Tennessee vs Kentucky: where to live?

Okay, so you want to move? But, where do you want to go? The question of the day is – Tennessee vs Kentucky – where to live?  Well, that’s why you came here on this page to figure that out. With the help of these tips, you can decide where should you buy or rent a home. Also, you will find out what each of these states has to offer for your new phase in life.

Why should you move to Tennessee?

Thinking of moving to Tennessee? You can head to a vibrant city like Memphis or Nashville, or opt for a quiet life in the Appalachian Mountains. Tennessee offers a rich culture, natural beauty and a low cost of living. From the bright lights of Broadway to the scenic Smokies, Tennessee offers up something for everyone. Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder, jamming to the Blues or looking for some small-town charm, the Volunteer State is the place for you.

Great job opportunities are one of the best reasons why should you move to Tennessee!

Tennessee vs Kentucky? Well, you should know that Tennessee is a paradise for those who love water, whether it’s the mighty Mississippi in Memphis, the Cumberland River in Nashville or the Tennessee River in Knoxville and Chattanooga. Add to the rivers more than 1,300 lakes and reservoirs, and the Volunteer State offers endless recreation opportunities, from whitewater rafting on the Ocoee to bass fishing in Lake Barkley.

Why should you move to Kentucky?

Kentucky is located in the eastern south-central U.S. near several major cities such as Cincinnati, Ohio; Nashville, TN; and St. Louis, MO. As a result, a state is a perfect place for those who enjoy taking quick trips to cool destinations. Here in Kentucky, people are known for not wearing shoes. They are spending way too much money at the horse track and caring a little too much about college basketball.

Kentucky has five seasons!

If you’re moving to Kentucky, you’ll be pleased to know that the climate is great. And it’s perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and horse riding. Summers are warm and humid and winters are cool, with lows of around 23 degrees Fahrenheit.

Many states can say they have offer four seasons, but Kentucky is unique in that it offers a fifth season: Derby Season. In honor of the Kentucky Derby, which takes place at Churchill Downs in Louisville each May, many residents spend a few weeks before the big event attending parties, celebrations, and festivals. There are also annual golf tournaments, the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon and mini-marathon, concerts and more. Basically, there’s a lot of opportunities for fun in the Bluegrass State during this special season.

Tennessee vs Kentucky – costs of living

Good schools, a thriving job market and plenty of recreational opportunities are just a few reasons to call Tennessee home. Compared to the national average, Tennessee’s cost of living is comfortably low. And you should know that Tennesseans pay no income tax. And when it comes to costs of living in Kentucky they are also lower than the U.S. average. It’s living index is 89, compared to the national average of 100. U.S. News ranked Kentucky 8th in the country for affordability. Things like health care, food, and transportation can be found more cheaply in Kentucky than many places elsewhere in the U.S.

arm wrestling - Tennessee vs Kentucky - well, when it comes to costs of living they are both winners.
Tennessee vs Kentucky – well, when it comes to costs of living they are both winners.

Tennessee vs Kentucky – housing

Buying a house is a major purchase. But before making this important decision, take the time to determine what you can afford, your ideal neighborhood, and what features you want in a home. And with proper preparation, nothing is going to be a problem. That’s why you can hire a real estate agent to help you with buying a house. Also, as soon as you find the property you may need some help with relocation. And that’s when the interstate movers Tennessee will be there to help you.

There’s a large selection of housing available to those who are moving to Kentucky. They are ranging from one-bedroom rental apartments to luxurious Victorian homes. Take your time when selecting your new home so you can be sure you’ve found the best match for your needs and budget. When it comes to housing in Kentucky, you can definitely find a good and affordable house. Because housing here is significantly lower than in other states.

Whether you are buying a new home or you are renting a property you will find the one that suits you the most. Also, there is another thing! When you are moving you should probably hire a reliable and reputable moving company. And you will not regret having at your disposal a moving company like Kentucky cross country movers.

 Tennessee vs Kentucky – Job opportunities

The reason why should you move to Tennessee is because of plenty of job opportunities. The Volunteer State holds one of the nation’s lowest unemployment rates. Tennessee is known as a state who has a number of advanced industry job growth. It’s also home to nine of the world’s largest companies, including FedEx, Dollar General, and Eastman Chemical. Low business taxes and business-friendly incentives have helped attract global companies here.

But when it comes to Kentucky it’s not so great. And according to some study Kentucky isn’t rated as a great state for jobs. That’s based on opportunities and economic environment. But there is a greener side of things. Kentucky is known as a top spot for the auto manufacturing industry, and for good reason. There are Toyota manufacturing facilities in Georgetown and Erlanger, and in Louisville, Ford operates an assembly plant – and all three facilities are top employers in Kentucky. The state also has a strong presence in the health-care and education sectors worth moving for.

The Louisville metropolitan area does have an unemployment rate a bit lower than the rest of the state. This is mostly due to increases in jobs in health care, business, tourism, and tech. If you’re thinking of a move to Kentucky, those industries would be the ones to look at.

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