Great places to take the kids in Atlanta

Atlanta is full of perfect places for kids. Whether it is parks, museums or good food, it seems there is an infinite number of options. On any given day, there may be discounts and offers, or even just the opportunity to enjoy the southern weather. Therefore, we have identified several great places to take the kids in Atlanta after moving with one of the long distance moving companies Georgia.

So what are some great places to take the kids in Atlanta?

1. Centennial Park

The highlight of the park is the Fountain of the Rings. This is a giant splash area where children can run in synchronized spout shooting. Nozzles have the shape of the Olympic rings. This is a really cool sight and one of the most photographed places in the whole city.

Centennial Park Atlanta
Right in downtown Atlanta is a 21-acre park. The park was built for the 1996 Olympic Games as a gathering place for all visitors to the Games.

This is the perfect place to have a picnic and swim on a warm day. You should bring children’s bathing suits because you might need them. Your children will most probably get wet. Mom and dad can have fun to run around the fountain, trying not to be sprayed.

The park has free Wi-Fi. You will pay $12 for parking right across the street from the park. There is limited parking on the street due to the number of people there.

2. Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park is a giant park in downtown Atlanta. There is something to do here for everybody. There are several playgrounds for children, a public swimming pool, fishing ponds, a dog park, and this is a great place to get in shape. And this is definitely one of the great places for kids in Atlanta.

You can have a lot of fun exploring the park and playing in the playgrounds. This would be a great place to pack a picnic, bring a frisbee or a soccer ball and plan a fun, active day with the whole family! And this can be a great reason to hire cross country movers Atlanta and move there permanently.

3. World of Coca-Cola

Well, Coca-Cola has evolved since its inception in the late 1800s, and in the World of Coca-Cola, all this is demonstrated. From advertising that has been shown to the brand over the years, to the evolution of the glass bottle in which it is sold.

The story is all good, but what about some samples? Well, do not worry, at the end of the self-guided tour you will be offered a buffet with soda. It presents the iconic original Coca-Cola, as well as all other flavors. And also other carbonated drinks produced by Coca-Cola around the world. Your kids will like a few super sugary drinks that are sold in Asia. And for you, Cherry Coke can be a perfect thing. You will also get an 8 ounces bottle of Coca-Cola at the exit as a farewell gift.

Coca Cola bottle
We all know Coke. We all love Coca-Cola. Coke was born here. It was created by Dr. John Pemberton, who was looking for a cure for morphine addiction.

Tickets are $16 for an adult and $12 for children from 3 to 12 years. It may seem like it is too much for something like that, but the kids will really like the tasting room.

4. Sweet Cheats

You might be big fans of gourmet doughnuts, but it is nice to expand your horizons from time to time and switch to other pastries. We can recommend you a small bakery called Sweet Cheats, which has some fantastic cupcakes. No wonder Atlanta is on the list of the best cities for millennials in Georgia.

You will most likely be in dilemma what to take. But, whatever you choose, you will surely not be disappointed.

5. A Doughnut Shop

If you are a doughnut fan, then Atlanta will be a perfect place for you. In every city you visit, you should look for a local gourmet doughnut shop. Well, Hotlanta will not disappoint you. You can stop at 2 stores – Revolutionary Doughnuts and Coffee at Decatur and Sublime Doughnuts. Everything there has a great taste, and both are absolutely delicious!

6. Local restaurants

Another interesting thing about traveling to different cities is unique and unusual restaurants. One of these places in Atlanta is the R. Thomas Deluxe grill. It looks like a Jimmy Buffett blast. There are live parrots outside and bright vibrant colors inside. Restaurants make Atlanta one of the best places to spend Thanksgiving in Georgia.

7. Westin Hotel

The Westin Hotel, which is located in downtown Atlanta, is the second tallest hotel in the western hemisphere. Remember that for Who wants to be a millionaire.

People sitting in restaurant
The revolving bar unites tourists, businessmen and couples, therefore it’s among great places to take the kids in Atlanta.

Well, if you go to the top of the hotel, there you will find a rotating bar. For a minimum fee of $8, you can raise the whole family on a glass elevator to get a beautiful view of the city. There are sofas on which you can sit down and relax when you immerse yourself in the 360-degree overview of Atlanta!

8. Food market

The scene of the food market in Atlanta is very cool and unique. The city has several markets, each of which has its own food, beverage, and retail stores. They have everything from fresh local vegetables to wine tastings. Bring your appetite, because there are too many shops of delicious food to list!

You can stop at the Sweet Auburn Restrictions Market as well as the Market Street of Krogh. Both are fantastic, and they are very different from each other. If your family is a food fan, markets are definitely great places for kids in Atlanta.

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