How to pack wooden furniture

Many people do not know how to pack wooden furniture. Usually, we think that the packing of robust furniture is hard only because of the size of it. However, there are pieces of furniture that you should pack carefully. If you have antique furniture, you will need special preparation before moving. However, there are many reasons to pack wooden furniture carefully.

You should be careful when packing antiques and old furniture

  • Wooden furniture presumes large items which are hard for packing and transporting;
  • They are also robust, so take a lot of space in the truck;
  • It is important to say that if you do not pack wooden furniture properly other items in the truck could damage it;
  • Workers in the moving company know that furniture could hurt them;
  • If you are lucky, you own antique and expensive furniture that must not find in moving truck without proper protection.
Antique table
You should be careful when packing antiques and old furniture

However, there are many ways to pack wooden furniture properly. Some of them are simple, but there are steps that you should make when protecting furniture for moving.

Preparation for packing

As in every other moving, you should have a plan and prepare furniture for packing. It does not mean that you should have strongly defined steps. However, make sure that you have a clue what you should do with every item in the moving process. Consider hiring top moving companies Florida, too.

Plan how you will place furniture in a truck

You should not have a problem to pack wooden furniture if you use cross country movers Wisconsin. They are professionals and know all the possible problems when moving. However, if you are moving furniture on your own, there are a few important steps. Firstly, make a plan for how you will organize packing in a truck. It will help you to pack and resemble furniture properly.

Prepare protection

You realize that you should protect wooden furniture for transport. It means that you should prepare blankets, pillows, wrapping paper, and bubble paper. You will also need as much paper and card box you can find. Those are the best for wood protection and packing. However, you will need tapes and wheels to pack wooden furniture, too.

A table with scratches
Be careful with wrapping papers and plastic, they could damage furniture

Always use the official manufacturer’s manual

Even though you could resemble your furniture easily, do not do that on your own. The manufacturer surely predicted those situations and made the simple manual. On the other hand, there are situations when furniture has parts that you do not to separate easily. In order to prevent damaging, consult manual, just in case.

Consider taking an insurance

We know that this is not in first place on your list, but insurance is very important for moving. Especially if you need to properly pack wooden furniture. Wooden furniture is sensitive and usually very expensive. So, consider taking insurance, just in case something falls off when moving. It will protect your furniture after transporting, too.

Pack wooden furniture carefully

Finally, packing is very important when wooden furniture is about. It should protect it from damaging and make repacking easier. On the other hand, it may affect moving to Florida on a budget, though.

Use tapes whenever you can

Tapes should protect fragile parts of the furniture from damage. People mostly use it for mirrors, which are a common part of a wooden closet. However, you can also use it for drawers and doors. They can open during transporting and damage something.

Do not stick tape on the wood!

Taking the previous in mind, there is one very important warning. Glue on the tape could seriously damage the wood. So, do not put it on the wood directly. Put paper or card box on the wood first. The easiest is to wrap furniture in a paper and then tape it.

Pack furniture in parts

It is obvious that you should resemble the furniture before packing. not only that it will save the space, but it will also protect it when moving. However, make a plan which parts you will use separated and which not. There are situations when it will be easier to take two or three parts together.

Ask for advice in a hardware store

In case you do not have a manual or have questions, ask professionals for advice. You can go to the hardware store and ask them how to resemble the furniture. They will also provide you with a tool for that job.

Small items gather together

If you have small pieces of furniture, gather them together. You can use a box for that. However, pack wooden furniture in larger boxes and wrap them properly. The easiest is to wrap it in the newspaper. It is cheap and you can use a lot of old newspapers for that. However, be careful with newspapers. The ink that it contains leaves marks on the furniture.

Pack woodern furniture and a capboard following advice from professionals
You may be needed to consult a company for restoration before packing a furniture

Shrink wrap is the best option, unless…

Another great helper when packing wooden furniture, but also very dangerous. Shrink wrap is a plastic foil that easily protects furniture and stays stick to them. However, it could be the wrong option to pack wooden furniture. It literally shrinks the wood and parts of it. You can end up with wooden furniture with marks on the sides and edges after moving. In order to provide that, use paper of card box for coating. The easiest and most protective is to pack wooden furniture in a card box and then fix it with shrink wrapping foil.

You will need special preparation before moving

In case you have antique furniture, you will need special preparation before moving. You should consult companies that do the conservation of wooden furniture before moving. They will also provide you with advice on how to pack wooden furniture properly. In case you do not know if your furniture is expensive or not, they will estimate the price of every piece of furniture, too.

Pack furniture in the truck smartly

Before pack wooden furniture, you should make a plan for packing pieces in the truck. However, every of interstate movers Minnesota will know how to help you. In case you still want to do it on your own, arrange the position of every part in the truck. It will save space.

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