How to pack an office desk

Whether you move to another office or change a job, you may need to pack an office desk for moving. That would seem like an easy job, especially if your desk is clean at first glance. However, just consider how many papers and important documents you have there. On the other hand, there are many things that are not connected with the job. Those you may consider when packing an office desk, too. Some of them include:

  • Papers – that include documents, but also notes, non-official papers, drawings etc.
  • Decoration – some of them are not on the desk, like boards or posters, while some of them are, like photos or calendars and agendas;
  • Drawers – you may forget, but you should always empty out your drawers, too;
  • Computer and electric devices – in case that you have a laptop, you may take it with you in the bag, but what about the desk computer?
  • Desk – when you pack an office desk that literally includes a desk.

Preparing to pack an office desk

This could be an easy part of the job since you pack an office desk that you are working on. However, it is not easy to pack a desk if you have not organized it properly. Before starting, you should organize and separate things into groups. If you hire a professional long distance moving companies Georgia, they could provide you advice about packing.

It is important to pack an office desk carefully
Make a careful plan before you pack an office desk

Organize the files

This includes making a list of priorities and important things along with the not important and things that you can put in the trash. However, before you do anything of this, ask your colleges and bosses for advice. Some companies have strict rules about old papers and documents. It is very important to make a backup file. It could be a simple folder with papers. Do not throw away anything without consultation with the management.

Prepare “important”, “shred” and “save” bags or papers

This is another part of organizing. It is much easier when you have three or four boxes in front of you and separate papers and things there. However, do not remove any of boxes before one more checking what is inside. When you are in hurry, you may lose concentration and mix up the boxes.

Shred unneeded papers

It is very important to know what is unneeded when packing an office desk. That is why we said to consult chiefs before that. Sometimes is better to leave papers in special boxes. You can even put them in an archive in the company. If you pack an office desk in your home, you can decide what to do on your own. Consider the sites with official data and documents. You maybe do not need to keep with you every paper you have.

Remove decoration

As we said, it could include wallpapers, boards, paintings or posters. You will definitely remove it and pack. However, pack an office desk includes packing family photos and gifts that you used to put on the table. If those are an important connection with your previous life, you should take with you. Make a special box and package for it, too.

When pack office desk you should consider gifts and paintings
Pack an office desk but include gifts and memories

Packing an office desk

When packing finally starts, it should be simple after good organization. However, there are a few rules that you should follow. Finally, there are things that you may not have seen before.


Drawers are a part of an office desk, so you should pack them, too. As the matter of fact, there are so many things in drawers, that you may lose a lot of time on it. You can also put labeled boxes and quickly organize things while packing.

Put desk content in small boxes

There are so many things that are small but important. You should consider them when packing an office desk. It includes pencils, paper clips, and other helpers. The best way to pack them is to take a small box or bag. Pencils put in bags with a zipper. Label it properly so they will be safe during traveling. Many cross country movers Atlanta know how to deal with sensitive stuff. However, it is important to make their jobs easier.

Pack books in small boxes

People usually put books in large boxes, considering that it will be easier. In that way, all books will be in one place. On the other hand, those boxes will be very heavy. It is better if you choose smaller boxes, and put only a few books in every one of them. That may feel too complicated, but teams in moving companies will have an easier job. However, if you do not need some books, you can donate them, too.

You can donate books when pack office desk
You can donate books when pack an office desk


Finally, you can finish and literally pack an office desk. Even though you may feel that you have too much stuff, taking a desk with you is not a that bad decision. Office desk could be very expensive. If you have a special size that you used on, do not throw it away. Packing a desk, on the other hand, is not that hard at all. Besides that, there are other things that you can disassemble and take with you.

Computer and other electric devices

Before pack an office desk you should pack a computer. It is easier if you have a laptop, as we said. But, if you do not have it, you should separate desk computer on parts. Make sure that you have removed and labeled cables properly. That will help moving company in packing. You should also put all devices in large boxes or in original packages if you have them. Do not forget to make a back up before all of these steps.

Dissemblance of the office desk and chair

It should be an easy job. Like other pieces of furniture, the manufacturers sell office supplies in few parts. As the matter of fact, there are high chances that you assembled it when you bought. So, find spots where furniture is screwed and separate on parts. Remove wheels from the chair, too. Now you just need to protect them with paper of wrapping plastic. Protect edges of the drawers, too.

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