How to avoid loss of business while relocating

Relocating your household and relocating your business are two completely different things. When you move your household, you have more space for trying DIY tips, last minute relocation and ways to save money. But when it comes to relocating your office, things are different. Relocating your business means you’re relocating your company, employees, office equipment and furniture and that requires hiring professional movers. If things go wrong, you’re not going to lose your equipment and office space, but also a lot of money. So, if you’re about to relocate your office, check out tips and see how to avoid loss of business while relocating. Make sure to learn some things people often forget when moving.

Make a good plan

The key to a successful relocation is in good organization. Start with a good plan! Planning is the most important part of business relocation. If you create and stick to your plan, you can relax while moving. Make a good plan months ahead of relocation with your employees. Calculate what your company budget is and what you can afford from the moving services. Take enough time to find reliable movers and decide which items you want to relocate. You will also need to spend the time searching for your new business office and check the rent. Of course, a plan will include much more, but these are the essentials. Best Cross Country Movers are the right choice if you want to relocate your office safely and avoid loss of business while relocating.

avoid loss of business while relocating
Start with a good plan and don’t try last-minute office moving if you want to avoid loss of business during the move.

Organize your time and avoid loss of business while moving

Time is money! To avoid loss of business while relocating, you’ll need to organize your time. Remember, you’re not relocating your garage or household, you’re relocating your business. If you organize your time, you’ll manage to do all the activities that moving requires. When you work full-time, your working hours probably end at 4 or 5 PM. Try to organize a meeting with professional movers. Search commercial movers to relocate your stuff easily. Pick the right time to make an inventory of your office equipment. When going on a break you can speak with your employees about what you should do next. It’s all about organization.

Don’t call movers during working hours

Doing your private business while your working hours are still going won’t solve your relocation problems. It will bring you dissatisfied clients and even losing them. If you want to avoid loss of business while relocating, deal with your personal life outside the workplace. Office relocation has nothing to do with your business. You should learn some risks that go along with relocating your business too.  If your business is successful you’ll earn the money to pay for moving services. It’s simple. Clients require quick service and communication. Being on the phone will leave you distracted from work.

woman uses her cellphone
Don’t focus on movers during working hours, focus on your clients.

Go digital to avoid loss of business while relocating

One of the most common issues when it comes to relocating your business is the paperwork. Business offices are full of papers, documents, and books. Relocating tons of paper will bring you extra moving costs because movers charge by the weight of the shipment. So, what can be done to avoid loss of business while relocating? Take all important papers such as employee contracts or business plans and scan them to a computer! Go digital and save your company’s money. You will also be able to have more office space. Just make sure to back up your data so that you don’t lose any important information!

employee looking at at the computer
One of the biggest mistakes is overestimating your abilities and skills instead of opening yourself up to teamwork.

Choose the right time to move

To avoid loss of business while relocating and unexpected issues, think about choosing the right time to relocate. Even if you planned everything, there are still external factors that can affect your relocation. This is why you should plan your moving date months ahead. Moving off the peak season will save your budget. Summer and spring months are the most expensive for relocation. Also, if you move on a weekday, you’ll get cheaper moving services. But it’s not all about money, it’s about your employees, too. Choose the right time to move and your employees won’t have to spend their holidays packing. If your employees are moving with family and kids, it’s crucial to give them enough time to prepare.

man shacking hands
Be mindful of your employees and they are going to return you with much more than good business!

Avoid loss of business while relocating by hiring professional movers

Don’t overestimate your abilities and skills if you want to avoid loss of business during relocation. Business and office relocation is the job for professional movers. Not hiring professional movers is the mistake that happens more often than you think. Even if your company is small, and you think you can cut moving costs by trying DIY relocation, that’s a mistake. Just because they work for you, doesn’t mean that your employees are your professional movers. Besides, without hiring movers, you can get financial, legal issues because there are laws and regulations you need to follow during business relocation. The professional movers have required skills, experience, vehicle, packing supplies, proper equipment and know the regulations. Don’t risk your business, find affordable movers!

Don’t forget to take moving insurance

Office equipment, especially if it’s an IT company, is very expensive. During relocation, one of the most common issues is when the items are damaged or lost. If you want to avoid loss of business while relocating, don’t forget to take moving insurance. Protect your belongings, unless you want to risk paying a lot of costs. Business relocation is an expensive thing, and you certainly don’t need additional costs. Basic carrier liability is free but provides only 60 cents per article. Full replacement liability is the best to protect your belongings. One of the most popular among companies is business insurance with transit clauses. This way, movers are fully responsible for the safety of your equipment.

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