Reasons why you should move from NYC to Tampa

A lot can be said about New York City. It is the Big Apple. The City That Never Sleeps. However, after living there for some time, you might – imagine it – get tired! All the excitement, all the buzz and the rush of the city might just become too much for you. And whether they make you anxious or just exhaust you doesn’t matter. One day, you will wake up and realize you that you have had it with New York. But where will you move? What city will be perfect for you? Well, how about you move from NYC to Tampa? While you consider the idea, read through our article. We will discuss Tampa itself, as well as how you can find long distance moving companies Tampa.

New York can tire you up

Getting burned out by New York City is, as we mentioned, one of the reasons why people are leaving it. One might even argue that it might even be the main reason why more people are moving out of New York than any other state! New York is always buzzing – there are people running to work, jumping on trains, street performers – everything is just one beehive. And if you are an extrovert, this might seem like a thrill ride! But believe us, after some time, even you will feel tired.

NYC traffic.
New York City can be too much for some people.

Some people also notice the sense of existential dread looming over them when living in New York. It can be because a lot of people are in New York to focus on themselves. They are either finding themselves, trying to climb that corporate ladder, or just enjoying life. And while there, they don’t really have time to focus on the future. They have no time for roots. Because of this, New York can cause many anxieties.

On the other hand, Tampa is far more relaxing. Even though the city has its own fair share of growth – like Water Street Tampa – one of the largest redevelopment projects in its recent history, it also offers you fun times too! The project is transforming the city into a real beauty. Tampa is becoming vibrant, diverse as well as attractive for everyone – especially young people in search of a new home.

Public transport might make you move from NYC to Tampa

Another thing that will make you want to move from NYC to Tampa is the way you get places. Even though New York has a good railway system, traveling by it can sometimes be offputting. This is especially true during rush hours, where everyone is cramming into a train with no mercy. This is also the reason why many people choose to walk around Manhattan instead of getting on the train or hailing a cab.

Metro station.
Metro can sometimes be confusing.

If you like walkable cities, then you will love Tampa! What’s more, you can leave the Hudson River behind and enjoy the Gulf of Mexico! The access to water activities is really easy, and it will bring so much fun and joy to you! One of the first things you should see when you are done with moving from NYC to Florida is the 2.5-mile Riverwalk. It connects different cultural centers with public parks, and it also includes some dining and shopping options! If that is not a fun afternoon, we don’t really know what is!

Should you move from NYC to Tampa for the weather?

Now, one of the first things people think about when you approach the wish to move from NYC to Tampa is the weather. This is quite a natural thing to do – the climates in New York City and Tampa are vastly different. Whereas both New York City and Tampa have a humid subtropical climate, Tampa’s location ensures that the weather in the city presents as a part of tropical climate.

In other words, winters in New York can get pretty cold, and winds can blow offshore because of the Atlantic Ocean. However, the Appalachian Mountains make NYC warmer than the rest of North America. In January (the coldest month), the temperature averages around 32 degrees, but it can drop down to 10. Springs and falls can bring both warm and chilly days, but they are usually mild with low humidity. Summers, on the other hand, is very humid and hot – the average is around 76 degrees in July.

Beach chairs on a beach might be reason enough to move from NYC to Tampa.
This is why you might move from NYC to Tampa.

In Tampa, winters are dry and mild most of the time. The temperature ranges from 70-s to 50-s. Sometimes there might be a period of rain where the temperature drops down to almost 40 degrees, but this is rare. Sometimes, there might even be winter without any frost at all – the average is two days annually. The summer and fall can sometimes be rainy because of a passing tropical storm, but November is usually the driest month. The summers have the most rainfall and the temperatures between the 70s and 90s.


To conclude, there are a couple of reasons why you should want to think about moving to Tampa:

  • The tempo of the city might be too much for you. New York can cause anxieties or just tire you out and make you feel burn out. Tampa, on the other hand, will offer a breath of fresh air and a lot of new, fun activities for you – which is one of the reasons why you might move from NYC to Tampa.
  • The traffic in New York City can sometimes be too much, while Tampa has a lot of walkable places.
  • Finally, the weather in New York might make you want to live somewhere warmer – and Tampa is perfect for you.

If you decided to move from NYC to Tampa, then there is only one thing to do! Pick up your phone and call interstate movers Florida today! Don’t wait, Florida and its warm hospitality are waiting for you!

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