2022 Moving Trends Report

If you have decided to relocate by the end of 2022, but you are still not sure where to go, you are in the right place. We will tell you what are the 2022 moving trends in the USA and why are people moving to certain areas. Did you know that Americans are people who move more frequently than people in other parts of the world during their lifetime? Namely, an average American citizen moves almost 12 times during their life, 11.7, to be more precise. If you fall under this category, then you will probably be interested in the most popular places for movers in America this year. Wherever you decide to move to, Best Cross Country Movers, one of the best companies, will be there to help you. Also, you will find out what countries people have been leaving frequently since the beginning of 2022. Keep reading.

What are the main reasons why Americans move?

According to the US Census Bureau, 29,780,000 persons relocated in the United States in 2019 and 2020. That equates to 9.3% of the US population of 321.6 million people. And, although 85% of movers remain in their home state, 15% relocate to another state. So, why are Americans so much more geographically migratory than other people? As it turns out, there are many primary reasons why Americans, particularly young professionals, relocate so frequently.

People carrying moving boxes
If you want to follow 2022 moving trends, you are at the right place.

People’s decisions to relocate are influenced by variables such as more temperate weather, better housing alternatives, and better career possibilities. In sum, studies show that the majority of Americans want a better work-life balance. This trend became even more popular in 2022. Namely, 22% of Americans moved during the pandemic. That is higher than the average 13 to 14% from years before COVID. Even though there are a lot of people who are moving to seek better job opportunities, the services of residential movers are also highly necessary.  Whatever the reason for the relocation may be, read more about the 2022 moving trends.

Where do the Americans move in 2022?

Moving trends during the start of the pandemic revealed that many were moving out of need – losing employment, working remotely from home, needing to care for vulnerable family members, and so on. Many individuals are wanting to change their postal codes again now that we have settled into our new normal and reassessed our priorities. The reason is fact that they have realized they can still work remotely, so they are moving from the bigger and central areas into smaller and suburban homes. Some are downsizing their offices to smaller premises, and that is why commercial movers have their arms full in 2022. Even when business is not the main reason, people are moving to:

  • Hawaii,
  • Alaska,
  • Maine,
  • Montana,
  • South Carolina,
  • North Carolina,
  • Vermont,
  • Tennessee,
  • Florida,
  • and Wyoming.
A beach in Hawaii
Hawaii is the most popular among newcomers

Moving trends in Hawaii

Even though any city from Hawaii isn’t first on the list of the places where people have been moving during 2022, the islands have been extremely popular. There are many reasons why people decided to move there, especially in 2022, when life is going back to normal after the pandemic. This means that some of the best cross country movers Hawaii had their arms full during this period. They can also tell from which states people have been relocating to Hawaii the most. For example, 22.3% of people moved from California, 8.8% moved from Washington, and 7.2% of people from North Carolina relocated to Hawaii. Tennessee is at the bottom of this list because 1,2% of people moved from that state to Hawaii.

People getting ready to follow 2022 moving trends
People choose to move to less populated countries

Why are people moving to Hawaii in 2022?

One of the main reasons people are moving to Hawaii is the fact that life there is much calmer and easier to organize than anywhere else in the USA. It is especially noticeable that many professionals move there because they can work remotely and enjoy wonderful weather and peaceful area. The only downside of moving to Hawaii can be the extremely high cost of living. For example, the median home cost is $732,000.

One of the most popular cities in Hawaii is Honolulu and people usually contact interstate movers Honolulu to relocate there. If you are planning to move to Honolulu also, plan your budget well. For three months of living in this area, you will need at least $10 000. The median home price in Honolulu is $751,900, while the median income is $60,548. There are 341,555 people living there, and they are 41.4 years old on average. Unfortunately, together with the high cost of living, one of the downsides to living in Honolulu is the high unemployment rate of 7.6%.

A girl holding money
One of the main reasons for moving is affordability of some states

One of the 2022 moving trends is relocation to Alaska

It may be surprising that Alaska is on this list because it is one of the states famous for its extremely cold winters. However, all the benefits of living in Alaska are well-worth that cold. If you think you can get used to this type of weather, maybe it is time to contact one of the interstate moving companies Alaska and relocate to this wonderful state. One of the best advantages of moving to Alaska is its reasonable cost of living. For example, the median home cost is $339,000, which is more than double lower than in Honolulu. The anticipated monthly expenditures for a family of four are $4,283.74, not counting rent.

On the other hand, Alaska has no state income taxes. In addition to that, there is a Permanent Fund Dividend Program in Alaska. According to that program, if you live in Alaska full time, that is if you are not a part-time resident, you can get royalties every year. They are usually between $800 and $1,100. If you are moving to Alaska, the best way to do so is by plane. For instance, moving by car from NYC would last 72 hours and from Miami 78 hours.

Maine is high on the list of states people have been moving to

Maine is well-known for its stunning seas, gorgeous mountains, lighthouses, and delectable lobsters. Moving to Maine is a fantastic choice whether you want to visit ancient lighthouses, one of the most magnificent falls in the country, or even experience all four seasons. Obviously, in 2022 people want to be more in touch with nature and enjoy outdoor activities. It is no wonder that Hawaii, Alaska, and Maine hold the first three spots. The only question is whether you like summer or winter dominant states.

A lighthouse in Portland, Maine
Maine is one of the most affordable states

One of the advantages of living in Maine can be reasonable real estate prices. For example, if you want to buy a one-bedroom home in this area, you would have to pay $1,100 on average. That is less money than in Vermont or Florida, for example, where you would have to pay $1,200 and $1,339, respectively. If you decide to rent or buy and move to Maine, some of the best cross country movers Maine will help you relocate. Yours would be just to decide where you want to live.

What is the most popular Maine city in 2022?

The most popular Maine city in 29022 is Portland, which is number 9 on the list of the best small cities in the USA. It is also named one of the best cities for people to retire. These are some of the reasons why cross country movers Portland ME have had a lot of work to do in 2022. The overall living index score in Portland is 111.9. The median home cost is $434,800. Having in mind that Maine has harsh winters and that the heating season lasts longer, the utility index is not that high when compared to the nation’s average. It is 102.7.

Portland has 68 000 residents. Even though it is extremely popular among seniors and retirees, the median age of people in Portland is 37. Namely, 12 % of people between 24 and 35 years moved to this city. Again, it is thanks to the pandemic and the way it showed how working remotely is more than doable.

Montana 2022 moving trends

One of the reasons people choose to move to Montana in 2022 is the fact that it has fewer residents per square mile than many other USA states. In 2022, the number of people who moved to Montana was as twice as high as the number of those who left the state. To be more precise, there are 207 people who move in Montana for every 100 people who leave it. This year, it is fourth on the list of the states to which people are moving, but during the previous two years, it held first and the second place at any moment. Among people who are moving to Montana this year, 27% are those from California (17%) and Washington (10.5%). These are followed by Arizona, Texas, Florida, and Oregon, with 6.4%, 6.1%, 5.9%, and 5.2% of people moving there, respectively.

A mountain in Montana
People are moving to Montana because it is peaceful

It is the fourth largest country in the USA. Cross country movers Montana say that they have most of the jobs done for people who want to enjoy nature and dedicate themselves to animals, no matter if it is just a hobby or business-wise. One of the primary reasons for the rush to Montana is the availability of inexpensive housing in comparison to other states. The average property price in top exit cities in California, for example, is $1.1 million, while the average price in top exit cities in Washington state is about $887,000. If you want to go even cheaper, consider Great Falls, where the average property price is an enticingly low $298,156. It is no wonder Montana is high on the list.

Relocation to South Carolina

The fifth state on our list is South Carolina. The main reason why people move to this country is retirement. Job opportunities are another reason, but many people are also moving for their families because they want to be closer to them. If we want to be more precise, 35% of people moved to South Carolina for retirement, and 32.5% of people moved for work. The rest moved with or to be with their family, that is 31.8 percent of them. This is one of the most popular 2022 moving trends in South Carolina.

A house in South Carolina
People move to South Carolina for retirement

The cost of living in South Carolina

South Carolina is one of the top ten least taxed states, thus residents benefit from lower real estate taxes, sales taxes, and personal income taxes. Because gas taxes are minimal, transportation costs are among the lowest in the United States. Property taxes in the state are among the lowest in the country. That is why some of the best cross country movers South Carolina don’t stop when it comes to relocating people and transferring their belongings to this state.

South Carolina’s cost of living is 4% lower than the national average, which means it has an index of 95.5 compared to the USA’s index of 100. Housing costs 15% less than the national average, but utilities cost 9% more. The median home index is $154,800 in South Carolina, compared to $204,900 in the USA. The monthly rent in this state is $868, while in the USA it is $1,023. When it comes to basic essentials like food and clothes, foodstuffs are around 2% more expensive than the rest of the country, while apparel is 2% more expensive. This means that food on a monthly level for a family of four would cost $8,895, and for a single person, it would cost $3,080. These prices are $9,354 for a family of four and $3,240 for one person in America.

What are the moving trends in North Carolina in 2022?

When it comes to moving trends in North Carolina, from February 2021 to February 2022, cross country movers North Carolina conducted more relocations than ever before. Namely, 64,970 people moved to this state during that period. If we speak of the states from which most of the people moved to North Carolina, 30% of them are from California, Florida, and New York. Californians make up 13,5% of those people, and ex-Florida and New York residents make 9.3% and %7.1. The most popular city in North Carolina in 2022 is New Bern. Movers in New Bern had their arms full because for every 100 residents that left this city, 338 newcomers appeared.

North Carolina
Some of the popular companies have premises in NC

Similar to South Carolina, North Carolina has a considerably lower cost of living index than the USA. That is the main reason why people choose to relocate there. In addition to that, people go there to look for a job. The tech industry is extremely popular in NC. Some of the best companies have their offices there now. Those companies include Google and Apple. For that reason, many young professionals want to seize the opportunity and relocate to North Carolina. The 2022 moving trends report shows that they manage to make the thoughts of moving there possible.

Moving to Vermont in 2022

In the last year, Vermont experienced higher population growth than in the whole previous decade. Similarly, as with other states, movers in the USA had a lot of work to do, especially some of the best cross country movers Vermont, in this case. Some of the main reasons for people moving to Vermont in 2022 is again the fact that it is one of the least populated states in the USA. Vermont is, in every sense of the term, rural. While there are a few cities and towns, the largest, Burlington, has a population of 45,000 people. Many individuals travel to Vermont, particularly for isolation and to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. That is why people choose to move to suburban areas.

Even though it is an extremely peaceful country, the median age of the residents is relatively low. Namely, even though there are a lot of seniors, the median age is 42.8. In addition to these facts, Vermont is the greenest state in the USA, and it is also one of the safest. The residents of Vermont can’t even remember when a certain crime was committed because it is the second safest state in the USA.

The cost of living in Burlington, Vermont

Burlington is the most populated and the largest city in Vermont, even though it is not the capital. However, people choose to move to this city because it offers a lot of opportunities that any big city does, while at the same time it is peaceful. The cost of living in Burlington is 112.3, which is higher than the state’s average of 100.8. Groceries are also fairly more expensive, 111.5 is the median cost index, compared to Vermont’s 106.7. The median home cost in Burlington is $386,900. In Vermont in general, you would have to pay $294,100 for a house of the same size.

A forest during fall
Vermont has wonderful nature

Cons of living in Vermont

One of the downsides of moving to Vermont is the cost of living. Compared to some other states on this list it can be pretty expensive to live there. On the other hand, since people who move there mostly come from California and Florida, they can find it affordable. Also, Vermont’s low unemployment rate can be deceiving. It is lower than the national average, only 2.3 %.

However, the jobs are not that easy to find. The average salary is 82,900 USD per year. If you want a job in insurance or government, then it may not be difficult for you to find one. If you have worked in some other areas of business before moving to Vermont, then it won’t be that easy for you to find a job. However, commercial movers can be at your disposal if you want to start your own business in Vermont. It is a great area for starting something new or relocating your office.

What are Tennessee moving trends in 2022?

Tennessee is one of the best states for living in the USA, and it is on the list of the states where people relocate most for a reason. First of all, it is pretty affordable, being the eighth on the list of the states with the lowest cost of living. In addition to that, it has a stable and strong job market, so it is great for those looking for a job. However, that is not all. Tennessee is third on the list of states that are perfect for retirees. All these reasons are enough for people to decide to hire cross country movers in Tennessee and relocate there. This is especially the case with people from certain states.

Who is moving to Tennessee in 2022?

The residents of California are those who decide to leave that country and relocate to Tennessee. When it comes to choosing the city, Nashville is the most popular, so cross country movers Nashville are those who do most of the work. There are 22.14% of Californians who moved to Tennessee in 2022. Apart from them, there are people from Florida, Texas, Illinois, and Colorado. When we put it in numbers, 8.12% are people from Florida, and 5.40%, 5.34%, and 4.03% are people from Texas, Illinois, and Colorado, respectively.

One of the main reasons why people from these states are moving to Tennessee is the cost of living. California has as twice as high an average cost of living as Tennessee. The median home cost in Tennessee is $164,500, while in California it is $552,800. The overall index is 87.6 in Tennessee, compared to 149.9 in California. The reasons for residents of other states are similar. People from Illinois and California are also moving because those are the countries with the highest taxes, while Tennessee has some of the lowest.

2022 moving trends show Florida real estate
Florida is still among the most popular countries among new residents

What are the most important Florida moving trends?

Since Florida is one of the states with the most beautiful nature, beaches, and summer vibe, it is no wonder that is among the 10 most popular countries for people to move to. That is one of the 2022 moving trends that definitely doesn’t come as a surprise. The statistics show that there were more people who moved there in the first months of 2022 than even in 2021. Most people moved from New York to Florida. More precisely, 61,728 decide to change their place of residence. They are followed by people from New Jersey, 10,580 of them. If you are among those people who want to follow 2022 moving trends, then it is the right time to contact one of the cross country moving companies in Florida and start preparing for your relocation. The only decision you will have to make is which city to move to.

Tampa is the first choice when it comes to moving to Florida

If you decided to follow the moving trends in 2022 to the fullest, then Tampa in Florida should be your choice. You can contact the best cross country movers Tampa and have your belongings transferred in no time. Among the people who are moving to Tampa, most of them are young professionals who are looking for new job opportunities. They are not even coming from the neighboring cities but from different states. This only shows how serious the job market in Tampa is.

When it comes to the cost of living, the overall index is 103.7 in Tampa and 103.1 in Florida. Transportation costs are even lower than the state’s average, 112.1 compared to 112.6. The median home cost is $306,900 in Tampa, while in Florida you would pay $294,900. Apart from Tampa, there are many other great Florida cities. However, Tampa is one of those that offer the most at a reasonable price. If you are moving with your family, you should research some of the best Tampa neighborhoods for families. You will most definitely find what you have been looking for.

Boats in the sea
Florida is popular because it has no state income tax

Living in Wyoming in 2022

Wyoming has also become one of the states people have been relocating to the most in 2022. Following 2022 moving trends, you may also find some reasons to relocate to this peaceful state. It is one of the least populous states in the United States, which is one of the reasons people decide to contact some of the best cross country moving companies Wyoming and move there. Depending on which state are you coming from, this can be one of the most affordable places for you.

One of the main reasons why people decide to go to Wyoming are low taxes. Similar to many other states on this list, Wyoming has no state income tax. Also, there is no personal or corporate income tax. The only taxes you would have to pay are property taxes. However, the property tax rate is also extremely low. It is one of the lowest in the United States, with only 0.62 %.

Wyoming also has astonishingly low crime rates, with violent crime rates of 2.13 per 1,000 inhabitants. It makes Wyoming one of the safest states in the USA, with crime rates 60% lower than the national average. Individual towns in Wyoming frequently outperform the state average. Some cities are doing even better than the state itself. For example, there are some places where the violent crime rate is 90% lower than in the USA, while property crime rates are 80% lower.

Living costs in Cheyenne

Since it is the most popular and has the highest number of residents, Cheyenne is the natural one of the cities people have been relocating to the most in 2022. Again, affordability is one of the main reasons for that. In fact, having in mind that Cheyenne is the capital city, it is extremely affordable. It is actually the most affordable capital city in the USA.

A woman in Wyoming taking a photo
Wyoming is one of the safest states

The overall cost of living index is even lower than in the USA, which is 90.6. The same goes for the cost of groceries which is 97.3, compared to Wyoming’s 99.2. The median home cost is higher, it is $311,300. Again, having in mind that Cheyenne is the capital, that is a pretty reasonable cost. Maybe it is time to contact some of the best cross country movers Cheyenne and follow 2022 moving trends by relocating to this city. Together with the higher than the national average median home costs come higher housing options. They are 106.7, compared to Wyoming’s 93.5. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that it is one of the most affordable cities in the USA.

What are the states people have been leaving in 2022?

We have seen what are the 2022 moving trends when it comes to the states people chose as their future place of residence. However, some states have negative trends. Some of the states are losing residents as quickly as some of those on our previous list have been gaining them. It is not difficult to conclude that California has been losing residents, since almost every one of the above-mentioned countries had a high percentage of people coming from this state. The least popular countries for moving in 2022 are:

  • California,
  • New Jersey,
  • Illinois,
  • New York,
  • Maryland.

What these five states have in common is the fact that they have a dense population. That is one of the main reasons people decide to relocate to one of the less-populated countries. Another reason is affordability. Even though these states have great job opportunities, the cost of living is extremely high in most of them. For these reasons, people chose to seek out a better life in places with fewer residents and a more affordable cost of living.

Obviously, the cross country movers California are the ones who had to work more than their colleagues from other states. For every 100 residents who leave California, only 51 of people move in. California, New Jersey, and Illinois are losing the most inhabitants relative to those going in, and all confront affordability difficulties in addition to being highly populated. In addition to that, one of the reasons for people living are high taxes. For example, New Jersey has the highest property taxes. For this reason, the real estate market is one of the least affordable. All these facts are the reasons why 2022 moving trends mean moving out from these states.

The summary of moving trends in 2022

It is obvious that the 2022 moving trends brought a great change in population numbers in some states. Some of those had a great number of outbound moves, while others gained a lot of new residents. All these states have some things in common. Those that are the most popular are less populated, have no/low taxes, and are affordable. The least popular states have a high standard of living. To sum it all up, California is the country that lost most residents due to their relocation, while most people moved to Hawaii.

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