The best cities for millennials in Georgia

There are so many cities on the list of the best cities for millennials in Georgia! So, it was no easy task for us to identify the best ones. Especially since there are both large urban areas and small towns that millennials could find appealing for their particular way of life. Millennials usually like a relaxed life, without big obligations, fun, and socializing. Also, they tend to change jobs and lifestyles frequently. Hence, we’ve explored several criteria that we believe to be essential for determining the top cities for millennials in the state of Georgia. We hope that we have met your expectations and that the chosen cities meet all your wishes and needs. And if so, our Best Cross Country Movers are eager to help you with your move. But, all you need to do now is to find your ideal city. So, let’s find it!

How we made a selection of the best cities for millennials in Georgia?

This job isn’t easy! But in order to make it easier for you to choose the city where you will move to and start a new page of your life, we made an effort to make a selection of the best cities for millennials. When selecting cities, we researched the life of a millennial and studied statistics, but above all, we were guided by their needs. Therefore, the cities we have chosen can fulfill all the needs of a millennial and provide everything you need to have a comfortable life as you are used to. Maybe even better!

People working around a wooden table in a small office storage.
Millennials are looking for cities that have job opportunities.

Also, here are some key criteria that influenced our selection:

  • We took into consideration the population in those cities – young people love large crowds;
  • Average annual salary is surely one of the most important criteria for listing the best cities for millennials in Georgia;
  • Climate and average temperature – well, young people love to spend a lot of hours outside;
  • The median age in the city – people choose cities where predominantly live people of the same generation;
  • Average home and renting home price;
  • Unemployment rate – millennials are always on the lookout for job opportunities.
  • Fun – Millennials love fun, socializing, and meeting new people.

It was not easy to list the best cities for millennials in Georgia, though. Do not forget that millennials are a generation born in 1990 (even though some information says that we should take the generation born in years after 1982). They are grown-up and mature people, some of them with kids. They love nature, have stable jobs, and still work on stable careers. Younger millennials are born in the late ’90. That means that they still have a lot of jobs to do before they form a family and home. This multifarious group of people obviously has different interests, knowledge, and wishes.

Welcome to Georgia

Did you know Georgia is also called the Peach State? In 1571, Franciscan monks planted peaches on St. Simons and Cumberland Islands along the Georgia coast. From the first flowering, peaches became the favorite fruit of the entire population of Georgia at that time. Today, Georgia is one of the largest producers of peaches. There are several farms you can visit in this state, and the largest of them all is Tailor Orchards — Reynolds, Georgia. Today, Georgia is a well-organized state and is home to about 10.52 million people. It’s also one of the favorites when it comes to moving millennials. We know that millennials are young people who want to enjoy themselves and don’t want obligations at least until they are 34. So, why is Georgia state so attractive to them?

Georgia offers its residents many opportunities for life. Also, here you can find a decent job that can bring you over 60,000 dollars a month. And the long distance moving company Georgia revealed to us that this is exactly one of the reasons why millennials choose Peach State. The average life of a millennial in Georgia will cost about $35,000 annually, which is quite enough for the lifestyle they live.

So, what we can conclude is that Georgia is a very favorable country for living. And also, it’s ideal for all generations. Georgia can offer you life in one of the best cities, ideal for lovers of fast life. But it can also be a good choice for all those who want to live and work in nature. Have you thought about starting a peach orchard?

Best cities for millennials in Georgia

When making the list of the best cities for millennials in Georgia, we had in mind all the criteria that we listed above. It was hard to sort them by relevance and popularity. We stick to the population number and people’s interest to live there. Also, by now you have understood that Georgia is a diverse country that is an ideal choice for all generations. And of course, it’s also one of the top 5 favorites when it comes to millennials. Take a look at the Georgia city’s story and make your decision!

Georgia is known as the Peach State and as one of the states with the largest peach plantations. But in addition, it can be an ideal place to live for all generations.

We will introduce you to several cities in Georgia that can be your best choice. We made the selection based on the needs of the average millennial. Do you know that the largest part of the world’s population is made up of the millennial generation? And when we talk about the best cities in Georgia, millennials have their favorites. Among the first is Atlanta, where about 90,000 millennials live, then Savannah, and Columbus. In addition to these three cities, we will introduce you to a few more cities that can attract your attention, and perhaps become your new place to live.

Augusta is a city for all generations

One of the best locations for millennials in Georgia is this city, with a population of 197,560 people. It is a great option not only for young people. Thanks to the low cost of living and the low unemployment rate, it represents a city where everybody wants to live. Besides that, this is a very progressive town, with a lot of job opportunities. If you are not currently living there, there is a solution for your move. Augusta can be your ideal city.

In addition to Augusta is one of the best places for millennials, this small town is ideal for all generations. The main characteristic of this city is the low cost of living, which is 6% lower than the national average, as well as 16% lower than the national average in the USA. And if you are a millennial who is looking for low living costs, warm weather, and lots of activities, then you have nothing left but to contact best long distance movers in Augusta and start your moving day. Augusta is a place that will offer you many good business opportunities. But the main advantage is the affordable real estate prices, which hover around $115,000, while rental prices are around $900. Also, Augusta offers you to enjoy delicious food, but also because this city highly respects art. So here it is all in one place!

Savannah – a city that follows the rhythm of millennial life

When we talk about Savannah, this can be an ideal place if you are planning a trip, but it’s an even better place if you are thinking about making Savannah your new home. What makes Savanna special are beautiful city parks ideal for walks and picnics, coastal beaches, diverse neighborhoods, delicious food, and fantastic culture. Another characteristic of this city is the old houses that adorn the Savannah neighborhoods and know that each neighborhood has its own unique style. But, besides them, here you can also find beautiful skyscrapers with beautiful views of the city. And the best thing is that the cost of living in this city is very low, 6% under the national average, which makes it very convenient to live.

People toasting at a party
Savannah is a city with ideal possibilities for entertainment, business, and life.

According to all we have learned about this city by now, you will not regret it if you decide to move here. And also, know that moving companies in Savannah are at your disposal at any time. Savannah has around 144,000 people that live there. Young people describe it as great for them. It has a lot of clubs, but also parks for walking. Unfortunately, high crime rates are one of the rare downsides to relocating here. But what really makes this place ideal for millennials are the business opportunities as well as the entertainment. And work and fun are the rhythms of millennial life.

Whether you like art and culture or history this is the ideal place for you. In addition, Savannah offers affordable real estate prices, where the average home price is around $215,000. Also, annual incomes in Savannah hover around $44,800. And given the low cost of living, you will be able to live a fairly comfortable and decent life here.

Columbus is one of the favorite cities for millennials

When we talk about Columbus, we can safely say that this is a city where everyone can find something for themselves. That is why it differs from other cities. Let’s say so far we have seen that Savannah is an ideal place for those who love art and history, and Augusta is an ideal place for those who want a lower cost of living. But when we talk about Columbus, this is a city that offers a wide variety of opportunities for its residents. Starting with a large selection of sports, art, and cultural events, a beautiful neighborhood, and many more possibilities for entertainment and business. But what most attracts new residents, including millennials, are business opportunities in various industrial sectors.

With over 200,000 people that live there, Columbus is surely one of the best cities for millennials in Georgia. Even though the population is high, it is actually a small town. That results in great communication and tight community. Every person integrates easily into this community. On the other hand, there are a lot of festivals for young people. Also, what most interests the young population are the zoo, science center, and public library, as well as large concerts, sporting events, theaters, and art exhibitions throughout the year. Do not wait, contact one of the best cross-country movers in Columbus and come here to live and enjoy.

Atlanta is the first on the list of the best cities for millennials in Georgia

According to the latest data, we came the information that there are about 83 million millennials living in the USA. Believe it or not, Atlanta is their top favorite when it comes to finding a new place to live. Did you know that around 90,000 millennials born between 1981 and 1997 moved to Atlanta? So, what is it that attracts millennials to move to Atlanta?

Atlanta - One of the best cities for millennials in Georgia
Atlanta is one of the favorite cities for millennials in Georgia.

The number one reason millennials move to Atlanta is for work. Do you know that they like to change their jobs often? Atlanta is the best place for them to do that. The unemployment rate in Atlanta is very low (4.3%), which means that everyone can find a suitable job. This city offers many business opportunities such as a job in the aviation industry, with over 500 aviation companies in Atlanta. Then there is agribusiness, film and television production, and energy. Also, this city offers various jobs in the field of management, science, art, and technology. Young professionals between the ages of 25 and 35 usually apply for these positions.

Also, entertainment is very important to millennials. That is why it’s one of the criteria when choosing a new place to live. And there’s never a dull moment in Atlanta. This city offers you many fun activities. And at your disposal are sports, museums, art, a visit to the renowned Georgia Aquarium, as well as exploring historical sites, outdoor concert plays broadcast on Broadway, symphonies, and a very rich nightlife.

Atlanta has high living standards

What Millennials are also looking for are high living standards. Of course, good business opportunities and fun are ahead, but they also like to live a comfortable and relaxed life. When we talk about living in Atlanta, this city has really great living standards. Also, the cost of living is 1.5% higher than the national average, but this isn’t a problem for millennials. Because Atlanta offers them the opportunity to earn over $64,600 a year. Also, what is very important to millennials is the real estate market. They are very affordable in Atlanta, which makes Atlanta even more attractive for this generation. Real estate prices range from about $250,000.

And of course, when we talk to millennials, we must not forget the rich dining scene in Atlanta. Atlanta has been named one of the cities that have the most delicious food in Georgia. While Atlanta was named the eighth best food city in America by Southern Living. The restaurant scene in Atlanta is growing very fast, and here you will have the opportunity to enjoy international cuisine. Also, Atlanta is known for specialties such as barbecue, fried chicken, and much more. Also, if you choose Atlanta as your new place to live, cross-country movers Atlanta will reveal many more good restaurants and fun things to do. Think, maybe Atlanta is your best choice?

Suburban life is great for millennials, too

As you could already see by now, Atlanta is one of the more urban cities, with a fast way of life. Atlanta is also known for its hospitality, and the various musical activities it offers you. But know that just as there are people who like living in a big city, there are also people who like living in a smaller environment, in smaller towns, or in the countryside. But, if you want to live near Atlanta and at the same time have the possibility to visit Atlanta every day, then consider choosing one of the suburbs near Atlanta.

Suburb near Atlanta
Millennials usually need a quiet place that is close to nature for a picnic and walking.

You’ve realized that Atlanta ranks first on the list of best cities for millennials in Georgia. It also has great suburbs. One of the most popular is the city of Vining. Thanks to low rents combined with high house values, it has a high population. However, young people also define this city as an excellent place for education. It is an excellent basis for career advancement and has a low unemployment rate. Many jobs in Vining have flexible hours. It also leads to a perfect work-life balance. Finally, a good connection to Atlanta attracts millennials. All of these are reasons to put this suburb on the list of the best cities for millennials in Georgia.

Best suburbs near Atlanta for millennials

Now we will meet you with the 3 best suburban places near Atlanta. These places also can be one of the best places for millennials, and offer them a quiet and fun life. Let’s see!

Brookhaven – This city has 47,000 people that live there. People describe it as cheap for a living. Many families actually choose this place for raising their children. This place also has a lot of the best colleges so future students can find their place, too. Brookhaven also offers a wide variety of restaurants and cafes, as well as several beautiful parks. This place is a frequent choice for the young generation, young professionals, and even millennials. It’s located near Atlanta. And the location itself gives it many advantages.

Smyrna – This interesting place has 55,000 people. It has great nightlife, concerts, clubs, and festivals. On the other hand, has two major highway that passes through. Is there a better location for those who love to travel and explore new places? Smyrna also has an affordable cost of living. And when it comes to the housing market, prices are affordable and 56% of the population lives in their own homes. And when we talk about millennial life, this place is ideal because of the rich nightlife that millennials really love.

Decatur – This is a very small suburban, but great for living. It has only 21,000 people. However, it is open to younger people and new chances. This is also a good choice for people with families. As they said, it has a lot of great neighbors and communities that help people. On the other hand, it has great shops and markets. Nature is great, so every young person should be happy here.

The final choice is yours!

When you decide to start looking for cities that can be your new place to live, what is important is to be guided by your own needs and desires. So far, you’ve had the opportunity to get to know some of the best cities in Georgia, as well as find out why they are the best choice for millennials. What we advise you is to make your selection today, based on your needs, and to find your ideal place to live.

Map based on which you can find the best cities for millennials in georgia.
The final decision is up to you. Explore and choose the best!

We were guided by the basic life needs of millennials, and we selected several best cities for millennials in Georgia that would stand out, of course, Atlanta. But beyond that, consider living in Savannah and Columbus. Both cities offer a lot of business opportunities, but fun life. Also, if you are not a fan of fast life and crowds, we advise you consider smaller cities and suburban areas near Atlanta. If you are a nature lover, one of these places may be your best choice. So, the final choice is yours. And we hope you will make a smart decision.

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