New York vs. New Jersey – which is better?

So, you are considering moving to either New York or New Jersey? Well, you will likely want to compare the two states and their differences and similarities. Overall, the New York vs New Jersey debate is a complicated topic, and you will have to do a lot of research to get all of the necessary information about the two states. In this article, we will cover some of the most important aspects of living in these two states and compare them. Cost of living, the housing market, real estate, tax rates, and the job market are some of the most important factors to consider. Furthermore, we are also going to stress the importance of hiring reliable movers such as Best Cross Country Movers when relocating. Let’s take a closer look.

New York vs New Jersey – Looking at the overall cost of living

The two states in question have a ton of similarities but also a ton of differences. One of the main things you will likely look for when choosing between the two is the cost of living. It is no secret that New York has many areas which are considered very expensive but there are a lot of exclusive neighborhoods throughout NJ as well. However, if we look at the cost of living overall, New York is definitely more expensive. Housing, bills, groceries, and simple life, in general, will cost you a lot more. We will go further into these details later in the article. Overall, however, the cost of living is 35% lower in New Jersey city than in New York City.

Doing thorough research when looking at New York vs New Jersey.
When looking at the overall cost of living between New York vs New Jersey, it is essential to consider all of the factors.

The median household income differs as well

It is important to note that the median household income in New York is $71.000 which is above the national average of $60.000. However, the problem is the high prices of pretty much everything. The median household income in New Jersey is even higher at around $85.000 which is even more than the national average. But it is essential to also look at the overall prices and New Jersey is really cheaper in general than New York. So, this overall look is very general and not necessarily specific but it shows us the essential difference between NY and NJ from the start. Now, let’s examine the housing rates and situation in these two states even closer. If you’ve already made up your mind and decided that moving to NJ is more suitable for you due to the overall lower cost of living, remember to enlist the help of expert cross-country movers New Jersey for a safe relocation.

Comparing the housing market

Since both of these states have more renters than owners we should look at the rent prices first. When it comes to NJ, the average 1 bedroom apartment is around $1400. What can you expect from NY? Well, you will be lucky to find anything close to or below $2000. This makes rent prices significantly higher in New York than in New Jersey. However, we have only compared the rent prices. New York City is known for having one of the most expensive housing markets not only in the US but in the world as well. The trick is, New Jersey has some of the highest property taxes so that evens out the fight when it comes to prices. To really know which of these two states is best for buying your first property, for example, you would need to take into consideration a plethora of different factors.

Since we have mentioned property taxes, let’s discuss those briefly. NJ has one of the highest in the country. NY is not that far behind. As a renter, this does not really matter but as a property owner, it is something important to consider. Factor this in and thoughtfully consider how it will affect your real estate if you plan on investing. Consider your main goal before purchasing a property. Do you plan on working there? Staying for good? Settling down in either of these two states? All of these questions need to be answered on time when choosing between New York vs New Jersey housing market.

A key in a door.
The housing market is a complex topic and both NY and NJ have a lot of options but very different prices and taxes.

The price tags on properties go in favor of NJ

Overall, Garden State is a safer bet when trying to get a good investment return and find a more budget-friendly option. Just remember that location is crucial. This goes for both states. When it comes to New York and New York City, in particular, many looking to get out of the city are looking toward the suburbs. Thanks to this a whopping 40% increase in property transactions was seen in the past couple of years. New Jersey is definitely a more attainable option when talking about a regular budget that is not extremely large. Although property prices are raising in NJ as well, it still has plenty of options for those relocating with tighter budgets. New York is definitely running low on these options.

Do not forget about the property taxes

The housing market is a complex topic and it is important to have in mind that it will ultimately be entirely up to you. These two states are pretty much equal when it comes to housing prices because of the factors such as property tax, sales tax, but also overall price. When it comes to prices in NY, the sky is the limit. This is what NYC is notorious for in general let alone the housing market. However, New York state sits at number 9 when it comes to property taxes. NJ has the highest. Therefore, although more budget-friendly and promises a good investment return, it is important to keep in mind your overall goal when purchasing property and consider the high property taxes there.

The overall tax prices are extremely high in NY

Although NJ struggles with property taxes, New York has higher taxes in general. When we look at the sales tax, for example, we can see at 8.875%, sales tax rates are very high in NYC. Although it all depends on your income, it is important to keep in mind that some tax rates in New York City can be higher than 50%. New Jersey is not exactly doing excellent in this area either. However, the tax burden in general is lower when compared to New York. If you have made up your mind and are preparing your bags, do not forget to do your research on time before hiring movers. Only enlist the help of trustworthy cross-country moving companies to assist you.

Money and tax sign.
Taxes come in different forms and differ significantly between the two states so do your research on time.

The job market comparison between NY and NJ

The New York vs New Jersey job market comparison depends on many different factors. You might be preparing for your upcoming relocation in pursuit of a new job or career path. You will want to know what you can expect from these two states and which one would be better for finding a job quicker. However, as with everything else so far, this is also a complex topic. New York is, of course, a very big state and it has more people living in it than there are people living in NJ. This also brings a ton of companies both small and big. New York’s economy mainly relies on financial activities such as banking and stock trading but tourism, tech and media also contribute to its economy. New Jersey, on the other hand, has a diverse industrial base. It is also well-known for its pharma industries.

Again, finding the right job for you will depend on several different factors mainly related to what you are looking for in particular. Another good thing to keep in mind is the overall commute time and traffic. NYC in particular has this issue and NJ might be a little easier to navigate through. Although on the other hand, the subway system is well-connected in NYC and there are subways that can take you directly to work without stopping. If you’ve decided on moving to NY because of the higher job opportunity look for trusted cross-country movers New York to assist you.

Why New Jersey wins the overall affordability battle with New York

1. Closer to New York than actual areas of New York

Jersey City is conveniently located across the Hudson River, making it quick and easy to travel between states. Travel time on PATH can take from 30 minutes to 34th Street and only 5 minutes to the financial district. This is definitely competing with other areas that require no more than 2 hours to get to Manhattan. And it is much closer than an area like Staten Island and should be viewed as a hidden borough of New York. Ready for your move? Thinking about how many moving quotes should you get? Always get multiple different moving quotes from a reliable movers’ database before hiring your desired movers.

2. Rents are cheaper

For those who cannot afford the generous New York style, consider the Jersey City option as an alternative where you can, no doubt, get more for your money. You cannot find rent for less than $1,000 a month without accommodating roommates to divide the rent. However, if you go house-hunting, in Jersey City, you can find studios and one-bedroom studios at about this price. And if you’ve got extra money, treat yourself to luxurious suites with a doorman, pool, laundry, and terrace. They can cost as little as $1,500 for a studio which is still better than prices in Manhattan. Imagine a spacious life, no annoying roommates, a cheaper life and still living life like in New York.

Calculating the cost of living.
Lower rent prices are definitely one of the main reasons people tend to choose NJ over NY.

3. New York vs New Jersey – everything is much cheaper in NJ

This is not difficult if you compare the sales tax in New York vs. New Jersey. It is an 8.5% sales tax in New York with a sales tax of 3.5% in New Jersey. Not to mention the big difference between after-tax wages when comparing the two states. And let’s not forget about transportation costs when the monthly metro card costs $121 and the monthly PATH card costs $89.

4. No taxes on clothes

Another good reason to hire interstate movers New Jersey and move is that there is no sales tax on clothes! This can vary from fashionable women from New York with expensive taste to students who buy the best deals. Another plus to life across the Hudson, which benefits the Jersey lifestyle. So go broke on clothes with less guilt!

5. Great view of the city

The Jersey City Waterfront offers stunning views across the Hudson River in Newport, which stretches 18.5 miles. It is great for photo shoots, walks, marathons, or just relaxing in nearby restaurants. The view of New York, in fact, still can be seen for miles – to Garfield Avenue! So you hardly feel that you are far from the city!

6. Transportation is available everywhere

New Jersey offers a wide range of interstate transportation. With the convenience of the PATH train, citizens can travel interstate or within other cities in Jersey for $2.75 per trip. Jersey City also offers a variety of buses that travel around Jersey City in the Journal Square transportation hub, and cost just $1.60 per trip. In addition, the Light Rail train runs between different areas of Jersey City for $ 2.25 per trip. Or free of charge if the ticket office doesn’t catch you, which most people do anyway.

7. Wide selection of restaurants

Restaurants in NYC make it one of the best places to celebrate Christmas. But, as in New York, Jersey City offers a wide variety of options. You can find all this in Jersey City at an affordable price. From chic brunch to cheap gyros, from dishes from abroad or close to home, from five-star restaurants to family ones.

A restaurant.
Plenty of options to choose from when it comes to restaurants both in NJ and NY but you can expect more affordable prices in NJ.

8. And not to mention diners

When you arrange your holiday in New Jersey, you need a snack at the diner. These home-style restaurants are a state treasure, which resulted in the exhibition of the main products of Jersey in the museum, as well as it received the title of “Diners capital of the world” with 600 visitors and one of them appearing on The Sopranos! Therefore, when your budget does not allow you to spend an expensive brunch, why not be content with a warm and friendly atmosphere in a snack bar with a wide choice of dishes?

9. Best beaches

You do not need to settle on the muddy waters of Coney Island or Rockaway Beach to have fun on the beach. Beaches, such as Seaside Heights or Jersey Shore, are worthy of a long drive through tunnels and bridges from New York. But the convenience of living in Jersey City gives you the advantage of any entertainment access in the sun. So, New York vs. New Jersey is another point for New Jersey.

10. Jersey City as the next Williamsburg?

Initially, Williamsburg served as an alternative to life in Manhattan, still conveniently close, as well as growing social life in the neighborhood. However, the popularity of Williamsburg increased the cost of living. Thus, as an alternative to living in Williamsburg, some turn to Jersey City, which grows on its own stage and in public life, as well as to the well-known networks of New York branching out to JC. If you’re looking for the atmosphere of Williamsburg in Jersey City, consider Grove Street, where fun bars such as Barcade offer delicious restaurants, street markets, and social life at a lower price.

11. Escape from the city

Without a doubt, New York has everything from opportunities to city life that attracts many people from all over the world. But you cannot live in New York unless you are ready to fight the bustle of city life. Despite the fact that it is the city, Jersey City is a peaceful alternative to living in New York, it gives you a breather and time to just sit down and relax without the pressure of tourists, slow pedestrians, noisy traffic, and fussy city life on your shoulder. So, when it comes to New York vs New Jersey, yes, New Jersey is our pick.

Enlist the help of trusted moving professionals when relocating

So, all in all, these were some of the main comparisons in the battle between New York vs New Jersey. As you can see, both states are somewhat similar but also very different in many areas. An important thing to consider is your overall budget, state of mind, what you are aspiring to do, and whether you are moving on your own or with your family. Whichever choice you make, it is important that you look for and hire reliable and trusted movers to help you relocate. If you are moving with your family and you are relocating your entire household, it is crucial that you hire trusted residential movers that can help you safely transport all of your inventory to your new home.

Happy people ready for the move.
Moving is fun and enjoyable when relocating with trusted cross-country movers who are reliable and experienced.

Use a trusted movers’ database to find the right movers for you

The process of moving is often long and challenging and this is especially the case with long-distance and cross-country moves. Take your time and do a lot of research. Not all moving companies are the same. Get as many moving quotes as possible until you find the right movers. Remember to use a reliable movers’ database and compare different cross-country movers there. Reliable movers can help you with quality moving services. They will also be able to provide you with additional moving services such as packing and storage. The benefits of having reliable movers are many but some of the most important ones are:

  • An overall more stress-free relocation journey,
  • The safe transportation of your items,
  • Quality moving services,
  • Insurance,
  • More energy and free time to focus on your friends and family.

In conclusion, regardless of what you choose between New York vs New Jersey, it is essential to have trusted and reliable movers if you are looking for an enjoyable relocation journey. Get in touch with experts who can help you find the right moving company for your upcoming cross-country relocation and enjoy a safe and successful move to the state of your choosing.

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