Items you cannot bring into Texas

Moving across the country is a lot of work, but it also carries a lot of responsibilities with it. Not only do you need to worry about shutting down your utilities, packing, or how long it takes to move cross country, but you also need to know about the Items you cannot bring into Texas. Of course, the Best Cross Country Movers can help you. But there are legal obligations you have. No one will let you take your belongings to Texas that aren’t allowed. Especially as it has its own regulations you’ll have to follow. There are, of course, rules about the things you cannot bring across the state lines, as well as the things you cannot possess while living here. Some might be a pretty obvious choice, but some might even surprise you. Let’s take a look at some of the belongings you need to have in mind.

If you want to celebrate it’s best to not move fireworks with you

After you move to Texas you want to celebrate it in the right way. Of course, you’re welcome to set a few fireworks after the move is done. They are not items that are prohibited by the state. However, people usually want to take their fireworks to their new homes in Texas. However, you can’t expect the best cross country movers San Antonio to do that for you. As dangerous materials, fireworks don’t have their place inside a moving truck. They can create huge problems and hazards. That’s why after deciding to move, things like fireworks will need alternative ways to relocate. Or even better, if you need them make sure to buy them in your local area.

Fireworks in the nigh sky
You can’t move fireworks to Texas with the help of movers

Batteries have chemicals that can cause problems for moving companies

Moving dangerous liquids is no joke. For that reason, you want to avoid relocating them as much as you can. However, batteries contain liquid chemicals that can be dangerous for both you and movers. Even if the long distance movers Houston want to assist you, they can’t. It’s completely against regulations and laws to move this type of item. When you think about batteries they are usually very small and don’t seem like too much of a problem. However, even such a small contraption can end up causing huge problems.

Propane and gasoline are just some of the items you cannot bring into Texas

Among other liquids that you can’t move to Texas are propane and gasoline. Of course, the state of Texas is one of the best known for its barbecues and overall grilling. And the absolute necessities for that will be propane and gasoline. Of course, you can get both of them in Texas. But you can’t count on the help of cross country movers Fort Worth to move them for you. It will go against all the regulations and rules in the state of Texas and in the whole United States. There are good reasons why these are on the banned list as they caused huge incidents. Of course, you’ll be able to find propane and gasoline in Texas, but you won’t be able to move them here.

Fruits and veggies are on the list of items you cannot bring into Texas

One of the most surprising things on our list might be some fruits and vegetables. This may come as a shock to you – after all, you will want to have some sort of a healthy snack while on the move. However, if you really need these tasty treats, then you should look into the rules that TDA (Texas Department of Agriculture) lays down. This is often surprising for people until they realize just how big of a manufacturer of produce Texas is. There is a $100 billion industry hiding in the state! Because of that, the regulations become quite obvious.

Items you cannot bring into Texas include certain foods
There’s no need to bring certain foods to Texas

Now, the attached pamphlet might be quite a big read for you – but it is something you should be aware of. Probably the biggest thing to take from it, though, is that you cannot bring citrus into the state. This includes citrus plants, as well as the pieces of citrus plants – so no fruits. If you want to be even more technical, “any living or non-living rootstock, leaf, root, stem, limb, twig, fruit, seed, seedling or other parts of any plant in the botanical family Rutaceae, subfamily Aurantioideae” should not be carried into the state. This is because a big part of Texas agriculture is citrus fruits, so even one bad plant has the potential to damage the economy.

The other fruits you cannot bring into Texas

Other than citrus, there are some other restrictions based on the country you are coming from. If you are moving from Florida on a budget, or from Puerto Rico, you must not have apples, avocados, bell peppers, or blackberries with you. There are around 50 other kinds of fruits that Texas will not allow inside the borders. This is because of the Caribbean Fruit Fly infestation. The same applies to all other states and hickory, pecan, and walnut trees. Only residents of California, Arizona, and some parts of New Mexico can have these with them when moving to Texas. You should also toss out any parts of these plants. The only exception is the extracted nut meats, which you can enjoy while on the move.

Pets need to have their rabies shots

You will be happy to know that pets are not among the items you cannot bring into Texas. Your dogs and cats just need to have the certificate of being vaccinated for rabies. However, keeping a pet in Texas might not be as simple. For example, take a look at §821.077. Unlawful Restraint of Dog of the Texas statute. However, fish owners might not be so lucky. Before cross country movers Texas pick up your fish tank, you need to make sure that the type of aquatic life you have is legal in Texas. Tilapia, Piranhas, Temperate Basses, Oysters, Freshwater Stingrays, and Eels are all prohibited from entering the state. However, we also encourage you to look into the local laws, because these may be adding even more obligations in your everyday life to keep your friend happy and safe.

It’s better to buy cleaning supplies than try to move them to it

For most people, cleaning supplies are just tools to make their homes look great. However, for movers, they are full of dangerous chemicals. That’s why don’t be surprised if you can’t take your cleaning supplies with you on your interstate move to Texas. Of course, the best cross country movers Dallas will know how to ensure that your items arrive at your new location without a problem. But they just can’t do the same for the liquids that you use for cleaning your home.  They are just too dangerous and can end up causing more problems than you can imagine. For that reason, don’t even try to ask your movers to help with them.

Cleaning supplies inside a basket
Cleaning supplies have certain chemicals that can be dangerous

You can bring your valuable items to Texas but relocate them on your own

The people of Texas are proud of their heritage and will know to respect other people’s valuable items. Of course, you will be able to show them off and share them with your new friends in Texas. However, there’s a problem with taking them to Texas. you can’t count on the long distance movers Austin to move them for you. That’s because there’s no insurance for something that has both monetary and emotional value. What would be enough to compensate for such belongings? That’s why you’ll need to bring your valuables on your own when relocating to the state of Texas.

Is alcohol legal?

Now, you may not have a pet. Your biggest worry when moving with professionals is whether or not alcohol is on the list of items you cannot bring into Texas. Well, you will be happy to know that the bottle of champagne you are keeping for celebrating is completely fine. There are no limits, or taxes, on alcohol that you intend to keep for personal consumption. However, you might want to reconsider moving the bottles on a long-distance trip. The Texas heat can ruin them pretty quickly. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that, when you are living in Texas, you need to declare the alcohol you carry in the state. You can get fines and even some jail time if you fail to do so. Finally, you should also figure out the laws about purchasing alcohol based on the area where you will be living in.

Check out what type of medication is legal in Texas and forget about movers helping you move it

Medication is something that is necessary for many people to lead a normal life. However, certain drugs will have to be checked out before you actually end up moving them. Whatever your medication might be, you want it to be a drug that is legal to have in Texas. You don’t want to pay a fine or even face jail time for other types of substances. Of course, you can forget about movers handling medications for you. They require special attention and are not something that you can expect them to handle. Get your information in time and make sure that you know how to transport them to your new home.

Medications are among the items you cannot bring into Texas
Know just what medication you can bring into Texas

What about firearms?

Probably the final thing you are wondering about, as you prepare your car for a cross country move, is about the guns. Texas is pretty famous for its firearm policies, right? So it’s pretty natural to wonder whether or not they are exempt from the list of items you cannot bring into Texas. The answer to this is pretty simple, really. The rules for driver’s licenses are similar to gun permits. Texas has either reciprocal or unilateral agreements with other states about these. If you are not from Oregon, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Maine, Vermont, or New Hampshire, you don’t need to register your firearm.

Don’t forget that you won’t be able to move your firearms and ammunition

Firearms are allowed in Texas, but one thing is certain, you can’t count on professional moving companies to take your firearms and ammunition to your new home. Such items are very dangerous to take care of and will be difficult to organize the relocation for. You will need special attention to take such items to your home in Texas. Especially as they are explosive items that can ensure a lot of problems. Just approach moving them with the expertise that is necessary and you won’t have any problems. Just follow all the procedures and it won’t be too big of a problem.

Moving all the items that are on the list can spell trouble for both you and the movers that helped you move it

Among all the items that we mentioned are very dangerous materials. For that reason, you need to have a good approach when you need to take care of them. Especially as you can be fined or even face jail time for trying to take certain items to Texas. And companies will face a lot of problems too if they decide to assist with moving some of them. From losing their licenses and work permits to having to completely close companies, it will be difficult for any company to even consider helping you relocate certain items.

Handcuffs on a person
You don’t want to risk fines or jail time when moving illegal items

In order to have a quality move, you need to follow all the necessary regulations. Texas is a very welcoming state and you want to start off with a great move. For that reason, it’s necessary that you know the items you cannot bring into Texas. With those in mind, it will be much easier to avoid all the potential problems that can be caused by trying to relocate them to Texas. If you follow all the rules, it will be much easier to take care of the move and you’ll find it much easier to get accustomed to Texas.

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