Ways to go green during an office move?

Going green is something you hear almost every day. People from all around the world are looking for best ways to help our planet and reduce toxic waste. This is something all of us should do! If you are planning to move your office, know that you can go green during an office move, too. Want to know how? Easy! We will provide you with the most important eco-friendly tips which will help you make your office move more green.

The importance of going green

The main goal of going green is to reduce the amount of pollution that is released every day into our environment. When embracing the eco-friendly lifestyle, we focus on actions that don’t harm our planet. By recycling, saving energy and reducing plastic waste, we give to our environment the chance to thrive and flourish. Every one of us can make small changes in our daily habits. Just by being the part of the annual Earth day we’ll make a small step to a healthier environment.

Left hand holding a green plant.
All of us can make a change. The more the merrier.

How to go green during an office move?

Let’s face it – moving isn’t something that can be called eco-friendly. Sure, you can recycle your moving boxes, but are there any other ways to go green during the move? Yes! You can include these small tricks in your office move and you’ll get yourself a true green move. And remember them because all of your upcoming relocations can be a little greener, too. So, let’s learn more about going green during the move.

Plan ahead

Whether you are planning to hire short or long distance movers South Carolina, you’ll need to plan ahead the whole move. This goes for every relocation. Staying organized is the key to the successful move, right? Well, when you are planning to go green during the office move, you’ll need to think about a few more things. First of all, start storing your boxes. There is a chance you’ll end up with a messy office by doing this, but try to find a place where messy boxes won’t keep you from being productive. The more boxes you have, the less you’ll have to buy.

A planner and pink flowers on the table.
If you want to go green during an office move you need to plan everything.

Next thing, plan the route to your new office. If you are hiring professionals, consult with them. Taking many trips from your old office to the new one will result in extra air pollution. In order to avoid this, skip small trips and try to load vehicle whit your stuff as much as you can.

Think outside the box

As you already know, cardboard boxes are easy for recycling but, other materials are not so good. So, now is the time to get creative with packing materials! Avoid plastic wraps because they are one of the biggest threat to our environment. The idea is to use materials that are difficult to dispose of the last.

Start with the unconventional packing materials that you already have. Towels, sheets, bed linens and many more are perfect for wrapping your office items. Also, use all the containers that you already have. Leave cumbersome furniture to the pros. Find packing services South Carolina because they’ll know how to deal with it in the best possible way.


If you want to go green during an office move, recycling is a must! Add recycling bins which you can use while decluttering. Office furniture, especially electronics can be very dangerous if you don’t know how to dispose of them properly. So, recycle as much as you can. And if you have to throw some of your office furniture, know how to do it the right way. Also, decluttering will leave you with less stuff to move. Meaning your cross country movers Charleston will move your office even faster.

Recycle symbol.
Even after your office move, keep recycling!


Don’t forget about donation! Yes, recycling is an important part of the eco-friendly lifestyle, but donating is the chance to help others. So why not do both? There are many organizations which will gladly take your office furniture and give it to someone who needs it. Ask around or look online where you can donate office furniture. But, make sure you don’t donate something that is damaged beyond repair. The idea is to make someone happy by giving them a functional item.

Look for green moving companies

Not all moving companies know how to have a eco-friendly move. That’s why you have an option to find green moving companies which will know how to get the job done in an eco-friendly way. You can contact us and find the best moving company for your needs. With our help, you’ll stay away from possible moving scams and you’ll get a green office move, too.

Green your new office

All of us should decide to live greener. It is surprising how small changes in our daily habits can make a big change. This is why after having a green move of your office, you should try to make your new office green, too. Here are some easy tips for you and your colleagues:

  • Change light bulbs. Install energy efficient light bulbs because they can last even ten times longer!
  • Recycle. Continue to recycle even after you go green during an office move. Put recycling bins in your office – one for plastic, one for paper, and one for aluminum.
  • Store electronically. Embrace the 21st century and try to store electronically as much as you can. We understand that it is imposible to go paperless but you can cut down on it.
  • Turn off the switch. At the end of your shift, turn everything down. Especially computers. Computers use a lot of energy, even when they are in a sleep mode.
Four people holding four pieces of puzzle.
Inspire your colleagues to make your office green.

One of the most important things is to set an example. Inspire other people to go green during an office move or home relocation. We need to work together in order to create a safe environment for all of us.

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