What to Look Before Hiring Full Service Moving Companies

It takes time to find the best moving company for yourself, but once you do it, everything else seems easy as a breeze. Packing becomes less complicated, and it’s easier to organize the rest of your move without stress. However, there are things to consider before hiring full service moving companies. Making sudden decisions won’t do any good, which is why detailed research is necessary. When you know how to look for the right movers, it’s easier to make the best judgment. Moving doesn’t happen overnight, and it takes a professional moving crew to handle it well. In this article, we at Best Cross Country Movers are presenting you tips and tricks to help you get in touch with some of the best full-service movers. You may also contact us for additional information, and our team will give you proper guidance.

Do a detailed background check before hiring a full-service mover

It takes years of experience and hard work for a full-service company to be placed among the top ones. That being said, the value such companies provide is worth the investment. They include a wide range of quality moving services, so you don’t have to look for them in other places. Simply put, hiring full-service movers is a time-saving solution that makes the move go stress-free.

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Before hiring full service moving companies, it’s necessary to check if they are doing their work professionally.

You don’t have to necessarily spend hours searching for the moving company that is capable to complete your move from start to finish. On the other hand, it would be nice to start as soon as you decide when and where to move. For example, if moving to Florida, go online and search for some of the best cross country movers Florida has on offer. However, keep in mind that “the best” doesn’t mean “expensive”. Moving has become accessible more than ever before. Moreover, it has also become quite normal to have a top-level moving experience at affordable rates. However, finding the movers who work in the best interest of their loyal customers takes a little bit of research. Full-service movers provide an all-encompassing range of services. That being said, you must pick the ones that hold their entire service offer on the highest level.

Why are full service moving companies the most sought after?

People who have to juggle multiple obligations usually don’t have time to search for different moving services in different places. That’s why full-service movers are their main choice when they want to move. By hiring a credible and capable full-service moving company, people feel less overwhelmed with everything they have in their schedules. In addition to professional moving help, they receive professional assistance when it comes to planning a moving budget and organizing an entire move. It’s also worth mentioning that full-service movers provide services for various customers since they are well-versed in all kinds of moving.

two guys discussing about things to do before hiring full service moving companies
Full-service movers have all you need in one place.

The following statistics show what types of relocations were executed by full-service movers as of the year 2022:

  • Individual and family relocations: 45%
  • Corporate relocations: 38%
  • Military relocations: 9%
  • College relocations: 6%
  • Government relocations: 2%

How to know if a full-service moving company is the right one?

Regardless of the scope of moving services that a particular company provides, it’s not an indicator of whether the company is the best one. Some of the best-rated moving companies in Texas, or any other state, share these common traits:

  • Years of successful work.
  • Top-notch customer experience.
  • Reviews that speak about their service quality in a positive light.
  • Popularity among people for their courteous, friendly crew and top-notch customer service.

To know if a moving company is legit, pay attention to their reputation as well. The companies that do as promised will earn the trust of their customers and make sure to keep it that way. Furthermore, suck companies are fully transparent about services and price points. Basically, you should look for full-service movers who practice what they preach.

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Moving becomes easier and fun once you hire reputable full-service movers.

Full-service movers checklist

Let’s say you found, for example, some of the best moving companies Idaho residents speak highly about. They’ve been around for quite some time and served no less than an excellent moving journey. That still doesn’t mean you should sign any deal with any of them. In addition to a good reputation, there are non-negotiable things to consider before you pick the most suitable mover:

  • Licenses and USDOT number – The licensure and credibility of a company are easy to check online. Simply type their USDOT number on FMSCA‘s website and see if they are in the database. Regardless of how the company’s marketing seems flattering, you should avoid them in case they can’t prove their expertise.
  • A free moving estimate – Most renowned full-service movers offer a free estimate to give their customers an insight into the approximate costs of their upcoming relocation. The absence of free moving quotes in a company’s offer is already a major red flag. The purpose of a free estimate is also to establish trust between the company and you as a consumer. Therefore, steer clear of any company that wants to convince you into hiring them without conducting a free estimation.
  • Moving insurance – A professional moving company is the one that cares about customer protection as well. Check if any company you are researching offers insurance options.

Learn about your moving rights and read the terms of a deal before hiring full service moving companies

Both moving companies and their customers have a set of responsibilities they must know. As a customer, it’s your duty to learn on time about your moving rights and you will know how to protect yourself. That means you will easily recognize suspicious moving scams or points in a contract that seem sketchy to you. Also, don’t just sign anything on a whim, but rather read each point of a contract presented to you. Go over each point with the movers you picked and ask them if you come across anything that seems confusing.

Remember that you are not obligated to a company before you sign a contract. Therefore, don’t let any mover convinces you into signing a deal with them before you make a firm decision yourself. Moreover, you have the right to refuse further cooperation with the company, if they are forceful (which is a red flag the company might be a fraudulent scheme) or if the statements in their contract don’t add up.

Opt for full-service movers that know their customers

Modern customers have different needs than a few decades ago. Nowadays, it’s not enough to squeeze the items inside big boxes, dump them in whatever storage, and call it a day. The times have changed, and so are the moving trends. That further influences the way the companies do their work. Any serious professional moving company is committed to the best quality of its services. Furthermore, the technology made significant differences in customer service quality as well. Therefore, a full-service moving company that keeps up with the trends in the moving industry is more likely to know what are the needs of a modern customer. Not only do they invest in their services, but also in staff training. Furthermore, they are committed to adapting to the customer’s needs. That includes taking feedback into consideration in order to improve their work.

Another thing that is crucial for a successful move is communication between a company and a customer. Without it, the chances are the move will probably go wrong in some aspects. That’s why it’s important to avoid the companies that have poor ratings when it comes to customer service and communication. Reviews and direct communication with the movers will help you decide if the company is worth your time.

Ensure you are getting the service quality you need

When browsing, for example, some of the best cross country movers in Utah, pay attention to what the previous customers have to say about their service. It’s in your best interest to hire the movers that are worth the coin. 

pink storage shut doors
Make sure storage and other additional services are of great quality before hiring full service moving companies.

Well-maintained storage units

When moving, especially long-distance, what you mustn’t skip is renting storage. You’ll need a safe space for your items, which is what full-service movers in Florida and wider offer, usually at reasonable prices. However, make sure the storage is the best one you can get:

  • Hygiene inside the storage space must be at the highest level. Locks, shelves, floors – everything must be squeaky clean. Therefore, pay attention to that when you pay a visit to the storage unit that seems promising. Don’t hesitate to the staff how often they maintain the storage spaces.
  • The storage unit you choose must be spacious enough. So do your best to declutter your home first, then decide what storage size you need. Check with the movers if they have the storage size where your belongings may fit. That way you’ll avoid renting too small storage space, or the one with extra space you will have to pay for.
  • Accessibility is something you have to discuss with your chosen mover before you sign any deal. Although most full-service movers enable 24/7 access to stored items, there are some that impose specific hours during which you can go to storage. The best option would be a full-service moving company that gives you all-day exclusive access to anything you store in their units. Rest assured that the market is of such cross country moving companies in Georgia, Florida, Nebraska – basically everywhere across the US.
  • The storage unit where your belongings will wait for the duration of your move must be climate-controlled.

Experienced professional packers

What you should also pay attention to when comparing full-service moving companies are packing services. You must be wondering “Why should I compare packing services in the first place? Isn’t it something I’m supposed to get once I hire the movers?“. Yes, you will get the terms of movers to handle the packing for you. However, the truth is that not all packing services are of an equal value. The team of packers you hire must be skilled at various packing methods. They also have to be experienced with different kinds of items. When you know the packers can pack and move breakables, and sensitive bulky items with ease, you instantly know your move is in your safe hands.

stuffed cardboard box and a packing tape
Professional packing services make the move run smoothly and stress-free.

Pay attention if the company provides special moving services. For example, if you need to relocate a piano, then skilled piano movers are your best choice. Further, gaming rooms and music studios also call for specialized packers that are well-versed when it comes to packing such sensitive electronic equipment.

Questions to ask a full service moving company before hiring it

No matter how representative any moving company seems, you should contact it for more information. Here are some of the most important questions for the company’s personnel:

  • Do you offer a free on-site moving quote?
  • Are there any additional fees I should be aware of?
  • Could you tell me more about your insurance options?
  • Could you tell me when is the best time to visit your storage units?
  • Do you have packing supplies in your offer?

Let us help you find reliable full service moving companies!

Doing a background check before hiring full service moving companies often takes longer than you might have thought. However, we want to let you know there’s a way to speed up the search process and get in touch with top-level movers.  Our team at Best Cross Country Movers stands at your disposal whenever you want to kickstart your moving journey. We regularly update our database with some of the best cross-country movers you can find on the market. That way, we make it possible for customers to quickly find suitable movers for them and have a stress-free move.

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