Small office storage ideas

No matter what is it that your firm is doing, you will always need office storage. This article will help you deal with small office storage and present some ideas that you can use. The key idea is to make your office storage seem bigger by making out the best of the space that you’re currently using. Before you call your cross country movers Savannah, stop and think for a second about these solutions for small office storage!

Get rid of all the stuff that is clogging up your small office storage

Whenever you start out in a new office, it has that clean, fresh look. Soon after, the papers, customer documents and bills to pay start coming in. This makes the already small office storage space look even smaller. You’ve also noticed that there is stuff in that office that has been hanging out with you for a while. It’s not particularly useful and you sometimes forget you have it. What we’re talking about here are blunt scissors, empty pens, broken pencils and the like.

These flat screen computers on wooden desks look well organized, even though the office is small.
A tidy office space will look larger, even if it’s really small.

So, just ram them into the bag and you’re done. That way, you will save some office space. Now that we’re done with that, we can move to some creative office solutions:

Put everything inside boxes

One of the best ways to keep a small office space, well, small, is to control that space. There’s no better way to do that than to put everything inside small, dedicated boxes. The logic behind this is that if you, say, place all the bills in one box, you will not lack space ’cause you will always maintain the space inside that box intact. So, find some decorative boxes and start classifying the office material that you’re working with. Or, if you’re not such a big fan of office aesthetics, any box will do the job.

Try box shelves too

If you’re getting annoyed or confused as to what goes into which box, then don’t stress, we’ve got just the solution for you. Open box shelves are extremely practical to use, everything is in plain sight. It also takes just a glance to figure out what goes where. This is why open box shelves are a practical solution for office storage.

This tidy desk with a mug, a stack of papers and a laptop is perfect for small office environments.
The number of unnecessary things cluttering your desk should be zero.

There’s also open shelving in general

Open shelving is generally a good solution. Why? Simply because the customization solutions are virtually endless. Basically, if you can think of it, you can make it. And what do you need for that? Wood, hammer, a few nails and a few small additional things. All of these things you can buy at your local Ikea. The best part about small open shelves is that no matter how little your small office storage space may seem, the solution is at hand. Especially if you’re good with a saw.

Now to the heavy stuff: built-in storage

This is the oldest solution out there. It’s seen usage in offices and home offices since time immemorial. And yet, it persists. There are reasons for that, of course. Built-in storage is practical, it can store a lot of stuff without actually taking too much space. It relies on height instead of width to make space for all the office paper and other pieces of inventory. So why don’t you grab one of those for the bigger paper piles that are more than sure to accumulate in your office?

A steel rack is perfect for office environments because it's handy and practical.
A steel rack may look ugly, but it’s good for keeping all the stuff in one place.

Mugs and jars

Aaand, we’re back to the small stuff again. There’s a lot of stuff around the office that could go missing at any time. So, before you start pestering colleague about the scissors or the paperclips, thinks for a second. Ask yourself “What can I do to prevent this from happening in the future?” Well, the answer to that is simple enough. Keeping your small stuff in a jar or a mug is going to fix at least some of your problems with space. It’s a common enough solution in home offices, for example.

Have you considered putting it into digital form?

If you haven’t, think about it. You have a lot of papers and a really small office space. There’s only so much that you can do with so many papers lying around. If you could only keep it somewhere where it won’t bother anyone, including you. Turns out, you can do just that. There are two machines that you need to do this properly. The first is a scanner, and the other is a paper shredder.

An orderly desk makes even the tiniest office spaces look big.
Just a little bit of creativity, and the tiny office space will seem gigantic.

Most of the documents and papers around the office are disposable, easy to scan and upload into a cloud. So, start the scanner, and get those scans straight into the cloud or the hard drive. Of course, you can print them as needed with little to no monetary expense. A cheap and practical solution for small office space indeed!

Finally, do not forget to update your furniture

First, of course, you have to determine what sort of office space do you want. How many people need to work there? What do they need to work with? This way, you can plan in advance how you want your office space to look. If you need to lay off the trench coats somewhere, be sure to get a gym locker. However, if you’ve got a lot of stuff and need most of it, keep a massive cabinet in the back side of the office. If you’re keeping valuables there, put them inside a small, locked, separate box so that they don’t get lost or stolen.

Most of the space inside your office will be determined by the position of the furniture, so make sure you plan accordingly. The best method is to see the office in its empty state, and only then should you buy the necessary furniture. After that, find the best cross country movers and let’s get a new adventure started!

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