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Are you moving to Norfolk, VA? Excellent decision. Wonder what to expect from this amazing waterfront city? Need help with your relocation? Don’t worry. Best Cross Country Movers will answer your questions and remove any doubts related to Norfolk move. Check out this ultimate guide and find out if moving to Norfolk is right for you. If it is, find out how to perform the relocation in the best possible way. Here’s what it’s like living in Norfolk, VA. Enjoy this virtual ride through one of the best Virginia cities.

A family packing boxes before moving to Norfolk
Moving is a new chapter in your life and an opportunity to make some new memories.

Meet Norfolk, VA – a diverse city of great opportunities

Being the second largest city in Virginia with a population of over 250,000, Norfolk, VA, attracts a lot of people. And it’s not without a reason. Namely, Norfolk is a melting pot of people and cultural diversity whose vibrant environment is more than appealing. It’s surrounded by water and beautiful beaches on almost three sides. It’s s home to three beach parks which include Ocean View Beach Park, Community Beach Park, and Sarah Constant Beach Park. And who wouldn’t like to have a beach next door? The neighborhoods are beautiful and charming but still historic. The most popular ones are:

  • Ghent – perfect for those who would like to live in a charming historic environment surrounded by green space. The neighborhood is suitable for people having small or family-owned businesses.
  • Downtown – perfect for young professionals who want to live in an active community. The neighborhood primarily consists of small apartments and condominiums with affordable median home prices, around $230,000, which is reasonable considering its location.
  • Talbot Park – a family-friendly neighborhood with almost no crime.
  • North Shore – if Naval Station Norfolk is one of the main reasons for moving here, then this neighborhood is a perfect match since most of the people who work on the Naval base live here.

As you can see, it is a beautiful city to live in, but what may be the biggest reasons for moving to Norfolk?

Reasons why people move to Norfolk, VA?

Norfolk has it all, not just great amenities. It’s a city with great life and work opportunities. Being a family and business-friendly city, Norfolk is a perfect match for those seeking life-work balance. Most importantly, it’s an affordable city that fits everyone’s budget. There are many reasons people choose Norfolk to settle down. Besides a thriving job market and good education system, Norfolk offers a plethora of outdoor activities. You can enjoy sports all year round, go superb shopping, and experience the exciting nightlife. Besides, it’s perfect for art lovers, since it’s rich in museums and festivals. All in all, moving to Norfolk will bring many benefits in every life aspect. It’s a great place for employment and both social and family life. If these are reasons enough for you to move here, check some of the best Virginia interstate moving companies in our database and ensure a seamless move.

A woman surrounded by boxes
Moving to Norfolk will bring many opportunities, both personally and professionally.

What to expect from moving to Norfolk?

When moving to Norfolk, you can expect an affordable life. The cost of living is lower than the national average. If you want to buy a home, you can expect to pay around $190,000, while the median rental price is about $1,400. The annual household income is $54,000. When it comes to weather, Norfolk has 225 sunny days per year. Most importantly, the air quality is good almost all year round, which, you’ll agree, is priceless nowadays. Another great thing about moving here is that transportation options are superb, which saves you a lot of time commuting, meaning you’ll have plenty of time to finish your daily tasks and spend it with your family and friends. The greatest thing about Norfolk is that it has a thriving job market. It’s a hub for entrepreneurship with 3% of the unemployment rate. All in all, you’ll lead a great life here.

What to do in Norfolk?

As previously mentioned, Norfolk is a city of great opportunities, and social life is not an exception. Since it’s a beach town, Norfolk gives you plenty of outdoor activities. You can go sailing, play beach volleyball, or simply enjoy many parks. It’s no wonder that Norfolk is considered a cultural hub since it’s home to various museums, galleries, and (art) events, such as festivals. Entertainment options are endless, appealing to different tastes. You can enjoy festivals, circuses, concerts, and even opera. Norfolk, VA, won’t leave sports enthusiasts alone. Sports fans can enjoy hockey, baseball, and other popular sports. Besides these activities, Norfolk offers an excellent dining scene. There’s even a zoo here. It seems like Norfolk has it all. 

How to organize the move to Norfolk?

Decided to move to Norfolk, VA? Don’t know how to prepare for the move? No problem. Follow these tips to have a safe, smooth, and successful relocation.

  • Plan your budget
  • Find suitable movers – request moving quotes from various companies and choose best cross country movers in Norfolk.
  • Obtain the necessary documents – gather all documents and have them at hand.
  • Make a moving plan – create an inventory list and start packing.
  • Pack room by room – start with the room of the highest priority, such as the kitchen.
  • Declutter as you pack – organize s garage sale or give away things to those in need.
  • Use storage – especially if you are using a temporary house.
  • Let the movers do the rest.
Movers packing boxes
Finding the right movers Norfolk is the key to a successful relocation.

Moving to Norfolk has never been easier – Best Cross Country Movers guarantee you’ll find reliable and trustworthy movers

Don’t know whom to hire for your upcoming relocation? Best Cross Country Movers is the right address. We offer a strong network of some of the best cross country movers Norfolk has to offer. By choosing a company from our database, you’ll ensure safe and stress-free relocation. Thus, moving to Norfolk will be an enjoyable experience. So, contact us and choose Norfolk moving company that suits your needs best. Have a seamless move. 

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