Top states to start a moving business

It is a well-known fact that the USA is a large country wherein people are not afraid of moving around. And Americans do move a lot. So it is no wonder the moving industry is on a constant rise. If you choose to start your own moving business there is a lot to know and learn. You can make money, but you need to be well-prepared and willing to adapt to the market changes but at the same time stay reliable at all times. And one of the first things to think about is where you should start with your relocation activities. So, what are the top states to start a moving business in the USA? And are you lucky enough to have one of them close? You might even be living in one already!

How to run a moving business

Florida is one of top states to start a moving business
Florida has been a popular state for Americans to move to for years

This one is a no-brainer actually. Be punctual. Be reliable. Become experienced and reputable. In order to run a successful moving business, you need to take it seriously. You and your moving staff should be as friendly and helpful as possible. Your customers will quickly learn about your qualities and recommend you to their friends and family. Try to always be prepared and ready for unexpected problems and moving issues. Respect the wishes of your clients and try to be professional and to have a solution to each of their moving problems and requests. Be sure to offer various options:

  • residential moving
  • commercial moving
  • local moving
  • long-distance moving
  • storage services
  • packing services

And where should you start your moving business? There are several states which offer good chances for your moving business to flourish.

The Sunshine State is one of top moving destination for Americans

It’s not a surprise that Florida is one of the top states to start a moving business. People have been moving to and around Florida for years now. And there are many reasons for this, no doubt about it. First of all, there’s the climate. 365 days of spring and summer sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Florida has the mildest winters in the continental USA. There’s no state income tax here, which comes as a real advantage for most people. Also, people who retire usually choose to leave their expensive housing and head south, where it is nice and warm and they can spend their days enjoying themselves. Starting a moving company in Florida would probably be a good choice.

The Lone Star State is definitely one of the top states to start a moving business

If you want to start a moving business the right way, do it in Texas. This state has seen a lot of moving during the previous years. There are, of course, good reasons for this. The price of housing in Texas is lower than in many coastal states in the USA. And if you take a look at the cost of living, you’ll see that it is much cheaper to live in Texas than, for example, California. There are many job opportunities here and people move to and around Texas quite a lot. Many of the USA’s fastest-growing cities are right here in the Lone Star State, which means it is surely one of the top states to start a moving business.

Texas is a nice choice for moving business
Choose Texas, you will not regret it

The Empire State has been a popular moving area since forever

It may sound weird, but more and more people are actually choosing to move from New York. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, the price of living and the commute hours being the main ones. However, the Empire State and New York City area still remain quite lively and vibrant, with many people coming and going every single day. New York City has a metropolitan area of somewhere around a whopping 20 million residents. This means that it is one of the top states to start a moving business that would become as reliable and reputable as cross country movers New York. There’s always someone moving in the city of New York!

The Grand Canyon State is where people move around a lot

There’s no secret to what attracts people moving to Arizona. Pleasant climate conditions and beautiful scenery are always a good start when choosing where to move. Moreover, there are many well-developed retirement communities which attract retired residents from other states. This is why long distance moving companies Arizona are usually very busy. However, there’s always a place for one more. This is why starting a moving company in Arizona sounds like a great idea.

Choose Arizona for a successful moving business
Arizona is a good choice for your moving business

How to choose the right one from the top states to start a moving business

There’s no easy way to choose the perfect place to start your business. This is why in the end, it’s actually a bit of risk as well. But don’t be too concerned. If you choose one of the top moving destinations you will not regret it. People in the USA move a lot and there’s always room for people who plan to take their business seriously. And if you are responsible and committed enough, your clients will quickly notice it. Keep your business efficient and punctual and make sure your staff is friendly and approachable. You’ll quickly become reputable and your business will become successful wherever you choose to start it.

So if you haven’t made up your mind yet, there’s no need to hurry. Take as much time as you need to pick the state that will suit you and your future moving business the most. This depends on many factors. Are you prepared to move long-distance for your business? Will you be running your company alone? Do you have previous experience with any of the top states to start a moving business? And if you are lucky enough, perhaps you already live in one of these states. So good luck with your moving career!

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