The advantages of plastic bins when moving

What is the ultimate goal of every person moving house? Well, usually, it is a safe and stressless move. Whether you are using the local or long distance movers South Carolina, whether you are moving your home or your office, alone or with a family – your satisfaction during the move is the priority. Of course, this can often be put in the back burner in exchange for a cheaper or faster move. However, what if we tell you that there are ways in which you can get both? Usually, by consulting the right moving company, and getting the best moving supplies, you can have a satisfactory move. And that’s when one of the most popular questions in the moving industry comes into play. Should I pick cardboard of plastic moving boxes? The choice is yours –  but in this article, we give you the advantages of plastic bins!

There are many advantages of plastic bins

Even though probably the most popular tool for packing when moving are cardboard boxes, a lot of people opt to use plastic bins. This number is high enough to create a debate about what is the better option. And even though you can ask long distance movers Charleston SC about their opinion, you should also try to create your own. These are some of the best traits of plastic bins you should know about:

  • they are water-proof and thus weather-resistant as well;
  • you can stack them up with ease – and carry them that way as well;
  • one of the biggest advantages of plastic bins is how sturdy and durable they are.

Resist the weather with plastic bins

One of the main advantages of plastic bins over cardboard boxes is the material they are made of. The plastic is impervious to moisture. So, whether you use them to move in the rain or to put in storage, you will be sure you are evading mold and mildew. What’s more, they will not rot, and getting holes in them is tough.

rain boots and an umbrella
The weather can’t harm plastic bins!

By using plastic bins, you are sure they will retain their shape no matter what weather hits them – which cardboard boxes cannot really do. Even better, once you close them up, nothing can get in. This way, your things will not only stay dry during the move, but no dust can damage them either.

This makes plastic bins great if you are planning to move off-season. And since winter is the cheapest time for moving, you know you will be safe with these boxes, and you will be making money instead of spending it!

Stack them up high!

Another one of the great advantages of plastic bins is their shape. They come in different sizes – just like cardboard boxes – but with an added bonus. They are super easy to stack! When moving with cardboard boxes, you need to be careful when putting one box on top of the other. If you don’t secure them well enough, they can fall down or even bend the box below them. Just ask any professional moving company how stressful this can be! However, this is not a possibility with plastic bins! You can stack them up as high as you want – and their shape will not let them topple over!

Stacks of plastic bins
You can stack plastic bins endlessly!

The secret is in their design. The lid of a plastic bin fits snugly over the bottom of the one on top of it. This way, you create an added fixture for the bin, reducing its movement abilities inside the truck. Then, you can stack up the boxes without worrying about their weight. Conversely, when stacking cardboard boxes, you need to put the heaviest one on the bottom and work from there. This is not the case with the plastic bins!

An added bonus is the fact that they won’t slide around the moving truck – which cardboard boxes can do if you don’t secure them. This way, they can’t bump into other items and leave scratches you will need to fix. Even better, this makes it easy for you to carry the whole stack – and the stack will stay together as long as you don’t tilt it too much. This is one of the best advantages of plastic bins over cardboard boxes, which you usually need to carry one by one.

Strength and durability might be the biggest advantages of plastic bins

Two of the main reasons why people pick plastic bins over the cardboard boxes are their strength and durability. You can put a lot of things in them, and they will last longer than the cardboard boxes and won’t break as easily. This is because they are made of high-density polyethylene. This makes them lightweight but strong – the perfect companions for your residential move!

Plastic bins are strong!

What makes them stand out from the cardboard boxes is also the fact that they will not rip, collapse or crush. The latter, however, might be one of their drawbacks. Because you can’t crush them, you will not be able to put them away after the move. However, their unique shape allows you to stack them away somewhere – even though they will take up a little more space.

So, as you can see, there are a lot of advantages of plastic bins over cardboard boxes. They are sturdy and durable, so they can endure more during the move. You can also use them more often, so if you are moving often – they are your best pick. Bins are easy to stack and carry that way, and they are resilient to water and weather conditions. If this sounds like something you need, then go for plastic bins!

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