How to Pack Shoes for a Move

People actually do not know how to pack shoes for a move. They think that shoes simply go into a large box with wardrobe. It sounds simple, but you can cause serious damage to your shoes if you fail to pack them properly. There are very important reasons why you should prepare yourself for this step:

  • The first and obvious reason is that shoes are sensitive – if we do not protect them properly, they could easily damage;
  • The special reason for protecting shoes are heels – you can very easily damage or break them;
  • Even though shoes are made of leather, that does not mean that they are safe – leather is actually very sensitive and soft;
  • Pack shoes for a move properly and saves them clean;
  • If you do not pack them properly, they can lose their shape and design;
  • You can also damage other items in your box, especially wardrobe.
A line of sneakers
It is important to check all shoes before packing them.

However, do not worry. There are a few things that you can do to pack shoes for a move properly. Follow our instructions and make sure that you have prepared everything needed for packing.

Preparation for packing

The first step is when packing shoes for a move is actually a preparation. You may feel that it is simple, but you should make some steps before open boxes. Even the top moving companies Florida cannot help you when you simply put a bunch of shoes in a box.

Throw away old shoes

This is the right time to get rid of the shoes that you have not to wear for a long time. Pack shoes for a move if you really need them. Other ones are not important to you. As the matter of fact, they will just take needed space in moving truck.

Check if they need a repair

It is also an important step before moving. You shoe maybe looks new and great, but sometimes they need small reparation. Check which of them you can put in a box. You can repair other alone, or ask a shoemaker for a help. Do not pack shoes for a move if they are wrapped or you need to glue them.

Make sure that they are clean and dry

It is obvious that you must be sure that you put only clean stuff in your boxes. Especially wet shoes can damage other items in the boxes. If you put them in a new wardrobe, they will cause humidity. So, dry shoes very carefully long before moving.

Stuff shoes with a paper (or old socks)

In order to prevent them from damaging or losing the shape, fill the shoes. You can use old paper, newspaper or even socks. The best and safest is to use old socks. On the other hand, stuffing with the new ones could be great for saving the space when moving.

Wrap each shoe individually

We could feel simpler to put shoes together, but do not do that. It is much better to pack shoes for a move separately. It will protect them.

Use clean packing paper for wrapping

When wrapping shoes use only clean paper. People usually think that it is not much important. Shoes are dirty, aren’t they? However, it will protect them and also other items in the boxes and moving truck. You can use even a paper towel for this. Do not worry, it is actually not much paper.

Pack shoes for a move for their safety

Shoes can damage other items during moving. You can also damage them if they are not wrapped or packed properly. In order to avoid that, you should follow a few steps.

Woman carrying a large box.
Remember to pack shoes in sturdy boxes

Remember to sort your shoes

Even though it sounds obvious, many people just put shoes in boxes. However, you actually use many different types of shoes. Especially if you are moving to Florida with your family. You will need to put separately small, large, man and women shoes. Also separate them in accordance to their stage, level of damaging, everyday shoes, and a season.

It is best to use the original box

We are sure that you are screaming right now. Everybody who moved recently knows how many boxes they used. Boxes also take so much space when moving. However, this will save your shoes from damaging and losing the shape. You can also use a basket or plastic containers.


Finally, you will need to pack shoes for a move in sturdy and large boxes. There are also very important steps you should know. It is also important to know that shoes are fragile.

Use sturdy and not many large boxes

It is funny, but you should not use many large boxes for your shoes. People usually use an extremely large box and put all their shoes in there, it is wrong. It could damage shoes because you must press the box in the truck. It is much better to use small boxes and fill it between shoes.

Set separately shoes which you will need after moving

Long distance moving companies Miami will help in moving. However, you must prepare yourself before that. That especially is important if you move to another country. You will put shoes for the first day with you, or wear them. However, make sure that you have a few pairs of shoes for the first days after moving. You will not take only one pair of sneakers first weeks.

Holding hands with snickers for a baby.
Separate shoes in accordance with their usage

Pack heavy shoes first

If you move to Alaska, for example, you will take boots with you. It is expected and obvious. However, those boots must be on the bottom of the box. It is important to pack shoes for a move according to their height. Pack heavy items first so you will not damage other shoes. It is very important when moving from Florida on a budget. The last thing you need is to buy new boots.

Fill empty spaces in the box

This is another thing when saving money is about. Pack shoes for a move so they are safe. Put paper or socks between shoes so they will not damage when moving.

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