Top places for millennials in Ohio

Ohio tends to get more than its fair share of weakness for almost everything – from the elements to its people and everything in between. If it’s not “too many killers in Ohio,” it’s “people are too choosy” in matters of religion, politics, art, philosophy. Some say that the weather is inclement, with an ice period lasting for months. Others recognize its beautiful nature but quickly add “too soft”. It is hard to find top places for millennials in Ohio.

Fans in Buckeye are the most fanatical, with annoying superfans who seem to take everything too seriously. Despite what you may hear, the state in the Midwest is not entirely dismal. It has pretty decent things going for it. No wonder many people choose to hire long distance movers Ohio and relocate to that state.

Being one of the cheapest places to live in the United States, it was 9th in the 2016 CNBC annual ranking. Everything is available here, whether it is housing, health care or food. In fact, Cleveland was recently named by the AARP one of the top 10 places to live at under $40,000 a year. Also, Ohio is one of the best states for starting a business.

Let’s look at the top places for millennials in Ohio

1. Dublin

Central Ohio has always been known as one of the best areas to live in Buckeye State. And a study in 2017 in Niche, a website that analyzes data on schools and districts, confirms this. In sixth place in the list of the best places to live in the United States was Dublin, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus, which is home to just over 43,000 people. The place is famous for the Irish festival in Dublin and home to the “Field of Corn“, but it was catapulted to such high heights.

Golf ball
Dublin is famous for golf; especially popular are the Muirfield Village Golf Club and Hayden Falls

Fairy School District with an impressive 8.67 score at GreatSchools. A strong economy, whose benefits apply to residents who take home an average of $114,180 per family. The close proximity to downtown Columbus, with a train ride of just 22 minutes.

2. Bexley

Bexley, another one of top places for millennials in Ohio, and an astounding suburb of just 13,500 people continues to demonstrate why Columbus, the state capital, is becoming the new best place to live in this state. And why people often hire interstate movers Ohio and come here from all around the country.

As in Dublin, residents enjoy one of the shortest trips to work, even shorter by 17 minutes. Home buyers have many options, ranging from charming houses in the style of artisans, classic colonial houses or ordinary modern townhouses, which cost an average of $284,600.

Alum Creek at Jeffrey Park will appeal to nature lovers, as well as those who are looking for a good place for a picnic and a place for walking. Avid readers will appreciate the tranquility and wide selection offered in the Bexley Public Library. While the Bexley Pool, for its part, is an excellent place for active residents to refresh themselves.

3. West Chester

In the list of the top 100 places to live in America, published by Money magazine for 2017, West Chester became the 56th best place to live in the United States. This is the sixth time in 12 years, when a suburb located in Butler County, Cincinnati, has been honored. And there are numerous reasons for that:

  • West Chester is constantly one of the top places for millennials in Ohio thanks in large part to the perfect mix of just about everything.
  • A strong local economy has witnessed the transition from agriculture to an active business community.
  • An excellent education system with a high level of high school graduates 91.9%.
  • The high average household income is $81,767, with projected employment growth of 6.2%.
  • Awesome entertainment, including the EnterTRAINment Junction and plenty of fun in Voice of America park.
  • Time Magazine often identifies a unique gathering place for residents, which is The Square that offers everything from farmers’ markets to concerts. And even holds an annual rally on food wagons.
  • The population of West Chester is 62,000 people, and the average cost of a house is $203,200. And it can be one of the top places for buying your second house.

4. Upper Arlington

Upper Arlington, Ohio
The Upper Arlington suburb of Columbus is one of the top places for millennials in Ohio

The crime rate is low, as is the unemployment rate. The average household income is high at $98,618, almost double the national average. And its excellent school system is scoring an impressive 10 points at Great Schools.

Despite the fact that the population of Upper Arlington is 34,500 people, it represents a cohesive community. And this is due to the fact that the community has intentionally remained small, despite numerous growth opportunities for many years.

It is not surprising that several generations of families live side by side, and this in itself is indicative. This is where the golf legend Jack Nicklaus was born; as singer-actress Beverly D’Angelo and Woody Hayes, former Ohio football coach. Upper Arlington is not deprived of recreational facilities, thanks to a rich network of parks and green spaces.

5. Hudson

Hudson is a suburb of Summit County, Cleveland, with a population of 22,400, which pays special attention to education. Its school system has an excellent grade of 10 at GreatSchools. And more than two-thirds of those over 25 have at least a bachelor’s degree. Moreover, the people of Hudson enjoy almost non-existent crime which makes it one of the top places for millennials in Ohio.

House on a calculator
Given that homes in this area cost an average of $295,000, it is easy to see why, in general, Ohio, as you know, offers some of the most powerful value for a dollar

There are many local shops and restaurants in downtown Hudson. There must be if they want to adequately serve the loaded households, which are more than twice the national average. And the high income can be a great reason for moving your office across the country to Ohio.

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