Packing a king-size bed for relocation

Does planning your relocation have you worried? Are you anxious and stressed out? All you can think about these days are long lists of packing supplies, piles of boxes and all the numbers you need to dial on a daily basis. Organizing a move is not what you would call a piece of cake. At least you can find some comfort at the end of the day when you crawl into your comfortable bed… Until you realize you need to plan packing a king-size bed as well! But worry not, we have some rather useful tips and tricks to help you pack and move your bed without any issues. You’ll keep enjoying a good night’s sleep even after you relocate. What has to be one of your favorite pieces of furniture can be moved with ease, no doubt about it.

Packing a king-size bed such as this one can be challenging
Your comfy king-size bed must be one of your favorite pieces of furniture in the household

Should you even be considering moving your bed?

Although you might not like it, there’s a chance your bed isn’t worth the trouble of packing and moving it. Some of your pieces of furniture are just not suitable for relocating. So how do you decide whether packing a king-size bed from your household is the thing you want to do?

  • Consider the condition of your bed. Normally, a new or well-preserved and comfortable bed should be moved to your new home. However, if your bed is old and not comfortable enough and you have thought about changing it, then you might want to cancel moving it altogether.
  • Is your bed too large and/or not suitable for relocation? Will its size be an issue when trying to fit it through the doors and hallways? And finally, will it fit into your new bedroom? A king-size bed too big is definitely not something you want to stress over while moving.
  • How far will you be moving it? Relocating a king-size bed over the entire country can be difficult. If you find the best cross country movers then you should have no problems, but perhaps the distance will be an issue if you try to do it yourself.

Hiring professional movers might be the best option for packing a king-size bed

Surely this might be the solution to all your moving problems, not just the bed relocation. Hiring reliable and experienced mover will make your move seem effortless. They can take care of all your packing and moving. And they have the experience needed to pack and relocate your bed. So read some online reviews or get a recommendation from a neighbor or a friend. You won’t regret hiring professionals to do something as complicated as packing a king-size bed. Packing wooden furniture is tricky and professionals will do it with ease. You can even get a free moving quote if you find the right movers to do your relocation for you. So don’t hesitate to ask for help. You will most certainly need it sooner or later.

Professional movers will make packing a king-size bed seem so easy.
Contact professional movers in time and you can even get a free moving quote.

Packing a king-size bed – a quick how to

Needless to say, your bed will be one of the most complex moving tasks for you. So gear up on enough packing supplies and get ready to do some serious work with your tools. If you want to pack items for shipping then you need enough supplies to do it. In order to successfully move a bed, you will likely need to disassemble it first. But before you do, the first reasonable step would be to remove all the pillows, cushions, covers and blankets. Pack them inside your moving boxes, label and set aside. Then you can move on to the next step

Removing storage drawers and mattress

Your main task is to make your bed as easy to move as possible. In order to make this happen, you need to remove all the “extras” – bed storage (if your king-size bed has one), as well as the mattress. Once you empty and remove the storage, the mattress might prove to be too much to handle. This when professional movers should prove to be a sensible choice. Packing a king-size bed will be easy for long distance movers Savannah. And you will definitely not be able to pack and move a king-size mattress by yourself anyway. Be careful not to bend the mattress when lifting and rotating it.

Packing a king-size bed should start by removing the storage drawers.
If your bed has storage drawers, they need to be removed before you start disassembling the bed.

Removing box springs and disassembling the bed

Perhaps you haven’t thought about packing and moving them when you decided to buy the box spring for your bed. But here you are and it needs to be moved. So bulky and large as it may be, it shouldn’t be too heavy to move. Box springs are usually not too heavy, although most king-size beds usually have two of them. After removing them, you may proceed to disassemble your bed. You are going to need your toolbox to do it properly and you will probably need some help. Pack all the components after disassembling and wrap them in protective bubble wrap beforehand. This will prevent scratching and damaging. And there you have it! Your bed is ready to be relocated now.

So, after careful consideration, does packing a king-size bed sound like something you can do with ease? It is certainly not a task you can do by yourself. So whether you decide to hire professionals to do your packing or you invite a friend to help you, what matters is that the job can be done properly. You just need to have everything planned in advance so your moving day can go smoothly and without any issues. Make sure you have everything ready before you start packing and moving and you should have no problems at all.

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