The most affordable cities in the USA for digital nomads to move to

Being a remote worker from today’s perspective has many advantages. You can do your job from anywhere, you are not obliged to travel every day, and it gives you a dose of freedom where there is no eight-hour pressure. Digital nomads are experiencing their rise. However, this job also carries many uncertainties. When you’re a freelancer, your income varies each month, and you are not always sure how much you will earn. That’s why you are looking for affordable cities in the USA for digital nomads. Best cross-country movers team shares with you some of the most affordable and desirable cities that could soon become your new home.

Memphis, Tennessee

One city that will offer remote workers a less expensive lifestyle is certainly Memphis. Located along the Mississippi River and with a population of 651,000, it is a safe place to live. The largest city in Tennessee is known for its rock and roll history. It is home to Elvis Presley’s Graceland, as well as the Blues Hall of Fame. The city has many music festivals, the most famous of which is Billy Strait.

Graceland in Memphis
One of the most affordable cities in the USA for digital nomads is Memphis, known for its rock and roll history.

Many abandoned buildings in the vibrant South Main Arts District have found a new purpose. In addition to start-ups, there are specialty stores and many cafes with attractive atmosphere. The former department store has also been brought back to life with the help of the architectural studio Spatial Affairs Bureau. The public spaces can be used for free in a new design style as a workspace. Another thing that will help your budget is the new fleet of bicycles that you can use and cruise the city for a small fee.

Cost of living

Memphis is a very affordable place to live, and rents are about 70% lower than in New York City. The cost of living for one person in the city is $840 without rent. A one-bedroom apartment is about $1,000 a month if you live downtown. Periphery offers low-cost housing starting at $850 per month. Sound like a good choice for a new home? Best cross-country movers Memphis can arrange your move smoothly and safely.

Bridges of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh sits at the junction of three rivers, and a large number of bridges will greet you in this city.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The second largest city in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, is one of the most affordable cities in the United States for digital nomads. With a population of 300,000, it is one of the smaller cities, but it will still offer you a lot. You’ll be able to do your remote work in many of the city’s co-working spaces. In addition, the excellent supply of coffee shops can provide a good base for work, and the city has a warm relationship with the community. One of the largest universities in the US, the University of Pittsburgh, is located here. The most famous is also Carnegie-Mellon University, which tops the world rankings.

Located at the junction of the Allegheny River, the Monongahela River, and the Ohio River, the bridges will also welcome you. Don’t be surprised when we tell you that Pittsburgh has 446 bridges. It’s simply impressive, even more, prestigious than Venice in terms of many bridges. Be sure to visit some of the most famous bridges:

  •  Fort Pitt Bridge – a two-story arch bridge
  • 10th Street Bridge – dedicated to the labor movement and the longest bridge over the Monongahela river
  • Smithfield Street Bridge – the city’s oldest working bridge, opened in 1883

Cost of living

With the cost of living 7% lower than the national average, it is an affordable and convenient place to live. The median home price is $260,000. The average monthly rent is $1,400.

If you have carefully considered all this information and are in the process of packing your things for the move, remember that professional movers are always the right decision. Long-distance movers Pittsburgh will meet all your requirements with their experience and professionalism.

Panorama of Charlotte, North Carolina
Charlotte is a city with a growing economy and supportive employment conditions.

Charlotte, North Carolina

One of the largest cities on this list, so far with a population of 850,000 that is welcoming to digital nomads. Located in the Mecklenburg District, Charlotte is the most populous city in North Carolina and is the administrative center. North Carolina is a place that Americans love to vacation, but it is never as busy as the cities of Florida. That’s certainly got to be one of the advantages if you’ve decided to settle down in Charlotte. Moving always requires good organization and support. Hiring interstate moving companies North Carolina will leave your move in safe hands while you continue with your business.

What makes Charlotte one of the most affordable cities in America is that it is still booming. The city is growing rapidly and offers an exceptional job market. In addition, due to its geographical location, Charlotte is a hub for air traffic to Europe. The headquarters of the country’s largest bank is also located here. If you work remotely, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the many co-working spaces available.

Cost of living

Rent in the city center is about $1580, and outside the city about $1000. The average monthly non-rent expense is about $950. These figures are still 62% lower than in New York City.  If you have found your new home in Charlotte, contact long-distance movers Charlotte on time. Your move will be securely and efficiently organized.

Oklahoma City is a booming economy and one of the most affordable cities in the USA for digital nomads.
The cost of living in Oklahoma City is 15% lower than the national average. Oklahoma is also the cheapest place to get gas in America.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The next city on the list of most affordable cities in the USA for digital nomads is Oklahoma City. The state capital of Oklahoma is a large city of about 1.5 million people and supports digital nomads and remote workers. It’s helpful to know that in early 2022, the state offered a stipend to those who moved to certain locations in the state. Business in Oklahoma is booming, and the city offers low costs to do business. An organization called i2e funds local startups and provides business expertise.
This city has an interesting history you can learn about at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. Some of that heritage lives on today, so visit one of Oklahoma City’s many rodeos.

If all these facts were decisive in your decision to move to Oklahoma City, plan your move with reliable help. Best cross-country movers Oklahoma, with the help of their professional team, will take care of all your long-distance moving needs.

Cost of living

The price of an apartment in the capital will cost you about $1,100. If you have decided to move outside the center, the price is about $800 for a one-room apartment. The cost of living is about 15% cheaper than the national average. The state ranks as one of the cheapest places to buy gas in the United States.

Omaha, Nebraska

Located on the Missouri River, with a population of 500,000, it is one of the 50 largest cities in America. Despite its size, Omaha has a low cost of living, making it one of the most affordable cities to live in. The city emits a youthful vibe, with many co-working spaces and good wifi services. In addition, several tech companies offer full-time jobs for digital nomads. With an unemployment rate of only 3.8% and many large employers, Omaha is a fast-growing city with good business opportunities.
Omaha is also a popular tourist destination as it lies along the famous Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. Visit the Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium in Omaha, one of the largest zoos in the world.

Cost of living

The cost of rent-free living for one person is about $900 per month. If you have decided to move to the city center, a one-bedroom apartment will cost you about $900, and a three-bedroom apartment about $1,600. Outside the city, a one-bedroom apartment for rent is about $750, while a three-bedroom apartment costs about $1,300. And the overall cost of living in Omaha is 10% lower than the national average. You had all this on paper before you decided to move to Nebraska. A long-distance move requires you to start preparations on time, and with long distance movers Omaha, you’ll be in the hands of experienced and efficient movers.

Cityscape in Kansas City
Kansas City is on the list of affordable cities in the USA for digital nomads due to the low cost of living and housing.

Kansas City, Missouri

Another city with a population of 500,000, but with an interesting fact, Kansas City spans two states. On one side, Missouri, and on the other, Kansas. It’s no wonder that even today, the question “KCMO” or “KCK?” follows when you say you’re from Kansas City. For digital nomads, it’s a very affordable place to live and work in one of the city’s many co-working spaces. The city is typical for its rapid growth. It has good job opportunities and a low unemployment rate. If you’re in the tech industry, Kansas City is the right place for you with many tech startups.

You can spend your free time at many Kansas City museums that will capture your attention. Explore the era of American jazz at the Museum of American Jazz. Learn about the history of Kansas City’s railroads by visiting the former Union Station. The jazz clubs are still active in the city’s music scene. The Blue Room Jazz Club at the American Jazz Museum will feature some of the best local musicians. Also, there are many jazz clubs like the Green Lady Lounge, the Black Dolphin club, and the Phoenix. You won’t be bored here.

Cost of living

The overall cost of living in Kansas City is comparatively low compared to the national average. Renting a one-bedroom apartment in the city center will cost about $1,150 per month. In the suburbs, it will cost you about $800. Only utilities are expensive. However, rent, groceries, and transportation will compensate.

If we have convinced you that Kansas City is the right place for you, don’t think twice. Best cross country movers Missouri are always available to help you get started on your new adventure and into your new home.

A steamboat on the river
Louisville will offer telecommuters a rich social and cultural experience where they can connect with other people.

Louisville, Kentucky

This charming city is one of the cheapest places to live for digital nomads. Mainly because of low utility costs, high employment rates, and lower food costs. With a population of 600,000, the city has continued to grow at an accelerated rate over the past few decades.
Digital nomads will have plenty of social and cultural events to attend. Plenty of coffee shops will allow you to move your office from home. There are many clubs with live music where you can connect with others. Numerous gyms, fitness centers, and well-maintained parks will help you stay active and fit. Make a reservation at the historic 21c Museum Hotel. Also, this is the city where Muhammad Ali grew up. Visit the Muhammad Ali Center and find your inspiration in an interactive setting.

Cost of living

The cost of living for a person without rent is about $850. The cost of a one-room apartment in the city center is about $1,000, and outside the city center about $850. House prices are also affordable compared to other states. You can buy a house for an average of $150,000 if you like it here and decide to stay. Health care here is also lower than the national average.
If you have decided to move to Louisville, long-distance movers Kentucky, can always help you with all your moving issues. They can organize the entire moving process and move your belongings safely.

Niagara Falls, Buffalo
One of Buffalo’s cultural attractions is Niagara Falls.

Buffalo, New York

With a population of 260,000, Buffalo sits on the Canadian border on the eastern shore of Lake Erie. A city with a rich history, architecture, excellent wine, and food. Is there anything more to say except that it is a great city and one of the most affordable cities in the USA for digital nomads?
Today, Buffalo is a financial, cultural, medical, and educational center. The city has been developing a diverse economy to ensure its growth.
Cultural attractions include the nearby Niagara Falls, and the city’s Philharmonic Orchestra.
The city has many chain cafes that can serve as your office as a remote worker. Also, you’ll find delicious food in many restaurants that are almost always available. The city exudes a sense of community, so you will feel like you are in a small town, and Buffalo is not a small town.
Many people would like to live in New York, but the price is too high. Buffalo seems to be an excellent alternative. Best cross-country movers Buffalo are at your disposal for all your moving needs. Complete moving services are available that will make your journey to your new home smooth and safe.

Cost of living

The cost of housing is up to 81% lower than in New York, and the cost of living is 62% lower. That is why it is not surprising that it is one of the most affordable cities in the USA for digital nomads. You can expect to pay about $850 for a two-room apartment in Buffalo.

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