Where to donate office furniture?

One of the best ways to help someone is by donating. By doing this, you’ll make someone happy, and you’ll feel better about yourself, too. This is because knowing that you’ve helped someone will bring satisfaction in your life. But, you’ll need to do it properly. So, whether you want to donate office furniture or other household items, here’s on what you should pay attention and where to donate it.

You can’t donate everything

First of all, know that you can’t donate every single item that you find unnecessary. The goal is to help someone else, and you can’t do that by giving them something that is damaged or broken. So, when you are separating your unnecessary items from the ones that you’ll need in your new home, make four piles. Number one will be for the items that you’ll keep. These items can be easily transported to your new home by Miami long distance moving companies. Next three piles label like this:

  1. Sell. If you have some valuable items or collections that you don’t want anymore, try selling them. Selling items online takes zero effort, so you should definitely try it. You’ll have more space, and more money, too.
  2. Donation. This is the pile for every item that is still in a good condition to be used by someone else. You can donate office furniture, clothes, toys, and so on. But, make sure they aren’t damaged to the point where they can’t be fixed.
  3. Trash. Everything you can’t sell or donate is going into the trash. But try to reuse most of your items instead of throwing them in the garbage.

Know how to dispose of your electronics

When you want to pack and move computers to a new home, you’ll need to secure everything and do it properly. Well, the same goes for disposing of them. You’ll need to do it in a responsible manner if you don’t want to endanger the environment. And don’t forget to erase your personal data before you throw them away.

Old memory cards
Pay attention when disposing of electronics. Remember to keep our environment clean and always choose to go green.

Prepare your office furniture for donation

Before the donation, it would be really nice if you could grab some spare time and use it to clean or fix every damaged item. This is not mandatory, but everyone who gets your office furniture will appreciate it. So, clean and wipe the dust. If there is any major damage, try to fix it so the item can be reused. Once you finish, make sure everything is dry before you start packing. If you have to pack fragile items, you’ll need to be cautious. But, if you think you can’t handle it properly, you can always find interstate movers Tampa and ask for packing services. This way, everything will be protected and ready for a donation.

Where can you donate office furniture?

After packing up your garage, you will end up with many office items that would be perfect for a donation. You already know how to prepare it for a donation. Now, let’s see where you can donate it and make someone else happy.

Goodwill Industries International

This charitable organization has establishments all over the US. The main goal of Goodwill is to help those who are unemployed or have a low income. Volunteers try to find those people a new job and they work on their qualifications. They also have a homeless shelter for those who live in bad conditions or don’t have a home. Goodwill accepts the donation of many different types of items, not just office furniture. Since they have many establishments, you can use a Goodwill Locator to find the nearest one where you can drop-off your belongings.

The Freecycle Network

Freecycle is an example of putting the Internet to good use. This nonprofit organization makes the donation so much easier! You make a list of your unwanted stuff, put that list online and wait. People who are in need of those items, or organizations that help them, can contact you and request an item or more. And that’s all! The best thing is – you can put online everything that is legal, not just office furniture.

Turn on your laptop and research where you can donate office furniture.
Search online for the people who are in need and donate your chosen belongings to them.

The Salvation Army

This is an international charity organization which accepts any unused furniture. The Salvation Army wants to offer salvation for the poor, sick, and hungry. They use donated stuff to help them fund their charity shop or to equip many shelters. So, by donating or by buying merchandise you’ll give them a support they need. Find them online and locate these charity stores. It’s simple as that.

Furniture bank association

Furniture bank helps more than 100,000 people each year. People in this association work with homeless people, battered women, immigrants, people with different disabilities, and so on. Everyone deserves a better life, and people at Furniture bank know that. You can donate office furniture and other belongings if they are in good shape. They can even come and pick up your furniture, so there is no need for you to do it.


This is another great site for you to make a donation. On this website, school teachers ask for school supplies and material. They create a public list of items that are necessary for classrooms. And if you have something that is on a list, just contact them. If you donate office furniture to schools, you will help teachers, and kids, too. This website reminds us all on the importance of having the best school equipment for teaching our children.

You can donate office furniture to local schools. Even the smallest donation will be appreciated.

These are only some non-profit organizations that will be happy after you donate office furniture to them. But, keep in mind that there are many more. You can always visit local shelters or orphanages and ask people who work there if they need any of your items. Help those in need and make this world a better place.

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