Things to know before moving to Columbia, SC

Living in Columbia, South Carolina may be the perfect choice for you and your family or not the best choice. Because of that, you should know all the facts before you make the final decision. Moving to Columbia, SC is a big step in your life, so do it right and learn something about this beautiful and interesting city. What are the reasons to move there and what should you know before moving?

The preparation for moving is not just packing, it is much more than that. You should learn something about the tradition and history of the city you want to live in. Explore it and do a research about this capital of South Carolina.

Courthouse in South Carolina.
Columbia, SC has amazing buildings you can visit after moving there.

Things you should learn before moving to Columbia, SC

What to consider before moving to Columbia? Anywhere you move, you should learn some things – be they good or bad. After you do your research about this amazing city find reliable cross country movers if you like Columbia and you can imagine yourself living there.

A different accent

People in South Carolina speak in a typical southern accent. Be prepared for this cute accent (Y’all means for you all). Also, in Columbia, there are a few streets that are hard to pronounce if you are not a local. The Gervais Street is pronounced Ger-vay. After a time spent in Columbia, SC you will get used to this different speaking area.

The hot weather

South Carolina is a hot and sunny state. If you love the sun and you enjoy it, then this place is perfect for you. Columbia is “Famously Hot” and this is the second name of this city. Summers are very hot, and also the weather can be changed fast. Winters are mild, but be prepared for the summer. You should consider all the facts before you move to Columbia or anywhere else.

Hot weather in South Carolina.
If you love sunny and hot summer days, Columbia is the perfect city for you and your family.

A lot of jobs in healthcare

Because of the famous University, Columbia has many doctors, nurses, and surgeons. There are many hospitals in Columbia, so if you are looking for a job in a healthcare, now you know where you can find it. Moving to Columbia, SC for a job is a good choice if you want to start your career. Columbia does not have just jobs opportunities in a healthcare, you can start a business in South Carolina too.

A doctor in Columbia.
If you are looking for a job in a healthcare, move to Columbia. With the famous university and hospitals, you will have a lot of opportunities there.

Delicious food

Beside Southern hospitality, Columbia has a delicious food such as bbq. Pimento cheese is the most famous food and you must try it. You can use it for burgers, bbq, sandwiches, salads…When you move somewhere, try new things and be open. Columbia also has other delicious and unique food you must try after moving. Explore local restaurant and you will be surprised, for sure.

Good education

Columbia has a lot of colleges you can choose from. If you want to work on your education, it is a good choice to move there for college. You will get the best education not matter if you choose a private college or the public one.

Football and golf

Football is a big deal in Columbia. Before moving there, you should know what tailgating means. It is an event when football fans park their cars or van close to the stadium and they watch football, eat burgers and drink beer.  Now you understand how big event a football match is. Also, it is a traffic jam when the football season is. Try to avoid a move to Columbia in the football season. On the other hand, if you love golf, Columbia has a lot of golf courses.

The culture and tradition of Columbia

It has a rich history and tradition. You should open your book and start to learn about it. It does not have the end and it is interesting too. It has also a colonial history and African-American history too. Learn some interesting facts because it is a fun part of moving.

Moving to Columbia, SC for retirement

For moving you will need a moving company. But, not just some random movers, you can find the best cross country movers in Columbia. Be prepared for moving to Columbia, SC and start packing your clothes and belongings. Many people move to Columbia for retirement. Why? We have some answers about why it is a good choice to make.

  • Costs of living are not big so moving to Columbia, SC is an affordable and smart financial decision. 
  • The University of South Carolina has a free tuition for people over 60. So, it is never too late to work on your education.
  • South Carolina has a lot of places to retire, so it does not have to be Columbia. You have a lot of options.
  • The climate in Columbia is pleasant.
  • Taxes are reasonable.
  • Cheap houses and apartments.
Retired people with grand kids.
A lot of people choose to live in Columbia after their career.

Moving to Columbia, SC can be successful just when you are prepared. So, learn a few important items before moving there. It is normal to be nervous, happy and sad at the same time, but before moving you should be prepared and ready for action. It will be one of the biggest change in your life so, do it right. Be open to try new things, drinks and food. Good luck with moving to Columbia!

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