Guide to picking the right size of moving boxes

Quality moving boxes are crucial when moving home or your office belongings. Choosing the right size of moving boxes is essential to a successful packing process. We will show you the best way to calculate the size of packing materials needed for your relocation. Use our guide to choose the right packing materials for your relocation and the right size of moving boxes you will need to secure your moving cargo.

Prepare for the packing process

Moving your home belongings is not an easy task. Packing each item in your home may be hard if you are doing everything by yourself. Even when you have someone to help you, you should prepare in advance. It is best to create a to-do list. This list will help you stay organized and on track with all the move related tasks. Your list should include:

  • Changing your address
  • Renting or buying your next home
  • Collecting necessary traveling documents
  • Getting a moving quote
  • Task regarding the research and finding the reliable moving company
  • Organizing transport for your pet
  • Buying the best packing materials for your move

All of these tasks are equally important and can affect your move. Even if you rent out your new place and get the keys to the new home, you should make sure you have a reliable moving service. Before you start packing you should consider researching Miami long distance moving companies moving companies in your area. Movers you hire should be reliable with a valid license.

When preparing your home for packing, you should consider first decluttering your home. Getting rid of the old belongings that take up space can be quite beneficial. If you sell the items, you no longer need you may even get some money and save on your packing supplies. The fewer items you decide to relocate, the less money you will pay on moving your home.

room with to many items, cluttered
The best way to prepare for packing is to declutter your home.

You should consider donating old clothes and items you don’t wish to relocate. If you do that, save the receipts. Later you may use them to write off some expenses. When decluttering your home, consider throwing away all of the items you wish to replace in the future. Getting to your new home will be far more satisfying if you buy new mugs, water glasses or towels for your kitchen.

Get quality packing supplies

All quality relocation specialists will advise on having quality packing materials for packing your belongings. Having top-notch packing supplies is very important when moving long distance or interstate. Your belongings will be far safer in new and sturdy right size moving boxes.

Calculate how much packing materials you will need

After you declutter your home and decide on the essentials, you wish to relocate, consider your leftover moving cargo. You will calculate how many packing supplies you need if you consider the size of your moving cargo. On the other hand, the type of items you wish to pack will also affect the number of packing materials you will need. After you take all those aspects into account, you will have a clear view of the packing supplies you need to purchase to pack everything correctly.

moving box with items inside
Prepare in advance for the packing process and find moving boxes in different sizes to pack more efficiently.

Consult your movers before you start packing your home

In case you are using a professional relocation service to transport the belongings you pack, make sure to ask them for advice. Interstate movers Tampa will give you numerous advice on packing. However, that is not the only thing you should worry about.

Every reliable moving company’s representative will explain that professional movers won’t be able to transport all of your belongings. Transport of some items is forbidden by law, while other items require special paperwork for transport. Those forbidden items may include hazardous materials, machinery that uses fuel or gas to work, flammable masteries, plants, firearm, and ammunition, etc.

For your safety and the safety of the moving crew, you should ask your movers for the list of items they won’t relocate. This way you will avoid delays on your shipment and possible additional costs.

How to pick the right size of moving boxes?

Moving boxes come in various sizes. But how to pick the right size of moving boxes? The right answer is you don’t choose only one size. You will need moving boxes of different sizes to pack all of your home belongings.

It is best to pack heavy items like books in the smallest boxes. If you do, they won’t be so hard to carry and load onto the moving truck. You can use medium size boxes for packing smaller appliances and kitchenware. However double layer moving boxes should be reserved for packing the most fragile and breakable items you own. Bigger moving boxes serve for packing bigger but lighter belongings like cousins, linens, etc.

new moving boxes stacked
Consider buying the past packing materials for a safe move.

Professional movers also use specialized moving boxes for packing some items. You can buy these special moving boxes in a bigger hardware store in your area. They can be used for packing mirrors, lamps or other items that have an unusual shape.

Can you reuse leftover packing materials after the move?

Quality packing materials can serve you even after the move is complete. You can reuse leftover moving boxes in more than one way. You can resell your moving boxes if they are still in good condition. On the other hand, if you plan to place some of your belongings in storage and free the space, you may consider repacking those items and store them. However, there are always people that need good quality and the right size of moving boxes when moving. You should consider selling them online for a deal or give them away to a friend who is planning to relocate.

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