The Best Cities in New York For Millennials

So you are a millennial wondering to which city in the New York State you should move to? Naturally, being the fourth most populous state in the United States as of 2021, the state of New York has a long list of cities to offer. So you shouldn’t worry much when it comes to the variety and number of choices you have. No need to even talk about the tourist attractions like Times Square, Niagara Falls, etc. There are a bunch of solid reasons a millennial would choose the New York State for their future endeavors. In case you do decide to move into one of these incredible cities, make sure to contact one of the best cross-country movers. From New York City itself, to Yonkers, we will cover some of the best cities in New York for millennials.

The One and Only New York City

The very well-known New York City is comprised of more than 8 million people (data from the year 2020). It is also considered to be one of the most influential cities in the entire United States. These facts, and many more to come, definitely make it an appropriate city in New York for a millennial. A place like NYC is not one of the cheaper options, which is something you should absolutely keep in mind. Either way, approximately 2.2 million millennials populate this location.

Why Pick NYC as the best city in New York for millennials?

Surely at least a few things come to mind already, but here are various reasons why you should pick NYC:

  • You can never get bored – There is such an incredible number of different things you can do in the capital of the world. From taking a cozy walk through a park to experiencing the never sleeping night life. Possibly even visiting the long list of landmarks that a city in New York fit for a millennial
  • It’s full of people – Mentioned earlier, there is a ton of people in this metropolis, especially younger ones. So there’s always new friends to meet, more lively energy to take in and more birthdays to remember (and celebrate). The younger part of the population doesn’t tend to sit around too much. This kind of rush might get you aboard and even make you more productive. The sheer number of people that live here is just one of the reasons why this is one of the best cities in New York for millennials.
  • Careers – A city full of people is also a city full of different career opportunities. Whether you are aspiring to open up your own business or to continue your career in a big company, this is the place to look forward to. Alongside that, it’s a great chance to look into a long list of NYC cross-country movers. Especially considering this giant of a city provides many options, they will help you with the process of repositioning.
  • The diversity – since New York City is so grand, we can’t ignore the diversity of culture, background and perspective. There is no way you won’t find a way to fit in and find your own little community in an ocean of variety in one of New York’s best cities for millennials.
New York City Skyline
The beauty of New York City is unsurpassed.

A Cheaper Option, Buffalo

Since NYC might be a tad bit too pricey, Buffalo is a place that is considered to be rather cheap for New York standards. But that does not affect the chances of it being a satisfactory city in New York for a millennial. Buffalo hits the average monthly cost of living of about 1,038$ for one person without rent. This is an astonishing 25% less than New York City itself. On the other hand, word is, the cuisine in Buffalo is yummy. Buffalo wings, Buffalo-style pizza, peanut sticks and so on and so forth, their kitchen just keeps on surprising.

Now, let’s talk outdoors. There’s a handful of opportunities in a city like this to enjoy some sight-seeing. Especially knowing the incredible Niagara Falls is less than half an hour of a ride. But that’s not the only waterfall near, you could visit the Eternal Flame Falls in the Chestnut Ridge County Part. It just requires a nice walk or a run from your residence. There are plenty of reasons we consider Buffalo to be one of the best cities in New York for millennials. That’s why you should definitely check it out. If you do, keep an eye out for good interstate movers Buffalo, not making an already stressful process even worse!

A family getting ready for an interstate move to one of the best cities in New York for millennials
A well-organized cross-country move is the key to efficiency.

Rochester as One of the Best Cities in New York For Millennials

Moving onto our next city in the list, we’ve got Rochester. Definitely one of the more attractive cities in New York for millennials. Mostly for it being a mid-sized city with a quality job market and affordable living. Rochester’s earlier mentioned job market allows talented people to climb up the ladder in their profession nice and slick. That is surely important for a millennial. Once again, Rochester also offers a cheaper price of living than most of the cities in New York. Making it easier to manage economically in a new environment. Yet the homes of “The Flour City” vary from modern to more traditional buildings that you could choose from.

Keep in mind that this city has had a lot of millennials moving in during the period of 2010 to 2015 according to census data. Which means finding new people at a similar age group will not prove as challenging. Like other mentioned New York’s best cities for millennials, Rochester does offer places to visit and museums to inspect. For example the George Eastman Museum and the Strong National Museum of Play. Travelling to the mentioned places won’t serve as a problem since the average commute time is 20 minutes per-day. Meaning the city is a lot more accessible than you might have expected. All of the mentioned facts above point to Rochester for being one of the best cities in New York for millennials.

The quiet city of Rochester
Never underestimate a nice walk next to a river.

White Plains

White Plains may not be offering new buildings or attractions to attract millennials like the other best cities in New York for Millennials, but they have put some effort into enhancing the everyday life of a potential citizen by making the City Center more approachable and tempering with the school system. Now, keep in mind that White Plains is quite close to the city. Which means taking a short trip may bring you back to a more modern feel of civilization. Not to mistake this city for an old fashioned one though, since it is considered to be the best of both urban and suburban worlds.

Occasional events may pop up in the downtown of White Plains for a nice source of entertainment. The mentioned downtown is a place for corporations, offices and also a bolstering neighborhood. While this location is offering a more urban feel, there are a bunch of other neighborhoods that tend to be more traditional or suburban. Of course, there is easy access to multiple parks in these neighborhoods. They will surely contribute to occasional strolls through some nature to clear your mind. These are some of the things that White Plains has to offer to be a rival for the best cities in New York for millennials.

The Hard Working Yonkers

With the effort of luring more millennials into the city, Yonkers has successfully become one of the targeted places to be a New York City fit for millennials. In the year 2019 a campaign has been launched, by the name of “Generation Yonkers”. This campaign had the goal of sparking the interest of millennials by creating 2,246 residual units and adding to about 9,000 newly made and affordable commercial space. As mentioned, this effort definitely paid off as a bunch of new shops has opened up, alongside with new sources of entertainment, with an even bigger amount of people giving this city a chance. After picking a suitable house, be sure to hire some cross-country movers Yonkers to help you settle down in your new home.

Yonkers isn’t as cheap as the earlier mentioned best cities in New York for millennials, but is definitely cheaper than the big sharks of the New York State. If you plan on visiting NYC, you’ve got a 30 minute train ride to the Grand Central Station. This way you can always experience the vastness and diversity of a larger city. Although diverse surely is the word for Yonkers, since the population of this place varies greatly in different ethnicities and races. Also, you might not want to skip downtown Yonkers, where many entertainment sources sit. Such as the Yonkers Brewing Company, offering their own special beer made by two Yonkers’ natives.

Hudson River next to Yonkers, one of the best cities in New York for millennials
Perhaps check out some of the cruises alongside the Hudson River.


Syracuse, like most mid-sized cities in NY for millennials has become attractive to young workers because of the increase in jobs in the fields of higher education. This means that people with higher potential can achieve a successful career in the city of Syracuse. To be exact, the percentage of healthcare, technology, and other higher educational jobs in this city is higher than 40%. Also worth mentioning is that they’re not planning on stopping this rate of improvement anytime soon. Considering their goal is to “transform the city into a prosperous technology hubsaid Jennifer Tifft, the deputy commissioner of the city’s Department of Neighborhood and Business Development.

If you were to choose this place as your next home, you wouldn’t be alone. About three out of four new residents that have made the choice of moving to Syracuse are millennials according to the National Association of Realtors. In which case, looking into some appropriate interstate movers in Syracuse might not be a bad idea. Not to mention the city does not only just give you access to new job opportunities, but to new local attractions, restaurants, theaters, etc. So there is always some fun to be had in one of the best cities in New York for millennials!

A university in Syracuse covered in plants growing over the building
The green in Syracuse is quite literally everywhere, including building!

Albany as a competitor for the top cities in New York for Millennials

Also known as “Smallbany”, this little place has a lot more potential than you might assume. Firstly, let’s talk about pricing, because Albany is a really affordable New York City for millennials. Sitting at a whooping 40% lower estate price and a 13% lower cost of living than the state average. You could come here to spend a life without the worries of the New York State pricey deals. The lower pricing also means you might not have to pay a lot for interstate movers in Albany either! If that isn’t one of the more important things about moving to a new place, what is?

Moving on, if you are still chasing your high education, you could enroll for the State University of New York, offering an excellent list of different degrees. Ranging from psychology to nanotech, it is never too late to enhance your knowledge. Therefore, this may prove as an exceptional chance. Now, “Smallbany” may be small, but there are a ton of attractions in Downtown Albany. A place where you could gaze at the architecture of the Empire State Plaza or experience some new comedy or drama in the Egg Theater. Maybe just sit down and relax along the view of the observation deck in the Corning Tower? If you are more attracted to history, you could visit a free-entry museum. This New York city for millennials also offers the Albany Center Gallery with some local art attractions.

New York State Capitol, Albany
The Empire State Plaza is not the only place that offers great architecture in Albany, check out the New York State Capitol in all its glory.

Final Conclusion

After taking a look at all of these incredible cities that we consider to be the best cities in New York for millennials, you might have learned that there are a lot of other suitable options besides the well-known New York City. You can still enjoy the life of a major city by travelling from time to time, while living in a smaller place at the same time. If you decide to do exactly that, definitely think about some potential interstate movers New York. As you can see, most of the neighboring cities have put a lot of effort into fortifying their chances of luring in younger people with a lot of potential. Who knows? Maybe you should give them a try, they might prove to be unexpectedly enjoyable.

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