Most popular cities in Arizona

Maybe you’ve visited this southwestern state once or twice in your life. If you haven’t, maybe it is time to change that. Arizona is one of the largest states in the USA. Due to its size, it has some very different climate conditions within its borders, with deserts in the south and ski resorts in the north. Yes, Arizona has it all! Are you planning to move to The Grand Canyon State? Or are you just being curious about the most popular cities in Arizona? Whatever your reasons might be, you are about to find out the most important facts about the prominent cities of the state of Arizona. You’ve probably head about most of them. But let’s take a look at the list anyway.

Find out about the most popular cities in Arizona
Arizona is a beautiful state, with deserts in the south and mountains in the north.

Are you moving to one of the most popular cities in Arizona?

If you have plans that involve moving to Arizona, then it makes sense to look into its most popular cities. Arizona is a large state with various cities to offer. You can find recommendations for any one of them. Relocating to another state is a serious matter and you should take your time when considering it. It requires extensive planning and even hiring interstate moving companies. So in order to choose the most suitable place for yourself, it makes sense to have a look at the most popular cities in Arizona. And what makes a city popular? If we try to figure out the livability of a certain city, we could consider the following aspects:

  • real estate costs
  • crime rates
  • employment opportunities
  • the quality of the education system

However, popularity and livability are not always the same thing when we talk about cities.

Phoenix has one of most famous skylines in the USA
Phoenix is the capital and the largest city in Arizona

Phoenix, AZ, the capital, the largest and most populated city in Arizona

There is no way to talk about the most popular cities in Arizona without mentioning Phoenix. The capital of Arizona is also the largest city in the state with a little over 1.5 million residents. Phoenix is known for its remarkable skyline. It has become famous for its sunshine, as the clouds and the rain occur very seldom in the Pheonix area. There is an endless number of photographs encapturing Phoenix sunset.

Tourism is an important part of this city and Phoenix is home to some of the world class resorts. The crime rate has been a sort of an issue in Phoenix for decades now, so this is perhaps something to consider before moving here. It is overall a very dynamic city. So if you don’t mind the heat then Phoenix is a place for you.

Tucson, AZ, in the foothills of the mountains

Tucson is the kind of place you imagine when you hear the words “wild west”. There’s an abundance of cacti. There’s famous Sentinel Peak. This mountain is responsible for the city’s name, given by the natives. If you are a stargazer, then call interstate movers Arizona at once, because Tucson is the city you want to live in. Light pollution is at its minimum here and people who are into astronomy absolutely love it! And let’s not forget to mention that Tucson is the only American city to win the title of a “Capital of Gastronomy” in 2015. Sounds rather captivating, doesn’t it?

Tucson is a dynamic city, both day and night
Fox Theatre in downtown Tucson

The West’s most western town, a.k.a Scottsdale, AZ

Also known among people of The Grand Canyon State as the most livable city, Scottsdale does sound like one of the most popular cities in Arizona. Considered to be the most affluent city of the state, it is well-known for its fine resorts, golf courses, and pricey restaurants. It has also been voted as number one city in the USA to retire in. You should, however, keep in mind that the real estate prices are rather high. Also, being a suburb of Phoenix, a part of Phoenix’s crime issue kind of spills towards Scottsdale. But it is by all means as luxurious as suburban areas get.

It’s always sunny in Chandler, AZ and this means it’s one of the most popular cities in Arizona

Also a suburb of Phoenix, Chandler is known for its 330 days of sunshine. So if you are a fan of warm weather and a hater of winter, Chandler is your city of choice. With more than 60 parks and engaging festival and events, it is no wonder that Chandler has become one of the most popular cities in Arizona. It is definitely one of the best cities in Arizona to move with your family. So if you are packing toys while moving, Chandler would be a wonderful Arizona city to settle in. It has two airports in its immediate proximity, so don’t worry, your friends and family can come for a visit anytime after you move.

You will enjoy the Grand Canyon STate
Arizona is also known as the Grand Canyon state, so make sure you don’t forget to visit the Grand Canyon first chance you get

So as you can see, the Grand Canyon State has so much to offer. Whether you enjoy a big city lifestyle or a suburban feel, Arizona has a place for you. There are many options to consider. And many factors as well. Are you moving because of your career? Do you have children? Will you be satisfied with living in desert-like weather conditions, or would you prefer to have a better offer of the seasons?

Your reasons for looking into the most popular cities in Arizona could be numerous. But if you are moving to another state, you need to be well-prepared. Do a lot of research and find reliable and experienced long distance movers Arizona. You are going to need a helping hand during a long-distance move. So, good luck! The Grand Canyon State could be everything you hope for.

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