Tips on handling a move during a snowstorm

One thing that is stressful enough is moving, but what if you must move during a snowstorm? Forces of nature are unpredictable, and they can hit you when you least expect it. If something big like a blizzard is affecting your move, you must act quick and smart. You need to avoid damage to your property, health and safety of everyone involved. We bring you several methods on how to stay positive and well prepared to handle such an event. Let’s get started.

Few things you need to know

To move during a snowstorm is a hard thing to do. Sometimes you are unable to cancel or reschedule a move and in such instances you are left with no other options but to proceed with the move. If that is the case, try to be as efficient as possible by using some of the tips we offer.

Check weather

As soon as you are aware of your moving date, you need to start preparing. One of the things you should always pay attention to is the weather. Check weather reports and stay up to date. You need to know if you’ll have a rainy or a snowy day. Maybe a blizzard that will mess with your plans severely. Just check weather reports and weather maps on regular basis and you will be ready to move during a snowstorm.

Checking weather forecast is very important before you move during a snowstorm
Check weather forecast.

Winter supplies

Winter is the low season period for the moving industry. You can snatch a cheaper moving deal and usually all services regarding moving are more affordable. But the winter period requires a lot of items you need to prepare in advance. You need salt or sand that can be used to cover icy areas around the house. Also, you need shovels, ice scrapers and a pair of gloves, hats and a trench coat. Those can be stashed in the garage, shed or a similar area. It is smart while packing and decluttering of your possesions to gather seasonal items and have them cleaned and checked. Make sure you are well prepared and ready if you are about to move during a snowstorm.

Back- up plan for a move during a snowstorm

In case of bad weather conditions, you should think upfront on a few topics. First is where are all your winter clothes and seasonal items. If you packed these items and stored them after the last winter ended, you should unpack them on time and before the move. In the worst case scenario, you can make a quick visit to the nearest store and buy essentials. Be sure that you dress up in layers because moving and lifting heavy boxes is hard work.

Check your body temperature often. Make sure that you have hot beverages like coffee, hot chocolate or tea stocked up in a thermos to stay warm. And finally, check if utilities in your new home are all set up. You do not want to arrive at your destination to find out that you are out of heat or electricity.

Safety comes first

One of the most important things to consider if you move during a snowstorm is to clear the area around your house. Make sure to shovel the way from your house to the moving truck or a van. Use salt or sand to cover all the slippery and icy areas on the ground. Also, you can use cardboard or blankets to secure the floor of a moving truck and the floor in your house. Walking outdoors and then back into the house can damage your floors and carpets. Be sure to cover all areas with protection.

Use a shovel for cleaning the snow
Clean sidewalks, walkways and driveways.

You don’t want to risk an injury or to damage your belongings. And as we mentioned before, you should dress in layers, and consume enough water and hot beverages to keep you warm and well hydrated. Use hats and gloves to avoid frostbite, whereas waterproof boots are also highly recommended.

Protect your belongings for a move during a snowstorm

Secure your belongings as well. Snow is everywhere, water and slush can get into your boxes and ruin your precious cargo. Valuable and delicate items should be wrapped into a protective sheet or a blanket. Provide extra paddings for box corners and try not to leave them on the ground before checking if the floor is dry. Use a plastic cover if necessary. Also, you can check if the inside of your moving vehicle has any holes in the roof to avoid leaking. These are the precautions you need to take when you are about to move during a snowstorm.

Get as much help as you can

If you are in a dire situation where blizzard is upon you, you will need an extra pair of hands. Try calling your neighbors or relatives to help and load the truck. You need that part of the process done swiftly and any help will be much appreciated. If you are moving locally that should not be a problem. But if it is a long-distance move, consider hiring a professional moving company. Hire Best Cross Country Movers and enjoy the full extent of our moving and storage services. There are countless satisfied customers and many years of experience behind.

Choose professional moving company for a move during a snowstorm
Hire a professional moving company.

Hire a moving company

You understand that during the winter period moving services offer better deals, so maybe you should take advantage of the situation and check out your budget. Not everyone is OK with exposure to bad weather, water, wind, and snow. You can skip the whole process and enjoy your move during a snowstorm if you hire a reliable moving company. There are many professional moving companies that offer complete services, including packing and transport. They will probably help you clean the snow before loading and once you arrive at your new destination. Choose long distance movers Georgia for the highest level of service possible. They are a great choice in the moving industry.

Last minute emergency kit

Finally, you should prepare your own emergency kit. The kit should contain several items which should ideally be packed last and kept inside a truck or your moving vehicle for easy accessibility. Set aside a spare outfit so you can easily change if you get wet. Take the most important things from your medicine cabinet and make your own first aid kit. Do not forget about the hot beverages that we already mentioned. Also, there is always room for a sandwich or two. And of course, do not forget your shovel, you’ll need it more than you expect when you move during a snowstorm.

First aid kit is necessary during a move during a snowstorm
Always have first aid kit with you.

We gave you the basic tips on how to handle a move during a snowstorm. Be patient and careful in order to avoid possible injuries due to bad weather conditions. By following these tips, we hope you will have nice and easy relocation. Good luck.

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