains, rolling hills, and lush farmland are just a few of Tennessee’s many beautiful natural features. The whole state is worth exploring if you’re interested in wildlife, but there are certain must-see spots. Here are some of the best places in Tennessee to live.

1. Nashville

Nashville seems to have everything a contemporary city might desire, including a bustling cultural scene, many economic options, and family-friendly areas. This is the city where country music originated from and is a terrific place to see a live show any night of the week. The city is home to a number of renowned performance venues, including the Ryman Auditorium, Grand Ole Opry, Ascend Amphitheater, Brooklyn Bowl, and The Basement. One of Nashville’s greatest strengths is its easy availability of high-quality live music. Nashville is home to more than just a thriving music industry; the city also boasts several exciting job opportunities.

Nashville, Tennessee
Nashville is the perfect place for millennials and young professionals.

Considering the influx of new businesses to the area, relocating to Nashville might result in new employment. The city is large enough and varied enough to accommodate individuals who like both suburban style and urban living. This place may also be a good option for raising a family. There are several top-notch educational facilities in the Nashville area. The housing market here offers a wide variety of options for buyers. When you’ve finally found your dream house, interstate movers in Nashville can have you settled in no time.

2. Knoxville

If you’d rather be in the mountains, Knoxville provides everything you could possibly desire. Knoxville may be found in eastern Tennessee near the Appalachian Mountains. Knoxville, Tennessee is the “scruffiest city in America,” yet it also happens to be a fantastic area to enjoy the great outdoors. The Great Smoky Mountains provide as a breathtaking background, which is a definite plus. Because the University of Tennessee is in Knoxville, citizens spend the majority of their fall Saturdays attending UT football games. Knoxville, Tennessee, is home to some of the most affordable and beautiful lakefront properties in the United States. Our reliable cross-country movers Knoxville would be pleased to assist you with your relocation if you so desire.

3. Chattanooga

Chattanooga, albeit the state’s second-largest city, is really rather tiny despite its convenient location in East Tennessee, not far from the Georgia border. Chattanoogans make the most of the city’s location near popular outdoor destinations by participating in sports including rock climbing, boating, and hiking. Property in Chattanooga is a good investment since many homes here have stunning views. This little town in Tennessee is really home to a wide variety of artistic and alternative cultures. It’s little wonder that so many people visit Chattanooga every year. To put it simply, this is an ideal spot. Lookout Mountain is the best choice if you want to live in a Chattanooga suburb near excellent public schools. McCallie High School is unparalleled in the academic realm. If you’re in need of reliable moving services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with cross-country movers Chattanooga who can help you move in no time.

Chattanooga, Tennessee
Chattanooga is regarded as one of Tennessee’s most attractive locations.

4. Maryville

Maryville is a charming community in East Tennessee. It’s important to note that Knoxville is the closest large city to Maryville. Maryville is attractive because of its low cost of living and other positive features. The first is that Maryville’s proximity to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park makes it an ideal spot to live. People who like being outside will find the city to be ideal. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a wonderland for campers, bikers, climbers, and hikers. You can also readily access a number of the region’s beautiful lakes, rivers, and hills. Maryville’s little college adds character to the town’s historic core. Maryville is an affordable option for those who desire a quality education without breaking the bank.

5. Memphis

Its location on the Mississippi River in Western Tennessee makes Memphis a great choice. History is responsible for giving the city its own taste and personality. Memphis is where the blues, Elvis, and the Civil Rights Movement all began. The city’s vibrant nightlife and live music culture can be seen in places like Beale Street, Memphis BBQ, and other cultural sites. Due to the low cost of living, one dollar goes a long way in this country. A broad array of housing options are available in Memphis’ many neighborhoods. The presence of big firms like FedEx means a wide range of job opportunities in the region. If you want to raise a family in Memphis, Collierville is your best bet. Contact interstate movers in Memphis if you’re interested in relocating here. They may easily relocate you. Moving to Memphis is not only about saving money on the expense of living, as you can see.

Is moving to Tennessee the right move for you?

Moving to Tennessee is a huge decision, but one that will pay off well. Why? Those who call this state home may choose from a wide variety of enjoyable activities. The state is economical for its citizens and has a wide variety of exciting activities and beautiful natural areas to explore. This is a crucial consideration for new entrants to a state. The outlook for finding a new job is also good, so you shouldn’t be concerned about being laid off. Moving to Tennessee is something that many people dream of doing and if you’ve stumbled across this article and got to the end of it, then you’re definitely supposed to come and live in wonderful Tennessee.

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