How to avoid property damage when moving out?

The time to move out has finally come! Even though you are moving to a new home, you should avoid property damage when moving out at any cost. Whether you are moving out of your own home or out of a rented one, you will need to treat it with respect and care. Possible property damages can dig into your pocket and make you spend more than planned on your relocation to South Carolina. Don’t forget that other people will soon be living in your old home, so make sure everything is intact. If you think this is an impossible mission, keep reading and we will change your mind. Here is how to move out without any problem.

Plan ahead

The key to any successful relocation is organization! Think when is the right time to move out of your old home. If you have kids, look for the best ways to make the relocation easier for them. Next, find help. Ask your friends to help you move heavy items. But keep in mind that if you are moving to a distant city in South Carolina, it will be better for you to find a reliable long distance moving company South Carolina. Also, when planning a relocation, watch out for these two things that you’ll need to do in order to avoid damaging your household items.

Woman's hand writing in planner.
Plan your whole move if you don’t want to have any unwelcome surprises.

Measure your home

Before you start to move the furniture out of your home, don’t forget to measure a room and door frames. Most item damages happen when we try to squeeze them out of a room. If you want to save your items and walls from possible catastrophe, measure everything. This way you will know if you have to disassemble your furniture in order to move it outside.

Know how to pack

Whether you have to pack to move in a hurry or you have plenty of time to spare, you need to do it right. Knowing how to pack will not only protect your items but will also protect your floors and walls from possible scratches. So, if you have heavy or strangely shaped items, wrap them in blankets or bed sheets. Cover their sharp edges in order to avoid property damage when moving out. Ask for help if you think you can’t do this alone.

Find moving supplies

After you choose your moving date, you can start gathering moving supplies. It is the same as finding the right packing materials. There is no need for buying them when you already have them in your home. Search your home and ask your friends if they have any of the items that are listed below.

  • Blankets. When you move furniture around the house, there is a big chance your hardwood will get damaged. In order to prevent this, use blankets. Place them on the floor, underneath your furniture. Your floors will remain intact and you will be able to slide heavy objects with ease.
  • Cardboard boxes. Using cardboard boxes will help you avoid property damage when moving out. They have many purposes. You can place big pieces of cardboard next to each other and tape them together. Use this to make pathways. Also, cardboard pieces come in very handy when you are moving during winter. Placing cardboard on hardwood floors will prevent water from damaging them.
  • Plastic Sheeting. Another great way to protect your home on a moving day. You can even cover your walls with it. None of your furniture will make a mark on a wall if they are covered with plastic sheeting.
Using bed linen as a wrapping material will help you avoid property damage when moving out.
Blankets and bed sheets are a great wrapping material for your belongings and floors, too.

Protect your home

Okay, you already know that you need to find some moving supplies in order to protect your home. But, do you know which areas in a house almost always end up damaged during the move?

  • Floors. No matter how careful we think we are, floors get ruined almost all the time. Think of the best ways to protect them in order to stay intact after the big move.
  • Walls and corners. Find light materials and tape them on strategic places if you don’t want your furniture to make marks on the walls.  Don’t forget to pay special attention to tight corners. If you think you can’t protect them well enough with DIY corner guards, buy them in a store.
  • Door frames. In order to preserve your door frames, use door frame guards or foam paddings.
  • Staircases. Staircases also need to be covered with some sort of protective material, but make sure it is anti-slippery. There is no room for any kind of injury when relocating!
Living room with hardwood floor.
The smallest mistake can lead to a damaged floor. Always cover it and you will avoid property damage when moving out.

Use moving equipment

Even though you might not need it, try to find the right moving equipment. Some of the most popular moving tools are a dolly, lifting straps and furniture pads. These tools are a perfect solution for your relocation problems. They give you the opportunity to lift heavy items and transport them more easily to a moving truck. You can do all this without damaging any of your household items.

Hire professionals to avoid property damage when moving out

If you still think you can’t handle the move by yourself, then consider hiring professional movers. Pick your movers wisely! Not all of them are reliable and cheap. Know that a good moving company doesn’t need to have expensive services. For example, there are many cross country movers Charleston that have a good reputation and low prices, too.

If you find true professionals, your items will be in safe hands. Both of your homes, old and new, will stay intact. So, for the best possible outcome when you want to avoid property damage when moving out, hire a good moving company. Is there a better way to start a life in South Carolina than to have the best possible move without any problem? Find the right movers and your relocation will go as smooth as possible.

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