Which are the best US cities for athletes

Searching for the best US cities for athletes? When you are leading an active, athletic life, where you live is particularly important. The city you live in can be both a friend or a foe, depending on how athlete-friendly it is. There are numerous cities that offer a lot to athletes, the ones which are well organized and generally embrace sports life. However, it’s not easy to decide which one is the best. Sometimes looking for the right city is like searching for a needle in a haystack. There are many factors to be considered before making the final decision. However, don’t worry. If you haven’t yet decided where to move, Best Cross Country Movers is the right place for you to explore the cities before making a decision. Check our list of the best US cities for athletes and choose the one that suits you best. Enjoy the ride!

USA map
The USA is home to numerous athlete-friendly cities.

How do you know if a city is good for athletes?

If you are an athlete, you can probably imagine what one city needs to have in order to be a good place for you. Where you live is important when you are an athlete. It will impact both your life and career. Some of the best US cities for athletes attract them because they see an opportunity for a future career in sports. How to know if a city is good for athletes? Well, a city that regularly tries to improve the social environment and community in order to help its residents to live a healthy life is definitely a good choice. This is very important for your day-to-day life, even if you are not professionally involved in sports. An active lifestyle is actually a healthy lifestyle. This is why some cities are well known to attract and produce athletes.

Factors to consider before choosing the best US cities for athletes

Choosing a place to live is not easy, especially if you are an athlete searching for a healthy environment. The place you choose will define your lifestyle in many different ways, so make your choice smartly. Following are some of the most important factors to consider before you move:

  1. The natural environment and air quality: Fresh air is a luxury nowadays. It is essential to everybody, not only for athletes. However, it’s the first thing you should pay attention to if you want to lead a healthy life. So, choose a city with a lot of parks and natural surroundings, where you can perform your sports activities.
  2. Outdoor and recreational activities: Since you are an athlete, this is a factor that will define your way of life and daily routine. So, choose a city that offers plenty of different outdoor activities, such as hiking, trekking, swimming, and others.
  3. Affordability: This is one of the things that should be your top priority. As an athlete, you know how expensive such a lifestyle can get, so choose a city wisely. The more affordable a city is, the better quality of life you’ll have.
  4. The median home and rental price: If you want to buy or rent a property, choose a place with reasonable home prices which fit into your (monthly) budget.
  5. Job offers: Find a city that offers different types of jobs, predominantly the ones related to sport, so you can choose the right one.
  6. Education opportunities: No matter whether you have children or you are a student yourself, you should consider the quality of the educational system a city offers. It will largely impact both your career and lifestyle in general.

Other factors to consider when choosing the best places for athletes

  1. Safety: It goes without saying that safety is crucial when choosing a city to settle down in, especially if you have children.
  2. Transportation system and walkability: Nowadays, we live in a fast-world society, so time is priceless. To save time commuting, choose a city with good and walkability transportation systems.
  3. Neighborhood environment: When choosing the best places for athletes, pay special attention to the neighborhoods. Choose the one that has a strong community vibe and that offers necessary sports facilities.
A couple searching the net
Consider all the factors before choosing the best US cities for athletes. Do your research.

Which are the best US cities for athletes?

If you search the internet, you will see a lot of lists of cities that are popular for athletes and sports fans. Depending on the type of sports you are into, you can find a place across the whole US. Cross country moving companies from our moving database can help you to make the transfer quickly and stress-free as possible. Some of those cities are steady in a high position when it comes to popular sports. The best Us cities for athletes are:

  1. Phoenix, AZ
  2. Atlanta, GA
  3. Miami, FL
  4. Seattle, WA
  5. Dallas, TX
  6. Houston, TX
  7. Denver, CO
  8. Pittsburgh, PA
  9. Chicago, IL
  10. New York, NY
  11. Boston, MA

Now let’s explore the best US cities for athletes. Enjoy the ride. Hope you’ll find a suitable one. 

Phoenix, AZ

Who would have thought that a hot desert is a good place for an athlete? Well, it is, especially if you are an NBA fan. There are a lot of indoor options for sports fans to visit during those hot summer days. Phoenix has representatives in major professional sports leagues like baseball, basketball, and football. Besides, Phoenix, AZ, is the best place for sports education. These are the best schools for athletes in 2023: Notre Dame Preparatory, Brophy College Preparatory (all boys), Saguaro High School, Pinnacle High School, and many others. When it comes to outdoor activities you can enjoy in Phoenix, here are the best ones. Go to Phoenix Badminton center, visit some of the best Phoenix sports complexes, or simply enjoy walking or running in one of the numerous parks.

Want to know about the quality of life in Phoenix? here are the most important traits according to the US News Real Estate:

  • Median Home Price – $644,00
  • Median Monthly Rent – $1,700
  • Unemployment Rate – 8%
  • Job Market – 6.1
  • Quality of Life – 6.2

If Phoenix, AZ, is your choice, move here with some of the best cross country movers Phoenix has to offer.

A woman looking at a map searching for the best US places for athletes
Searching for the best city for athletes is a challenging task.

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is also a good place to start. It is a bustling city with unique culture and is packed with urban parks, a plethora of amenities, and walkable neighborhoods. And when it comes to sport, it is perfect for any athlete who likes to play for the fans. The downside is that a lot of athletes pass through this city. It is not exactly a place to plan your entire carrier, but it is certainly worth trying when it comes to basketball. The city is also known for its college football and the SEC Championship Game held annually. Other sports events you can enjoy in Atlanta include the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game and the Celebration Bowl. Want to move to Atlanta? Before making a decision and hiring best cross country movers Atlanta, check the city’s main characteristics:

  • Median Home Price – around $405,000
  • Median Monthly Rental price – $1,200
  • Average Annual Salary – $57,000
  • Unemployment Rate – 7.2

Miami, FL

Miami is a great place to settle down if you are a football player or a fan. Beautiful sunny weather, beaches, and palm trees are pretty inviting. It seems like Miami is a perfect choice since it is considered one of the premier destinations for both professional and amateur sports as well as college sports. Very few cities can offer (professional) teams in every sports discipline: football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer. Besides, Miami is home to Division 1 College athletics and internationally recognized competitions in golf, tennis, and motorsports as well.

However, the lifestyle in Miami isn’t cheap. If you want to buy a house, you can expect to pay around $250,000, while the median monthly rent isn’t high, at about $1,508. The average annual salary goes to $55,000, and the unemployment Rate is 9.1%. If Miami sounds like the best choice, check out best cross county movers Miami FL and schedule your move.

Miami Florida is one of the best US cities for athletes
Sunny beaches, a plethora of outdoor activities, and a vibrant lifestyle make Miami a perfect destination

Seattle, WA

Seattle is famous, or shall we say infamous for the Seahawks’ home stadium for opposing teams. Their fans are very loud, and it is hard to play there, if you aren’t a home team, of course. When you are an athlete, it is a dream come true to play in this kind of atmosphere. Seattle is home to many sports companies, such as Gympass, Snap! Raise, K2 sports, Sthoke, and most notable one – SportsEngine Inc, an NBC Sports Group providing sports relationship management software. If you are searching for a job related to sports, contact some of the best cross country movers Seattle, WA offers, and schedule the move since Seattle is the perfect match.

Living in Seattle: What is it like

If Seattle, WA, is your choice, check out the main traits of living here. Namely, Seattle isn’t a cheap place to live, but for those who can afford it, it is definitely worth the price. Living standards are very high, thanks to large tech companies. High living standards mean you’ll have to be ready to pay a little extra when buying or renting a home. If you want to buy a home, you can expect to pay around $800,000, while monthly rentals prices go up to $3,000. However, it’s possible to afford it since the average annual salary may go up to $80,000.

Dallas, TX

Moving to Dallas would be the best move if you are interested in almost any sport. Dallas is the home of many aspiring superstars. Cowboys attract most fans but don’t undermine Rangers as well. Dallas is a team that you have to watch in the NBA. If you are planning to move to Dallas, you can expect a reasonable cost of living and excellent job opportunities related to sports or any other industry. The job market index is about 7. Besides, schools are among the best in the state, which is excellent if you are moving with your children.

According to the US New Real estate, the Median Home Price is around $395,000, while the Median Monthly Rent is 1,200, which is very affordable, taking the average annual salary ($67,000) into account. If you are contemplating a move to Dallas, check out some of the best cross country moving companies in Dallas.

Dallas is one of the best US cities for athletes
If you are a baseball player, Dallas, TX, is a perfect destination to move to.

Houston, TX, is one of the best US cities for athletes

Texas is home to a city that’s on the list of best US cities for athletes, and Houston is one of them. Baseball is the most popular sport in Houston. If you are moving or living in Houston, you will be surrounded by many sports stars. Houston is a city of sport. Whether you are a professional athlete or not, in Houston, you will find numerous sports programs, according to Houston.gov. Houston is home to Houston Rockets, two-time NBA champions. When it comes to soccer, Houston Dynamo is the most popular team to watch. In baseball, there are Houston Astros. Besides, there’s the annual college football Texas Bowl at NRG Stadium. Houston is also known to have excellent college teams in sports such as football, baseball, basketball, athletics, and others. Some of Houston’s major college teams are:

  • University of Houston Cougars
  • San Jacinto College Gators
  • Houston Baptist University Huskies
  • Texas Southern University Tigers
  • Rice University Owls

Living in Houston, TX: Main characteristics

Houston attracts people with sports or entrepreneurial skills and those who want to work for large companies. And it’s no wonder since Houston is the hub of healthcare, manufacturing, and oil and gas industries. The presence of these sectors allows the high living standard but with low rental costs. For example, if you move to Houston, you’ll pay around $1,500 for monthly rent. However, if you want to buy a house, be ready to make a budget of around $370.000. Still want to move to Houston, TX? You’ll need a reliable moving company. Check our database and choose some of the best cross country moving companies in Houston 

Denver, CO

They say that Denver’s got it all. The city is excellent for fans of basketball, baseball, football, hockey, rugby, you name it. This city is the perfect place if you are a sports fan. It has seven professional sports teams, and you can visit excellent games year-round. It is home to Denver Parks & Recreation, which provides a wide range of programs, services, facilities, and park amenities, which is great, especially if you are moving with your children. Denver is a perfect match if you want to lead an active athlete life. Wonder about the living standard? Here are some main traits:

  • The Median Home Price – $643,000
  • The Median Monthly Rent – $1,500
  • The Average Annual Salary is around $65, 00

If you want to buy a home in Denver, CO, and start a new life, there’s no better way to do it than to hire some of the best cross country moving companies Denver has. Check out our database and find a suitable one.

Denver, one of the best US cities for athletes
Denver, CO, has a lot to offer to athletes.

Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh is considered to be one of the most successful sports cities in the US. According to Sports Retriever, this city has seen some of the best sports moments in history. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? Also, Pittsburgh has excellent stadiums filled with crowds of fans. During the winter months, you can watch the Bruins, and during the NFL off-season, you have the Pirates.

Chicago, IL, is one of the best US cities for athletes

Named the Best Sports City, Chicago Illinois, is a city that has produced many successful athletes. It is home to great football and basketball players. It is one of the largest cities in the US, and it’s unique because it is big and it has a lot of working-class people. You can expect to see a lot of fans as well as athletes. This is surely one of the best US cities for athletes. If sport is the main reason for moving to Chicago, you won’t regret your decision since the city offers excellent life opportunities, such as career, education, and recreational activities. So, don’t hesitate and hire some of the best cross country movers Chicago, IL, to ensure a seamless move.

New York City, NY, the best US cities for athletes

No list of the best US cities goes without New York, and our list is not an exception. NYC is a dream destination, not only for athletes but for everyone. When it comes to the sports environment, Big Apple has a lot to offer for both professional and amateur athletes. It is home to Maddison Garden, and Smithfield Hall, as well as many recreation parks where you can practice sports activities. East River Park is one of the most popular sports places since there are many free outdoor activities offered by City Parks Foundation. New York City, as a metropolitan area, has a rich and distinguished sports history. It is home to the following:

  • National Football League
  • The National Hockey League
  • The National Basketball Association
  • The Women’s National Basketball Association
  • National Women’s Hockey League
  • Major League Baseball
  • Major League Soccer

There’s no need to explain the lifestyle and living conditions in NYC. It’s enough to say that living here is like a dream come true. So, if you have the opportunity, move here with some of the best cross country movers New York as soon as possible, and experience NYC’s vibe.

New York City
Living in NYC is like a dream come true.

Boston, MA, is one of the best US cities for athletes

Boston is the perfect choice for young athletes since it has the most sports titles in general. It’s a city of champions because they have won twelve championships since 2000. The world-famous Red Sox is a team with so much history, and even if you are not a baseball fan, you probably know about them, as does the rest of the world. Besides baseball, Boston is one of the best US cities for athletes, thanks to the Celtics (basketball) and the Bruins (ice hockey). So, if Boston is appealing enough for you to move her, check some of the best cross country movers Boston has to offer. And if you are still not sure whether to move here or not, check the following:

  • Bost is a smaller city with a big city vibe
  • It offers culture and entertainment on a budget
  • It offers excellent education opportunities
  • The Median Home Price is about $714,000
  • The Median Monthly Rent is affordable, around $1,500
  • An Average Annual Salary goes up to $73,850

All these cities are great for both amateur and professional athletes. If you are trying to be one or to stay healthy, any city that has invested in parks, recreation areas, or has at least nice weather to enjoy outdoors is good for you. Whichever city of those mentioned above, you choose, you won’t regret your decision.

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