Moving from NYC to Columbia SC

Moving from NYC to Columbia SC can sometimes prove to be rather difficult! There are a lot of things you need to take care of before planning your relocation to Columbia! Starting with the search of reliable movers, gathering all the packing materials and then the move itself! But, do not worry about it! We wrote this long-distance moving guide you can follow! If you read it, you will see that there are some steps you need to take before you move! Continue reading and learn more about it!

Preparation is the key when moving from NYC to Columbia SC

Now, when we talk about long-distance relocation, you need to always have in mind that you need time to prepare. There are a lot of things to do and tasks to complete No matter what kind of move you are preparing, you will still have to schedule everything! You should always start with the simple to-do list! It will give you a lot of insight into all the things you need to do before moving from NYC to Columbia SC. What you should have on that list are the following tasks:

  • Locate and hire reliable long distance moving companies South Carolina! This will take some time to do since there are a lot of things and factors that you need to have in mind before hiring them
  • Finding and collecting all the packing materials and supplies you will need for your moving from NYC to Columbia SC. Yes, this is actually pretty important because that way you will have enough supplies to pack your items!
  • Decide what items you are taking with you and what items you do not need anymore! There are several ways you can deal with those items, and we will tell you more about them in the following.
  • Finish all the paperwork needed before you move! That means transferring utilities, pet controls, etc.
paperwork you need to finish before moving from NYC to Columbia SC
Make sure to finish all the paperwork before moving from NYC to Columbia SC

These are just basic things you need to do before moving out! Do not forget that they are very important and that you shouldn’t skip them if you wish to have a successful relocation!

How to find movers

Once you made this to-do list it is time to locate and hire movers for your long distance relocation! This is not a simple task and it is very important to do it properly. Good movers will take care of your items and will provide you with remarkable moving services! There are several factors that tell if the movers are good or not, and those are:

  • Read the reviews of the former customers – they are an excellent source of information on how the movers work.
  • Good movers have a long history of excellent moving services
  • If you hire your movers in advance, you will have more chance to negotiate a better price!
  • Reliable movers won’t have any legal issues.


a man pointing at one star review
Avoid movers with bad reviews

Factors that indicate whether or not you are dealing with professionals are fairly simple and easy to notice. All you have to do is follow them and you will surely find your cross country movers Columbia very soon!

Make sure you have everything for your relocation

When it comes to relocating, especially long-distance, you need to make sure that you have everything you need for your relocation! Starting with the packing materials and the rest. This is very important when it comes to relocating with pets. Since they can be very anxious when moving, you should have all the proper transportation carriers for them. There are certainly a lot of places to find pet carriers before moving from NYC to Columbia SC.

a cat in a carrier
Find good pet carriers for your furry friends

Start collecting packing materials

Good packing materials are extremely important when you are preparing for your move! If you go with sued or cheaper ones, you are risking your items getting damaged during the transportation period. For more sturdy items you can always opt for used boxes that you can find in your vicinity. For instance in the grocery shops and other places. But, if you have expensive items then you will always have to pack them in new and sturdy boxes. Because only they  can provide your items with proper protection during this relocation! And, if you are transporting very valuable and fragile items then you should learn more about the benefits of using bins made out of plastic! They are highly durable and you can rest easy knowing your items are safe!

Packing materials
Collect all packing materials before moving

Organize your transport or rent a truck

Now that you have reached this part of the moving process, it is important to know just how much items you are transporting. Have in mind that if you are transporting more items your moving costs will be higher! Just because of that, you should deal with the items you do not need and get rid of them. You can do it by:

  • Organizing a yard sale where you can sell items and earn some money you can use for better moving services
  • Give them as gifts
  • Simply throw them away since you really do not need them anymore.

However you decided, you will have enough time to calculate just how much items you are moving, and then figure out how to rent a moving truck that will suit your needs!

Moving from NYC to Columbia SC can be really hard! Especially if this is your first time committing a long distance relocation! This is exactly why our guide is here to help! The steps we wrote about in it are here to help you better prepare for your upcoming relocation! With our guide at your hand, you will surely have no problems organizing your move! If you have any experience in long distance relocation, please share them with us!

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