When Should I Start getting Moving Quotes

When should I start getting moving quotes? A question that troubles many. Moving quotes are really important when you need to decide what mover to hire. There are a lot of movers out there. Choosing the wrong one can be a complete disaster. Rogue movers are trying to cheat on you and one of the ways to avoid this is by requesting a moving quote and comparing quotes with others. Before you consider requesting moving quotes you need to know what services you want from movers, how much load do you have, and how far are you going? If you want a precise or close enough moving quote, you need to have the necessary information about your stuff and desires. Information about the best cross country movers you can find online.

What is a moving quote?

A moving quote is an estimate of your stuff. It is an estimate provided by a moving company of how much it will cost you to move your items. The number of boxes, the weight of your stuff, your origin and destination, and what services are you going to need from movers. The more services you use, the more it will cost. For example, you can pack on your own everything or you can hire movers for that. If you decide to pack on your own, it is going to be cheaper. If you are from the state of Alabama, long distance movers Florida are there for everything you want to know about moving and quotes.

Contract and pencil
Before you sign an agreement choose wisely the right mover

What types are there?

  • Non-binding estimate –  this is a quote based on the weight of the customer’s belongings. This quote is not definitive which means that it is going to change. It all depends on the actual weight. If you say yes to a non-binding quote you agree that the precise amount will be given after the measurement. This way you are not sure if you are going to pay more than what they said in a quote.
  • Binding estimate – This is a fixed cost. It is based on the approximate weight of belongings.  If the customer agrees to a binding estimate, then they will pay exactly what is said in the quote. This way you are sure how much money you are going to give.
  • Binding not-to-exceed quote – It is the most popular quote among customers. This typically means that if the real weight is higher than the estimated weight, you will not pay more. This is a good thing for a customer because they pay only what is quoted.

If you are from the state of Georgia, cross country movers Georgia can answer all your questions about what is the best solution for you and send you a binding not-to-exceed quote. And you should start getting moving quotes soon as you have the necessary information about your move.

How to Calculate Moving Costs

You need to understand what factors tell how much is moving going to cost.

  • Size of your move – If you carry more weight, more you will pay.
  • Destination – The more you travel, the more gasoline or diesel will movers spend. Travel fees are also higher.
  • Packing services – You can do it on your own, but it will be harder for you. Sometimes people don’t know how to pack things and how to secure them.
  • Packing supplies – This is a thing where you can save money. You can find them for free. For example, electronic stores throw cardboard boxes away.
  • Storage – If you need storage to put your things when moving, the price on the moving quote will be higher.
  • Moving date – Summer and winter are not the same. Summer costs more money because a lot of people use their vacation time for moving.

Having this in mind, you can see that if you learn about this stuff, you can plan your moving and try to use these factors to your advantage. When should I start moving quotes is a question that troubles many. First, learn about everything and then request moving quotes and compare them with quotes from other movers. By hiring cross country movers in South Carolina you get first-class move of your stuff, and they are going to make a moving quote that suits your needs.

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Calculate everything so you don’t spend more than you have to

Get at least 3 quotes

When you start receiving moving quotes from movers, always compare them. This is important so you know if there is a rogue mover among them. Rogue movers can take a lot of money from your pocket. When something is too good to be true it is a possible red flag. Maybe the moving quote is much lower than the others, but you need to pay in advance. You can lose your money that way. Or some quotes can be overpriced. Maybe the mover is trying and hoping. that he is the only one who you looked for. You accept and you overpay your moving.

Step by step of obtaining a moving quote

There are 4 steps:

  • Information about the move – Date, the place from where to where, size of the house, any special items that you need to transfer (car, piano or things like that)
  • Survey of your items – The estimator will create an inventory sheet of all of your items
  • Compare moving quotes – We already mention that you get at least 3 and compare them
  • Schedule the move with a moving company – Arrange everything and enjoy your moving
Moving company can help you with the question: "When should i start getting moving quotes?
Movers are there for your moving


Moving quotes are tools that allow you to choose who is going to be your mover. Choosing the right mover is very important because only professionals are capable of doing this and making your moving day stress free. Before you request a moving quote find all the necessary information about moving. When should I start getting moving quotes has an answer. Soon as you get the necessary information about moving, your desires, and your belongings request a moving quote. Always request at least 3 quotes! This way you will know who is the one.

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