The best cities for millennials in Georgia

There are so many cities on the list of the best cities for millennials in Georgia! So, it was no easy task for us to identify the absolute best ones. Especially since there are both large urban areas and small towns that millennials could find appealing for their particular way of life. Hence, we’ve explored several criteria that we believe to be essential for determining the top cities for millennials in the state of Georgia. We hope you find them as appealing as we do, and if so, our long distance moving company Georgia are eager to help you relocate.

How did we make our choice?

In order to choose the best cities for millennials in Georgia, we followed a few criteria:

  • We took into consideration the population in those cities – young people love large crowds;
  • Average annual salary is surely one of the most important criteria for listing the best cities for millennials in Georgia;
  • Climate and average temperature – well, young people love to spend a lot of hours outside;
  • The median age in the city – people choose cities where predominantly live people of the same generation;
  • Average home and renting home price;
  • Unemployment rate – millennials are always on the lookout for job opportunities.

It was not easy to list the best cities for millennials in Georgia, though. Do not forget that millennials are a generation born in 1990 (even though some information say that we should take the generation born in years after 1982). They are grown up and mature people, some of them with kids. They love nature, have stable jobs and still work on stable careers. Younger millennials are born in the late ’90. That means that they still have a lot of jobs to do before they form a family and home. This multifarious group of people obviously has different interests, knowledge and wishes.

People working around a wooden table in a small office storage.
Millennials are looking for cities that have job opportunities

Best cities for millennials in Georgia

When making the list of the best cities in Georgia for millennials, we had in mind all the criteria that we listed above. It was hard to sort them by relevance and popularity. We stick to the population number and people’s interest to live there.


One of the best locations for millennials in Georgia is this city, with a population of 196,000 people. It is a great option not only for young people. Thanks to the low cost of living and the low unemployment rate, it represents a city where everybody wants to live. Besides that, this is a very progressive town, with a lot of job opportunities. If you are not currently live there, there is a solution.


Moving companies in Savannah are happy to bring you here. According to all we have learned about this city by now, you will not regret that decision. It has around 144,000 people that live there. Young people describe it as great for them. It has a lot of clubs, but also parks for walking. Unfortunately, high crime rates is one of the rare downsides to relocating here.


With over than 200,000 people that live there, Columbus is surely one of the best cities for millennials in Georgia. Even though the population is high, it is actually a small town. That results with great communication and tight community. Every person integrates easily into this community. On the other hand, there are a lot of festivals for young people. Do not wait, contact one of the best cross-country movers in Columbus and come here to live.

Suburban that is great for millennials, too

There are so many people that do not want to live in large cities. They will be happier in small towns. On the other hand, they love to visit large urban areas. Living in suburban is the best choice for them. Most of them are close to Atlanta.

Young people are in the nature in one of the best cities for millennials in Georgia
Millennials usually need a place that is close to nature for a picnic and walking


This city has 47,000 people that live there. People describe it as cheap for a living. Many families actually choose this place for raising the children. It also has a lot of colleagues so future students can find their place, too.


This interesting place has 55,000 people. It has great nightlife, concerts, clubs, festivals. On the other hand, has two major highway that passing through. Is there a better location for those who love to travel and explore new places?


This is very small suburban, but great for living. It has only 21,000 people. However, it is opened for younger people and new chances. This is also a good choice for people with families. As they said, it has a lot of great neighbors and communities that help people. Families also love this town because of its great schools and education. On the other hand, it has great shops and markets. Nature is great, so every young person should be happy here.

Atlanta as the first on the list of the best cities for millennials in Georgia

Atlanta is on the high place on every list of the best cities for millennials in Georgia. There are many reasons for that. First of all, millennials love urban and large cities. Atlanta is surely one of the biggest cities in Georgia. Big cities have a lot of job opportunities and education. It is a city with a lot of bars and restaurants. Thanks to the fact that it occupies a small area, it is easy for driving and connecting with suburban. This is surely a great moment to consider contacting our cross-country movers Atlanta and coming here to live.

A monument to Coca Cola in Atlanta
Make moving to Atlanta as easy as possible

Suburban near to Atlanta

Atlanta rightfully occupies the first place on the list of the best cities for millennials in Georgia. It also has great suburban. One of the most popular is Vining City. Thanks to the low rents in combination with the high house value it has a high population. However, young people define this city as also a great place for education. It is a great base for career advance and low unemployment rate. Many jobs in Vining has flexible working hours. It also leads to perfect work and life balance. Finally, good connection with the Atlanta attracts millennials. All of these are reasons to put this suburban on the list of the best cities for millennials in Georgia.

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