Top 10 Fastest Growing Cities in the US in 2022

The fastest growing cities are places that were just fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time. Today’s booming cities are taking advantage of costly housing costs and remote-work trends. Mostly because of their close proximity to major cities. On the other hand, large cities are losing popularity. The majority of people are eager to exchange their more expensive cities for cheap alternatives. As a result, the list of 10 fastest growing cities in the US in 2022 may surprise you. This is why when you choose a city that fulfills all your needs, your adventure begins. Relocation can be a challenging task and that is why we advise you leave it to professionals. Best Cross Country Movers are here to help you find the most reliable moving company. Take a look at the most booming cities currently and start choosing your perfect destination.

Main factors that determine the fastest growing cities in the US

The US cities with the highest population growth all have a number of factors in common. In 2021, people were influenced by the pandemic and choose family-friendly places. Also, the proximity to thriving primary cities is the most important element affecting today’s booming cities. The bulk of today’s largest cities is now outrageously expensive. Therefore, many individuals are wanting to relocate to less expensive locations. If for no other reason than because of the new economy that was created in the wake of the pandemic. Moreover, the rise of “work-from-home” jobs during the epidemic has made it possible for more people to leave their homes. Many of the best moving companies have their hands full nowadays. The most important factors are:

  • transportation and commute time,
  • housing prices,
  • job opportunities,
  • housing supply.

Whatever your needs are, you will find the best option for you and your family in our following list.

The US flag
Nowadays, people are relocating more and more in search of a perfect city for their families.

What are the top 10 growing cities in the US in 2022?

Many families are moving and settling down as a result of rising housing prices around the US. Finding cities that are developing and have quite low housing costs is a good idea in the long run. A lot of residential movers are extremely busy helping a number of people settle down. The South and West, which have beautiful temperatures continue to draw large numbers of people. Nevertheless, many people opt for beach houses and vacation-like homes. The other ones are destined to find one where they can raise their family. Compared to 2021, the list has changed a bit when talking about the fastest growing cities. We are here to present you with the top choices in 2022 and it is up to you to decide:

  • Austin, TX
  • Orlando, FL
  • Charleston, SC
  • Houston, TX
  • Sarasota, FL
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • New York City, NY

The diversity in Austin, Texas is bringing more and more residents

Austin, Texas is definitely one of the most diverse cities and tends to become even more. Mostly, because more than 50,000 students are enrolled at The University of Texas, Austin. It is a perfect place for young people with numerous benefits. Its year-round nice and sunny weather and quality food bring people together. Compared to the last year 2021, Austin’s population has increased by 2.3%. This puts Austin in fourth place in the list of population growth in 12 months. If you are still debating, we can help you contact some of the best long distance movers in Austin. It is estimated that this city will double its population by 2050.  Due to its thriving economy, and cultural and musical scene, it is one of the top places to live. You will enjoy family-friendly neighborhoods. It definitely deserves to be among the fastest growing cities in the US in 2022.

Austin view at night, one of the fastest growing cities in the US in 2022
Austin, Texas is one of the fastest growing cities in the US in 2022.

From Disneyland to the fastest growing metro area

One of the fastest growing areas in Florida is definitely Orlando. It is the fourth largest city in Florida and Orlando’s population has expanded by 4.50% in over a year. With a population of over 300,000 and rising, new residents are moving to Orlando, Florida. Mostly to take advantage of everything the city has to offer. This includes affordable housing, low taxes, a robust job market, and higher education. With more and more people relocating, Orlando has grown to be among the most well-liked cities in the US. Moreover, if you want some fun, sun, and lots of activities, this is one of the best areas to move. We will help you hire the most reliable interstate moving company Orlando and start your adventure. For many different types of people, residing in Orlando has proven to be a wonderful experience.

Charleston, South Carolina is booming by 20% in the last decade

The Charleston metro area – which encompasses Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester counties-grew by a staggering 20%. If you are wondering who moves to Charleston, South Carolina, let’s begin. To begin with, Charleston’s rich history, stunning scenery, and vibrant eating scene are its main draws for newcomers. Charleston, South Carolina, offers a flourishing job market, a vibrant eating, and a cultural scene Moreover, it offers temperate weather, making year-round living a delight. A lot of interstate movers in Charleston will be happy to offer you their services. The best suburbs to live in Charleston are James Island, Summerville, and Mount Pleasant. Therefore, if you want a completely vibrant experience, make sure to include this city on your list. After some time, people completely fall in love with its charm and hospitability. This is why it is one of the fastest growing cities in the US in 2022.

Charleston, South Carolina
Make sure to experience the radiant and vibrant life in Charleston, South Carolina.

The southern charm of Houston will leave you completely mesmerized

Houston, the fourth-largest metropolis in the United States, offers the finest southern ambiance. Moreover, the top-notch culture and global appeal is what makes it so popular. This multicultural metropolis is home to a number of flourishing businesses, fantastic museums, and music hubs. Houston, admired for its diversity, is regarded as one of the greatest locations to live in Texas. Above all, this is all due to its high standard of living and friendly community. Houston has been a popular relocation destination. This is all due to its energy industry and low cost of living. If you wish to experience the southern charm, we will help you find the best interstate movers in Houston. Therefore, Houston is an excellent area to live for everyone who needs a change.

A perfect place for all ages is definitely Sarasota in Florida

Living in Sarasota, Florida, is so desirable in part due to its low cost of living. Actually, Florida doesn’t have a state income tax, Sarasota has a lower cost of living than large cities. Sarasota also appeals to people of all ages. In fact, it is among the top 10 locations to live in the entire United States. Moreover, it is the best place to live in Florida for people of all ages. We cannot help but notice that Sarasota remained on the list of fastest growing cities in the US in 2022. Most people decide to use the services of the best long-distance moving companies Sarasota for many reasons. Starting from various job chances to average real estate prices. Fun nightlife and Florida adventure is something guaranteed to everyone who relocates here. Florida doesn’t have to be a vacation only, it can be your new dream life.

A woman packing toys with her children for relocation
When it comes to moving with a family, it takes time to choose the best city.

San Antonio, an affordable city among US metropolis

More than half of the 15 major cities declined in population between 2020 and 2022. San Antonio is regarded as “relatively affordable” among American cities. Even though local individuals might not be able to afford a mortgage or rent in their own city. However, you might find what you’re looking for in San Antonio! The seventh-largest city in the country has reasonable housing, fun family activities, and much more. This is why we are here to help you out! With reliable and affordable San Antonio interstate movers, you will be able to relocate in no time. Living in a city with a rich history and amazing outdoor activities can be perfect for your family. There are many job options available. You can live with a good salary such as $39,000. Due to that, it is on the list of the fastest growing cities in the US in 2022.

Phoenix, Arizona is expanding rapidly over the past ten years

A lot of best cross country movers Phoenix have so much work lately due to the rapid growth of Phoenix. Phoenix has had an annual growth rate of roughly 20% during the past ten years. This is why Phoenix has been one of the fastest expanding places. People are relocating from expensive coastal towns to cheaper, more hospitable cities. Leading businesses in the US are also doing the same. Big tech firms are relocating their operations and headquarters to Dallas, Houston, and Phoenix. There are many delicious restaurants and amazing resorts. The Phoenix-Metro area is a dynamic hub for living, working, and entertainment. Above all, it increases its appeal as a destination to settle down. Add to that the area’s inexpensive cost of living, a wide range of career options, and fast-expanding infrastructure.

A road trip to Arizona
Arizona has been a choice for so many young people looking for jobs lately.

Charlotte, North Carolina – experience the southern magic

After Jacksonville, Florida, Charlotte is the second-largest metropolis in the South. It is also the third-fastest growing city in the United States. There are numerous excellent professional prospects in Charlotte. This is why it makes Charlotte the second-largest financial hub in the nation after New York. The low cost of living in Charlotte attracts a large number of visitors each year. Above all, many reputable cross country movers in Charlotte have a tough time catching up with their customers. In quest of Charlotte’s southern charm, more than 40% of its residents have relocated from other states. Charlotte’s real estate is less expensive than the national average. This is why it makes it a perfect place for your new home.

Jacksonville remains the fastest growing city in the US in 2022

Over the last ten years, Jacksonville has seen a more than 100,000 increase in population. It is really one of just 10 American cities where the population increased by more than 100K between 2012 and 2022. The city boasts one of the fastest growing financial sectors in the United States. Jacksonville is also flourishing in another area important to young professionals: technology. More individuals than ever are thinking about moving to Jacksonville, Florida. It is all thanks to the area’s robust local economy, wonderful weather, and affordable housing options. We will help you locate the most reliable interstate moving companies in Jacksonville. All you have to do is start writing a list of places to visit while in Florida. One of the fastest growing cities in the US is waiting for you.

A woman holding the key of her new house
Florida has been one of the top choices for relocation in the past few years.

The Big Apple is always the top choice for moving to a new city

New York City attracts a lot of people every day. It provides many different options for employment. You’ve come to the perfect location if you wish to advance in your profession. Being the most populous city in America with 8.5 million citizens, things are bound to happen. New York City is ranked among the top 5 safest metropolitan cities in America. Yes, it is busy, loud, and fast-paced. But also, it is an amazing adventure for everyone who wishes for a change. It may not be as affordable as other cities, but definitely it is one of the fastest growing cities in the US. If you are thinking about relocating, hurry up and prepare your moving checklist. A lot of movers are more than willing to assist you. New York will always remain the number one option for numerous people.

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