Reasons to hire long distance piano movers

Moving the piano yourself is a very risky effort that can lead to costly damage to the instrument and house or apartment property. Or even cause serious injury due to the many risks when moving the piano without using professional relocation services. Risk assessment in the early stages of the process of moving home will help you make an informed decision about what is best for you and your valuable musical instrument. Here are the 7 main reasons why you should hire long distance piano movers when you move your piano.

Reasons to hire long distance piano movers

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We will mention only some of them

1. The piano is very heavy

You can say that your piano weighs a lot just by looking at it. But do you know how much your massive musical instruments weigh in reality? Spinet pianos, the smallest vertical pianos on the market, weigh around 300-400 pounds. Large pianos weigh from 500 to 800 pounds, while the grand piano can go up to 1300 pounds. But why are the pianos so heavy? Some of their internal components are made of cast iron (harp). And the decks and the whole body can be made of solid wood.

Professional piano movers have special equipment for moving musical instruments. Including moving trucks with motorized lifts that will easily and safely lift and load your heavy piano.

2. The piano is quite large

Despite the heavyweight, the excessive bulkiness of the piano makes them extremely difficult to be handled safely and without damage by non-professionals. One of the problems that soon becomes apparent is that the weight of the piano is unevenly distributed. So it is relatively easy to lose the overall load balance when moving the piano. And because of this imbalance, it is dangerous to maneuver a large musical instrument along narrow corners and along steep steps.

Fortunately, you can hire long distance piano movers, such as Best Cross Country Movers, that specialize in moving all types of pianos and inside all types of houses. Safely moving the piano requires a unique set of skills that comes only with years of experience.

3. Pianos are quite expensive

The minute you decide to take your piano with you, your first thought will probably be how to minimize the cost of moving the piano. And this is quite understandable – you certainly don’t want to pay more than you should, right?

Everyone knows that a piano can be very expensive. Depending on the brand, model, and age, the cost of a piano can range from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yes, you must have paid a fortune for your wonderful musical instrument. But again, the damage to an expensive piano during the independent move will not do much to your cause. Even tuning your piano after moving can cost 150-300 dollars. So the last thing you need is to seriously damage your piano during the DIY move.

4. Pianos may have sentimental value

Unlike soulless furniture that you don’t care about, you have to love your piano and just have it in your new home. The question is not negotiable – you take your valuable piano, no matter what that requires, and that’s it. Packing furniture is also very important, but when it comes to moving your piano, you need to take extra caution. If the piano in your home is a family heirloom, then its safety and well-being during the move will become monumental. Why do you put your priceless piano and yourself in danger when you can hire experts to move the piano for peace of mind?

Hire long distance piano movers
Pianos are beautiful musical instruments, which in most cases have some sentimental value for their owners

5. Pianos can be easily damaged while moving

Appearance can be deceiving. Pianos seem to be very durable and even indestructible. But in fact, they are extremely delicate and can be easily damaged. But how is this possible?

Pianos are complex mechanical instruments that contain too many thin moving parts inside – some models have more than 7,000 internal components! The most serious and costly type of damage that the piano can withstand while moving is to its internal sound and playing mechanism. Of course, broken keys or damaged legs or wheels can also cause a severe headache during a move. Remember that your piano casters have mostly decorative functions – you should never use them to get your huge musical instrument out of the house.

Surface damage — scratches, dents, or cracks — along the piano body is the least serious type of damage your valuable instrument can get when moving. Hire long distance piano movers to rule out the likelihood of damage to your valuable property.

6. Moving pianos can lead to accidents

There is one thing you need to understand from the very beginning. No matter how valuable your wonderful musical instrument is, there is something much more valuable and important: your health! And the health of your loved ones too.

Due to its extraordinary weight, excessive size and delicate nature, your piano falls into the category of the most difficult and dangerous things to move to another house. As a result, your courageous attempt to move a piano with your own hands can lead to an accident. And that can lead to serious injuries – a back injury, broken fingers or broken limbs.

Naturally, professional long distance movers Florida will take responsibility for doing work quickly and safely. Still, the cost of piano movers in most cases will be fully justified simply because one wrong move on your own can ruin your chances of a trouble-free move.

7. The piano requires special moving equipment and experienced hands

It’s not really easy to move the piano between two houses. A risky job, both for the perfect musical instrument and for the non-professionals involved in the move. Anything can happen when a super-heavy and extra-large item moves from one place to another, sometimes hundreds of miles away. Especially when the item is also fragile and expensive.

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So why should you hire long distance piano movers?

Fortunately, professional piano movers have the right equipment and know-how to cope with their work without any problems. And the best part? You may find that it is more affordable to hire long distance piano movers than you thought at the beginning.

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