Tips for packing gardening equipment

Packing gardening equipment can be easy if you follow some basic rules when you are moving. No matter how much you have to pack, if you do it right, it will safely arrive at new your new home, with a hopefully nicer garden to enjoy. Also, check out what to do with lawnmowers and other machines that use fuel.

Supply in time

Before you start to pack anything, you have to make sure that you are ready to begin. Buy enough packing supplies so you don’t waste any time when you start to pack. Prepare all your gardening tools and see exactly what you need. Get some sturdy boxes, preferably plastic bins and baskets. Plastic has made a comeback because it can be used once moving is finished. You can store some of your tools and label the boxes so you can easily access anything you might need in the future. Especially if your gardening shed or garage is a mess right now. Think in advance and buy boxes that have a double purpose – for moving and storing later on.  

When you are moving nearby, you can maybe use cardboard boxes because transportation isn’t that long. But in case you are moving long-distance, it is crucial that you pack everything properly to avoid any damage or accident. This is a good opportunity to hire interstate moving companies Florida, yes it will affect your budget but it will pay off to have help when moving. You can check with your movers for packing supplies and make sure that you are packing gardening equipment in a way that is safe for transport.

Get quality packing materials

This is very important because when you are packing gardening equipment, you will have to pack sharp tools, large gardening tools, and machines so be well prepared. If you do not pack it right, you are risking hurting yourself or your movers when you load or unload a moving truck. Get enough boxes in different shapes and sizes, plastic bags, packing paper, tape, twine, blankets or old towels. Also get a marker so you can label everything, especially fragile items.

Rope in a circle
Rope is very useful for packing gardening equipment, so supply with enough to begin.

Make sure that you have a lot of resealable plastic bags, they are really handy for packing small bits and parts. When you are moving from Florida, you have plenty of options for packing supplies. Because the moving industry is well developed here, it is easy to find whatever you might need. 

Empty all drawers

You are probably thinking about leaving your drawers filled with small parts or tools so you save some time on packing. But just think about carrying and how hard it can get with full drawers. It could fall apart during the transport and you are risking to lose a lot of time to gather everything inside a truck. Some moving companies base their prices on an estimated weight. It will be cheaper to move if you empty drawers. Another risk is damaging your furniture if you try to transport it, especially when it is full of tools. Taping full drawers is not a safe way, so do not follow that advice when you hear it.

Start small when packing gardening equipment

When you start to pack your tools, first pack all small parts, nails, and others. Use a plastic box if you don’t have a toolbox that can fit everything. Also, get both smaller and bigger ones, because you can use smaller boxes as a divider inside a larger box. Just make sure that you can close the outside box. Ziplock bags are another great solution when packing gardening tools. 

If you are storing your small tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers in a toolbox, it is best to leave it there. Make sure to place everything correctly, so you can be close it nicely. We tend to fill those toolboxes until they look like they’re gonna explode. Once you straighten everything inside, secure the box with moving tape. You don’t want to risk spilling inside a moving truck.  


Lawnmowers and other fuel machines are on the list of items that the moving company won’t take. Make sure that you drain the fuel from your lawnmower at least a day before moving day. It needs to be completely empty so it can be transported. It is the same in the case of weed eaters or other machines that run on fuel. Remove blades and attachments and pack them separately.

A lawnmower on grass
Do not forget to empty fuel before you pack a lawnmower.

If you are moving on your own, and you have a running lawnmower you can transport it in a trailer. This is the best and safest option. On the other hand, if you need to load the lawnmower on a truck, make sure that you acquire ramps. Secure the ramps and don’t start before you are completely sure that they are secured. Use tie-down straps to secure ramps to a moving truck. Be careful when you are packing power tools, especially the one with blades. 

Wrap shovels when packing gardening equipment

Gardening tools are in different sizes and shapes. Shovels, pickaxes and similar tools usually have long poles so it is impossible to pack them in a box. Not to mention that they have sharp edges, and therefore you need to wrap them so you don’t get hurt handling them. Use packing paper or a moving blanket and wrap them separately or individually. Leave the poles unwrapped, just secure them with twine, it will be easier to transport them. 

A shovel in the ground
Wipe clean your shovels before you wrap them in a blanket or packing paper.

A smart solution for packing this type of tools is to put them in a large bin or a barrel. Place the metal part of the tool in the bottom of the barrel and connect the poles with rope or twine. This allows you to transport and carry everything at once. Follow these simple tips for packing gardening equipment and things will run smoothly.

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