How to pack on short notice to relocate?

You think that moving on short notice is impossible? Did you wonder how to pack on short notice to relocate? Don’t lose hope. We’ll show you useful and easy tips to help you pack your household in this unenviable situation. So, no more wasting time, let’s get ready for packing!

Make a checklist to pack on short notice efficiently

Moving on short notice and last-minute packing is the worst thing that can happen to us during relocation. This situation makes us stressed and nervous about quickly packing the things from our home. Take a piece of paper and a pen and make a checklist. Organize your short time by writing down all the tasks you need to complete from packing to changing your address, preparing a visa, hiring movers, transferring your kids’ schools, etc. This checklist can help you with packing if you write an inventory of the things you want to pack. Pack one room at a time and cross them off the list once you finish packing. There are amazing Cross Country moving companies to help you relocate your household to your new home if you don’t have enough time to pack.

A checklist will help you pack on short notice
The key to packing on short notice successfully is writing a checklist with all the tasks you need to do and the whole inventory you want to pack.

Don’t panic

It’s packing on short notice, not the end of the world. Bad situations and unexpected accidents happen to all of us, unfortunately. If you need to move and pack on short notice, it’s really important to stop panicking. Panicking and thinking that everything is impossible to achieve won’t help you. Instead of panicking, focus on packing and act! Just keep doing the things you need to do and ask your friends to help you. Being stressed and nervous can only make things worse. To get rid of all stress, hire Long distance moving companies Orlando to ease your relocation process and move your things safely.

A girl biting her pencil
The most common mistake people usually make when moving on short notice is panicking and overthinking instead of acting and focusing on packing things.

Hire professional packers to help you pack on short notice

When you need to pack on short notice, that means you don’t have much choice. But maybe you do if you’re lucky. Moving during the summer months is the most expensive time to relocate. Professional movers are almost fully booked and their packing services are pricey. If you’re moving during summer, check as many companies as you can to find a more affordable one, get a discount or make a reservation. Keep in mind that only professional packers will pack your things efficiently and safely for a short notice move. They will bring all the packing supplies and proper equipment to load the moving truck. There are many things people forget when moving, so hire experienced professionals.

A picture of professional packers
Professional packers will handle last-minute and short notice packing better than anyone.

Ask your friends and family to help you pack on short notice

Packing on short notice is not a job for one person. This is a situation when you need to gather a team. Ask your family members, neighbors and friends to help you. Just two friends can help you pack things much faster and easier. Together you can do a three-day job in just one day. Imagine how fast you can deal with packing a king-size bed for relocation! But don’t forget to bring some refreshments and surprise your friends with a pizza after working!

Get moving boxes and supplies

To pack on short notice efficiently and fast, gather all the boxes, packing materials and supplies you find in your house or at local stores. If you have original boxes use them for packing your things. But if you don’t, check if some of your friends, family members or neighbors have free boxes you can use. You can also check local bookstores or liquor stores. Besides, you can use basically anything you find in your house. Old blankets, towels, and clothes can be put into boxes to provide more protection to fragile items. The things you will also need are:

  • Various sized moving boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Markers
  • Bubble wrapping
  • Blankets
  • Towels
  • Old clothes
Moving boxes
To pack on short notice efficiently and fast, get various sized moving boxes and packing materials for extra protection for fragile items.

Use the original boxes to shorten your time of packing

Original boxes are your best friends when you need to pack last-minute. They are the best for relocating the things they’re made for. Relocating a flat TV is the most efficient and safe when you pack it in its original box. These boxes usually have some kind of foam or Styrofoam inside to provide maximum protection during transport. They are usually heavier and made of thicker material so they cannot be easily damaged. Not only are they great for moving, but they will also shorten your moving time as you won’t have to look for ways to protect your TV or other valuable things.

Pack an essentials bag

To pack on short notice without forgetting the most important things, pay attention to the essentials bag. The essentials bag is something you will use during transportation. That includes documents, tickets, money, valuables, gadgets, medicines and others. It often happens that you forget something important when trying to pack as fast as you can. Be smart and pack the most important things in the essentials bag.

Pack the first day boxes

When you plan to move on short notice make sure you plan the first day after moving to your new home. Besides packing the essentials bag with your documents and things required during transportation, don’t forget to pack a box for the first day. These boxes should include everything you’re going to use the first day after moving to your new home. Clothes, shoes, a toothbrush, towels, pillows, blankets and of course, the essential kitchen appliances so you can eat.

Label boxes smartly when packing on short notice

It’s important to pack on short notice efficiently, but don’t forget about labeling the boxes. If you label the boxes properly, you can find them easily when you move. You can use a marker and simply write living room, bathroom, toys, kitchen or fragile if the box requires more protection during the move. You can take labeling to the next level and use colored tapes and label all the bathroom boxes in blue, living room in yellow, kitchen in green, etc. Do whatever is going to ease your unpacking process.

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