Moving to California from Texas

Moving to California from Texas can offer you a more diverse and luxurious lifestyle. Although the cost of living is higher, with an average home price of $600,000, you are likely to bring home a much higher salary. You will live in California’s famously mild climate and enjoy year-round outdoor recreation amid spectacular landscapes from beaches to mountains to redwood forests to deserts. You can start your day skiing on the mountain.

Sunset on California beach
Bald and complete this with a sunset swim in the Pacific Ocean

California attracts new residents who take advantage of job opportunities in technology, banking, medicine, education, agriculture, tourism, entertainment, aerospace, military, and forestry. The possibilities of entertainment are endless. From 20 state professional sports teams to world-class entertainment events in famous places. California was a pioneer in the farm-to-table movement so that you can find amazing dishes from fine restaurants to food vans. California has it all!

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Things to know before moving to California from Texas

Moving from Texas to California in your future? If so, keep in mind that the Golden State comes with a golden price tag. To avoid “shock on the sticker,” find out what to expect before you move. In addition to its incredible weather, California has a reputation for its unconventional thinkers and high real estate prices. However, some hidden gems are almost as accessible as in Texas.

California is a large and diverse state in which you find that the social climate, employment opportunities, and the cost of living in one city may vary significantly in another. You will also find a variety in California’s geography with exquisite beaches, scenic mountains and exotic deserts. California, the fifth largest economy in the world, offers a lively labor market and many job opportunities. This guide can help you navigate your eventual relocation to California with cross country movers California and simplify your transition to Golden State.

Cost of living is high

If you lived in the metropolitan region of Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, where the average price of a house is $226,600, the index of the cost of your life was 113, compared to 102 in other states and 100 in the country. For comparison, the cost of living index in California is 168.6. But since the state has some of the wealthiest and most impoverished counties in the country, you can find an affordable place to live in more rural areas of the state. For example, in Lake County, the average household income is $36,000, and the average price of a house is $217,400.

San Francisco
In short, make sure you can afford to move from Texas to California!

At the other end, in the wealthy Santa Clara County, the average price of a house is $956,800. If your sights are in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles, your cost of living will be 46.14% higher than in greater Austin, Texas area.

Real estate is expensive

California housing prices are much higher than in Texas because demand far exceeds supply. The process of building a house is slow, expensive, and difficult. Plus land, labor, and raw materials are more expensive in California than in Texas. All this leads to the fact that the average price of a house in California is $600,000. While the average cost of a home in Texas is only $238,000. And even if you decide to rent, you will not be able to avoid the expense of housing in California. If you prefer to rent, be prepared to pay $2,000 for a 2-bedroom apartment in San Diego, compared to $1,100 for a 2-bedroom apartment in Dallas or in Austin, which is one of the best US cities for renters.

Taxes are also high

California is known not only for its expensive homes but also for high tax rates. It is ranked 10th, while Texas ranks 33rd in terms of total state and local tax burden compared to other states in the country. Be sure to understand how your purchases, property, and salary will be taxed in Golden State. While Texas does not charge state tax, you pay California’s progressive income tax system, which ranges from 1% for people in the lower category to 13.3% for those who earn the most money.

The basic sales tax rate in California is 7.5% – the highest in the country. While in Texas the sales tax ranges from 6.25% to 8.25%, depending on the region. If you want to make a purchase, be prepared for the fact that the average sales tax in California is 8.54%. In some jurisdictions, such as Santa Monica, sales tax reaches 10.25%. San Francisco takes 8.5% of your purchases, and in Bakersfield, the sales tax is 7.25%. Now there is good news – while real estate in Texas is taxed at the highest rates in the United States (average 1.86%), the average real estate tax rate in California is only 0.813%.

Transportation is not cheap either

Although many Californians adhere to the principle of “green living,” many residents still rely on their “wheels,” which is a distinctive feature of California car culture. Get into your car to explore remote areas of the stunningly beautiful scenic coastline. Or try your patience in four lanes of hindered traffic. But the independence of having your wheels has its price. Get ready to pay the second-largest gas price in the country. And do not forget to buy insurance coverage, which starts at $1,140 a year for a typical California resident.

Also, consider expensive city parking fees. In San Francisco, parking for a day of shopping can cost you $30 or more. A variety of regional rapid transit systems can ease your transport to work. LA metro station and the San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) provide an extensive network of transportation systems. San Diego, Santa Clara Valley, Sacramento, and Sonoma Marin provide light rail systems.

The job market is developing

If you are looking for a job in California, you will find that job opportunities are almost as varied as the incredible landscape of California. The leading industries for job seekers in California are agriculture, tourism, technology, education, forestry, professional sports, and airports and seaports. While in Texas oil and natural gas, agriculture, steel, banking, and tourism are the best. So, if you are more into computers or sports, or planning to work from home, then moving to California from Texas is definitely for you.

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