Pool table moving tips

Even though moving can be quite difficult, sometimes it is a great exercise in your creativity. From time to time, there comes an item so odd, so heavy, that you will need to figure out special ways in which to transport it. This is usually the case with specialty items – like a pool table. First, you will need to figure out how to pack a pool table, and then comes the process of actually moving it. This can take up a lot of your time and effort, so sometimes it might even be better to call professionals for help. In this article, we will give you some of the most helpful tips on pool table moving – as well as why it is a difficult task to do.

Understanding pool table moving

Pool tables are fun to have in any home. They can be quite a novelty item – with everyone being jealous of you for having one. Playing a game of pool after a hard day’s work is also refreshing and can be a great way to kill some stress. However, this can often come at a cost when it’s time to move home and you find out some ugly truths about the item.

A pool table car - pool table moving made easy!
Pool tables can be great novelty items.

Why is the pool table moving so difficult to move? Well, the tables are often some of the heaviest items in any home! Just look around you – can you find anything bigger? On average, a pool table weighs a staggering 1,000 pounds. Add to that its odd size and you are are having a tough moving experience.

One of the best pool table moving tips is to simply disassemble it. This will help divide the weight of the table, but it will also boost the protection from packing it. So, when you are working on a moving checklist, make sure you give yourself ample time for this task. In doing so, you will stop any damages from happening. Since repairing these can be quite expensive, you will be saving money in the long run.

Disassemble your pool table

The first step of the move is to disassemble your pool table. Start by gathering your tools. Get your screwdriver and a socket wrench. You will also need a power drill for those heavy table slates. These can weight up to 450 pounds, so you will need all the help you can get! Then, you also need to think about pool table moving supplies. Get moving blankets and bubble wrap to secure it, as well as packing tape. Any extra padding you find will also be good!

A fancy pool table.
Pool tables are often the heaviest items in the house.

After you have your tools, it’s time to work with the table. Remove the ball pockets first. Depending on what is holding them to the table, you will use either a staple remover or your screwdriver. Then, you remove the side rails with a socket wrench. The thing to remember is to always store the nails together with each part. This way, when you are done moving, you can assemble everything easily. The next thing to remove is felt. You can do it with the staple remover (or in the way that suits your pool table). Make sure you are extra careful not to tear it up. Finally, it’s time to remove the slates.

Be careful when packing everything. Wrap each part in bubble wrap, and then in moving blankets. Secure the blankets with the packing tape. This will ensure that each part will be secured against the bumps. Make sure you also pay attention not to chip your walls or damage the floors while moving the pool table.

Packing the table on the truck

The time has finally come for the pool table moving to begin. First, you will need to figure out a way to transport the table. Usually, you will need to get a moving truck, or a vehicle stable enough to support the weight of the table. If you are still uncertain about this, you should give Best Cross Country Movers a call. They not only have the proper equipment but also the experience to help you with the move.

A moving truck on a highway.
Carefully pack the table on the moving truck.

So, if you have a truck, then the biggest worry becomes the stability of the table. You do not want it bouncing around, because this can compromise the integrity of the table – and of all your games after the move. So, the first thing you will want to put in the truck is the slate. If it comes in one piece, then lay it down and secure it. If it is in multiple pieces, it is okay to stack them. Just make sure they don’t slide around because they can easily damage other boxes. Then, put the frame over the slate. Be extra careful with this – the frames often have fine wood which can easily chip in the transport.

After that, put all the other pieces in the truck as well. Make sure nothing can fall on them, and more importantly – that they can’t damage anything. Getting hit with 450 pounds worth of slates can be quite a harrowing experience for any item. So, make sure you drive carefully and avoid bumps. Again, if you are unfamiliar with the area, getting a professional pool table moving help is a must!

Finishing pool table moving process

After you arrive at your home, all that’s left to do is finish up the process. Hopefully, you already have scouted the place and know where the table will go. Now, all you need to do is simply take it back piece by piece, and reverse the disassembly process. If you decide to use pool table moving help, then you can also get a free quote today! While the movers take care of the table, you can focus on other moving problems for an easy and stressless move!

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