How to pack and move your flat screen TV

People usually think that moving a TV is a big project. That they have to do everything perfectly in order not to break it. Well, we are here to tell you that it is really not so. While you do not need to take proper care of your TV in order to move it, it is certainly not impossible. It is actually quite similar to packing and moving a computer. With our guide, you will be more than capable to pack and move your flat screen TV. Here is all you need to know.

Prepare your flat screen TV for moving

As it is with any valuable item that you want to move, you need to make some preparations. Simply picking up your TV and driving it to your new location is possible, but extremely risky. One little mistake can easily cause you to damage it or break it. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you spend enough time preparing your flat screen TV for relocation so that it will survive the move. Especially if you have to transport it over long distances. Then your best bet will be to find Miami long distance moving companies and let them deal with it.

Guide to pack and move your flat screen TV
There is a proper way to pack and move your flat screen TV.

Packing supplies

First off, you are going to need some packing supplies. If you have your original packing and box in which the TV came with you, great. But, if you are not part of the 5% of people who actually do have this, you are going to need to find some packing supplies. The first thing you are going to need to do is find a suitable box. The box you are going to use to pack and move your flat screen TV needs to be big enough to fit both the TV and the necessary padding. But, not so big that the TV moves around while being carried or transported. This may be a difficult task since TV is not the most common shape. You can try talking with the company that made your TV and asking them to give or sell you a box.

Proper padding and wrapping

Once you have your box you need to find padding and wrapping. Wrapping is there to help protect your TV from temperature and moisture. While most TV can remain intact in pretty harsh environments, there is no need to risk yours. You never know how technology will behave when exposed to harsh weather. While this is not a big problem while moving, it certainly can be if you chose to store your TV. Therefore, you need to make sure that your TV is wrapped and protected, especially from moisture. Then, you need to take care of padding. Padding is there to provide protection from physical harm. It needs to be dense enough to withstand a blow, but soft enough not to damage your TV. Styrofoam and bubble wrap is usually used for such purposes,

How to pack

First, you need to wrap your TV. Make sure that the wrapping material stays on despite TV being handled. Use ducktape if necessary to make sure that the wrapping stays put. Especially if you are going to ship your TV to another state. Then you place the padding. Padding materials also need to stay fixed so that if something happens they do not fall off the TV. Here you can also use duck tape or even belts or ropes to secure your padding on the TV. Then you need to place your wrapped and padded TV into the box so that the TV doesn’t move around. Close the box, tape it and label that the TV is inside.

How to move your TV

Now that you are done with packing it is time to transport your TV. As you will soon see, if you want to pack and move your flat screen TV, you need to be careful and thorough. That is true for packing, but it is even more true for transporting. Most people transport their TV alone. They do not even attempt to transport anything else along with them, as they know that a little mistake can easily cause costly damage. If, on the other hand, you choose to transport your TV along with your other items, you need to be tremendously careful. Make sure that nothing heavy is touching the TV as the vibrations of your vehicle can easily cause damage.

Careful driving

One of the most overlooked skills that interstate movers Tampa have is driving. While most people think that they are quite good drivers, and they most likely are, there is an important detail that they seem to forget. And that is that driving people is different from driving fragile items. Every little bump on the road can lead to damaged possessions and lost money. Therefore, if you choose to pack and move your flat screen TV in your own car, you need to do so with proper care.

Proper driving is necessary if you are going to transport your TV.

Should professionals pack and move your flat screen TV

Most items that are difficult to move are much better to be left to professionals. The heavier and the more fragile an item is, the better it is to leave its transportation to professionals. For instance, professionals should always deal with moving pianos or aquariums. But, amateurs can easily move clothes and books. So, where do flat screen TV come in on this scale? Well, somewhere in between. While an amateur certainly can move a TV, there are numerous factors that can drastically change that. Bad weather, long road, need of storage. All of this may require professional help. And you shouldn’t shy away from asking for it.

Help from movers
If you find yourself in trouble, look for help from professional movers.

How to find good movers

Look locally. That the best advice you can follow. Professional residential movers can easily and quickly come in and help you move your TV or any other item. The will not need to use any special tools or skills, just their everyday ones. Therefore you do not need to look for specialized movers. Any reliable mover will do just fine.

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