Why move with portable storage containers?

When it comes to moving, there are so many things you need to take into account. One of the biggest parts of the whole moving process is packing your things and figuring out how you will transport them. Let’s assume, for an example, that you are moving to Florida with a family. This means you will need to pack a couple of bedrooms, your living room, kitchen, dining room, as well as anything else you have in your home. Where will you store these things? How will you pack them? One of the options to go for is moving with portable storage containers. In this article, we talk about the advantages of using them during your long distance move.

What are portable storage containers

Even though the name says a lot, some people still ask what these things are. Simply put, portable storage containers are the containers you get when you work with a moving company. They will bring it to your door, help you pack it (if you need help) and transport it to your new home.

A couple of storage containers.
The storage containers are very easy to use.

There are many advantages to moving containers. One of the biggest is that you do not need to figure out any transport. You do not need to run around asking your friends if they have a van you can borrow. No need to search for trucks for rent. By working with a moving company, you will get a sizeable unit that can easily fit all your furniture and items. However, the advantages of portable storage containers do not stop here!

Portable storage containers make loading easy

If you ever had to work with moving trucks, then you know how difficult that is. If not, imagine having to carry a heavy couch or a bed into the truck. You need to move around and get at the proper angle, then climb the ramp and finally place the bed in the proper place. When using moving containers, you bypass all of these dangerous difficulties.

The moving company not only delivers the container at your door – they place it on the ground. So now, instead of navigating hard corners to get your items into the truck, you simply walk in on the ground level. No more climbing up and down the ramp means you are saving your energy. This turns into your move going with less stress than usual, which is always a great thing.

The containers are also very versatile

The moving containers have many purposes. This is why many professional long distance movers Florida love using them. And even though our focus is on moving, you can also use the containers as a portable storage unit. When you need a short-term storage, these are a great cheap alternative. You will get them at your door, so you don’t need to drive your items to a storage unit. They are safe and secure, so you will not need to worry about your items. After you don’t need storage anymore (or you are ready for the move), you can either unpack it or call the movers to take the container to your new home.

Their versatility doesn’t only stop at their use, though. When using them for moving, you can ask your moving company for different sizes of the containers. Depending on the size of your home, you might not need anything too big. This is why it’s a smart idea to talk to the moving company representative when they come in for an in-house estimate. They will give you the best idea of how much space your stuff will occupy.

A great way to save money

By using the containers in the way we described, you will save your money. Sometimes, the moving companies will charge based on the rooms you have. With the moving containers, this charge turns into the volume your items occupy. So, talk to your professional cross country movers and see how much you can save on renting portable storage containers instead of their trucks.

A piggy bank to save your money when using portable storage containers.
There are so many ways to save your money while moving.

Another way to save money is by opting to pack everything yourself. The company will bring you the container, you will stock it up, and then they will show up on the arranged date and transport it. This way, you are saving on paying the company. However, keep in mind that if you decide to do this, then the moving company probably won’t guarantee for the safety of your items. If you don’t have professionals pack them, then damages are more likely to happen. Consider the risks when opting for this option.

Portable storage containers are also very safe

There are multiple ways in which we can guarantee the safety of your items when using portable storage containers. First, you will have the only key to the unit you rent. This means that once you pack your items in it and lock it, no one can access it until you open it up. The containers are waterproof and sturdy, so they will save your items from rain, wind and other environmental factors.

A pickup truck with a security rope.
No more unsafe transport of your items.

Also, you should not worry about how the company will transport the container. There are special lifts which will pick it up and store it on the truck safely. These systems reduce the shaking of the unit, which will stop the items from shifting and bouncing around. The less shaking there is, the less risk of your items being damaged.

Finally, when using portable storage containers, you can focus on other things for your long distance move. You will need to prepare your car for the move, gather up the paperwork you might be missing, and think about canceling your utilities (and setting up new ones in your new home). By getting the containers, you don’t worry about packing your items too much. Everything you pack you can simply put in the container, and you know that it will be in your new home. When moving long distance, this can get quite helpful. Since you will be dealing with a lot of stress, the more you manage to reduce – the better.

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