How to label moving boxes properly

Label moving boxes properly so moving company professionals can handle them with ease. Of course, labeling is not important for movers only. They are used to the behavior of their clients and packing they do. We think that they cannot handle with a bunch of boxes with our stuff. Do not worry. They know much more than we think. However, labeling is much more important for other reasons that are not connected with workers in moving company:

  • It is important to mark fragile items – moving companies will advise you to label those boxes properly, but make sure that you have packed fragile items properly, too;
  • Mark the type of items that are in the box – this is especially important for medications, fragile items, and similar things;
  • There are also many reasons to mark because of handling the boxes – which side is up, for example, or which to put on the top of the other boxes;
  • Label moving boxes to make re-packing easier – it means that you should label boxes by the room their content is from;
  • Labeling should be much easier with a checking list. On the other hand, making a checklist should be easier thanks to proper labeling.

It is not hard to label boxes properly. There are a few important steps and pieces of advice for that. Many people choose to label moving boxes on their own. If you are not one of them, you can simply ask the moving company for advice.

Inventory list which we should make to label moving boxes properly
Every moving starts with an inventory list – it worth before labeling, too

Importance of labeling

People think that packing and re-packing include a lot of time needed for those steps and nothing else. However, you can save time labeling the boxes, and save money in some cases. There are many reasons to label moving boxes. It seems as difficult step that takes a lot of time. Labeling is not bad at all though. You will firstly help to the moving company. We are sure that you will hire the best cross country movers Florida. They should know how to handle with your boxes. It will make your packing easier, too.

Label while packing

It is always good to have a plan for packing. We would always recommend making a list of items and pack in accordance with it. However, even when packing started, you should mark boxes as well. You can add mark or comment on the usual code system you have adopted before. It could be a simple warning like “This side up”. It could be a note for you when arriving like – “Open in the bedroom”.

First aid kit
Labeling pressumes marking all important and neccesserily items

Mark items that you can unpack later

This means that you can make a list of priorities before packing. In that way, you will know which box to open as soon as possible. On the other hand, it is not bad if you leave a box with the books for later. They are not that important to open them first when arriving at the new home.

Type of labeling

There are many types of labeling. However, we are not prepared on them before moving. Do not afraid of them, thus. Labeling is actually a rule that you are defined yourself. Whatever happens, you are the only person that will change it. Speaking about the changing, you can change it whenever you want during the moving process.

Special code system

No, this does not mean that you should use a secret code for this. That actually means that you should adopt a simple guide for labeling boxes. It should make re-packing easier, too. You can use coding by color, by room, or priority. There is also a simple coding with number or name of items that are inside (lamps, books). It is not a bad decision to label moving boxes by the fragility of the items that are inside, too. Moving with one of the cross-country moving companies Orlando should be not stressful.

Use colors

Whatever the code system you have chosen is, it is never enough colors in labeling. You can use it as a simple warning, for example. You know that people react on the red color so you can use it for fragile items. However, you can use a combination of colors, too. Just make sure that marks do not confuse workers in moving companies Columbus with your labeling.

Pre-printed labels

If you are not for marking and drawing, there are labels on the internet. Users can simply choose and download label they want. You can label moving boxes with common phrases like “Fragile”, “This side up”, or “Handle with the care”. On the other hand, you can design the label as you want. You can write the names of your family, by their rooms, for example. If anything of these is not applying for you, just write names of the room.

Create your own marks for boxes

This is common when moving with children. Doctors advise to let children label their boxes when moving. They will feel like the important person in the moving process. It also allows them to show frustration and anger while moving. On the other hand, they will be able to mark their property. It helps them to take control over them. The best option is to draw with them.

Mother and her child
Children should be involved in labeling of the boxes that are important to them

Warnings when you decide to label moving boxes

Whatever of those instructions you have decided to use, there are always possible troubles with moving. Labels can throw off, markers can disappear. Do not risk with labeling, or your moving could end with tears.

Label the box on the sides and on the top

This is a common problem when labeling moving boxes. People simply put marks on the side of the box. Nice. However, what if boxes are close to each other in the truck? Who can see what you have written on them? That is why is important to write it on the top of the box, too.

Ensure marks and notes

In the case, as we mentioned above, marks on the boxes could fell off from the box. When one of the long-distance movers Georgia finally gets you to the destination, a bunch of notes could be on the truck’s floor. It is important to ensure them with tape or glue. That is why is extremely important to label moving boxes with a waterproof marker and quality glue.

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