Moving from Indiana to Illinois

Are you planning your cross country move in the near future? Moving from Indiana to Illinois might be your choice. And there is no easy relocation, especially when it comes to transporting and traveling long distances. You must think about a lot of things and feel many things as well. Leaving your home, everything that was familiar, and your friends isn’t an easy task. Luckily, a new beginning can bring even better and greater memories and experiences. Because we recognize all the struggles you encounter, we are bringing tips and tricks for your relocation from Indiana to Illinois. Catch up on some general information about your new residence. Use this article as a guide and informative booklet.

Traveling from Indiana to Illinois and transportation

Choosing this path is often among US citizens. These two states are closely located to one another. Driving by own vehicle across the road I-74 will get you to Illinois for 3 and a half hours. If you would prefer a little shorter way of 197 miles you should choose the IN-28 W roadway. It is only 200 miles however, keep your eye on traffic jams. You can track them through Google Maps. Bus travel from Indiana to Illinois takes three and a half hours and costs $15 to $65 on average. Alternatively, you can train, which takes 5 hours and costs $35 to $55. This information is useful if you are sightseeing and getting to know the city. However, for the actual moving process hire Indiana cross-country movers for a professional relocation of your belongings and furniture.

Chicago street during night
Chicago has 12,7 million residents.

Choose carefully the period of the year for moving. The summer season is the most expensive because of the high demand for moving companies. During winter demand is low. And also, mid-week and mid-month dates have the most affordable prices when it comes to moving companies or transportation.

Why would you want to consider moving from Indiana to Illinois?

You still might be splitting your mind over this matter. We are going to give you some reasoning for moving to Illinois. Hire Illinois cross country movers for stress-free, easy relocation to this state. Even if you already decided upon this, it is good to remind yourself why residents love this state. Let the testimonials be your best recommendation. And don’t let the distance be your obstacle.

Cost of living in Illinois

The cost of living in Illinois is 6% lower than the national average. Comparing the housing prices in Illinois they are 14% lower than the national average. You will spend 4% less on utility bills every month than the average USA citizen. When it comes to clothes shopping, groceries haul and entertainment costs are also 4 % lower than USA’s average. Healthcare expenses are not significantly different from the average, like in all states. However, bringing interesting comparisons. Living in Chicago will cost you 33% more than Illinois’s average pricing. Concluding, choose the city carefully.

Choosing a place to live in

Needless to say, Chicago is the most popular and inhibited city in Illinois. In this only live 2,7 million people. Along with the biggest number of best-rated areas to live in, Clarendon Hills, the suburb is ranking #1 place to live in the whole state. Following it, the Long Grove suburb is the #1 place for families. Following are Buffalo Groove, Western Springs, and Hinsdale. West Ridge suburb of Chicago is also a fantastic choice for people who enjoy diversity and rich content. Highly rated is also Naperville city. Choose carefully according to your needs and wants. If you are planning actually to buy a house, start looking for properties in Teutopolis and Springfield.

university of chicago, Illinois
the University of Chicago offers great possibilities for students!

Illinois is well known for its high educational institutions

The higher education system in Illinois is composed of 98 independent not-for-profit colleges and universities, 29 independent for-profit institutions, 48 community colleges, and nine state universities spread among 12 campuses. Young people often choose this state for studies, because it offers a variety of fields to explore and quality curriculums. The best-ranked universities in Illinois in the year 2022/23 according to the U.S. News are:

  • University of Chicago (#6 in National Universities)
  • Northwestern Universities (#10 in National Universities)
  • University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  • University of Illinois–Chicago
  • Loyola University Chicago
  • Illinois Institute of Technology

It is difficult relocating as a student, among exam stress you don’t need another caused by long-distance relocation. For students, Best Cross Country Movers are offering quick and efficient assistance during moves.

Local tourism in Illinois

This state is rich in natural beauty which tourists and locals can enjoy. From Galena State Park in the northwest to the river Mississippi and cliffs along the Illinois River in the vicinity of Peoria. In its 18 canyons, the Starved Rock area in State Park offers a variety of outdoor activities, such as picnicking, horseback riding, camping, winter sports, and river fishing and boating. Illinois is not lacking man-made monuments so you can enjoy the view from the Willis Tower Skydeck. Look up to 50 miles over four states and Lake Michigan from the Willis Tower Skydeck’s vantage point. Or take a walk down Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, which is only a portion of mesmerizing Michigan Avenue. Take a break in the biggest park stretching six miles along the shores of Lake Michigan, Lincoln park.

Michigan alley during night
Moving from Indiana to Illinois is going to be a fresh start and a positive experience.

Moving from Indiana to Illinois- conclusion

Changing your home is not an easy process, especially when it involves great distances and transportation. You are stressed both psychical and mentally, thinking about a lot of different things. It’s difficult to leave your home, your familiar surroundings, and your friends. Fortunately, a fresh start in a new state can result in more memorable moments. We are bringing advice for your move from Indiana to Illinois because we are aware of all the challenges you face. Refresh your memory on some essential info concerning your new home. This article could be used as a guide and educational handbook. Start planning and packing on time. Employ your friends and family to help you with the packing process and hire professional moving companies for complicated and difficult tasks cross country moving involves. We believe moving from Indiana to Illinois will bring only positive experiences!

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