Top Reasons Why People Are Moving Out of California

California is a very famous state for many reasons. It has many famous landmarks like the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. Moreover, there are many beaches you can enjoy with beautiful landscapes. Plus, some cities like LA have stunning architecture all over the city. It seems that California has a lot to offer. However, in recent years many residents have decided to hire a professional and reputable moving company like Best Cross Country Movers to help them move out of the state. By the government’s statistics, more than half a million people moved out of the state in 2021. There are many reasons why people are moving out of California, some of them are of course unique to individuals. However, some reasons are shared among many movers. In this blog, you will read about some of the top reasons people choose to leave this state.

a picture of the Hollywood sign -reasons why people are moving out of California
Read this blog and find out what are the reasons why people are moving out of California

List of reasons why people are moving out of California

As stated before every person has reasons for relocating that are unique to him or her. However, there are some major reasons that are shared among many people. On that note, the reason why people are moving out of California are the following:

  • Wildfires
  • Housing price
  • High crime rates
  • Living costs
  • High taxes
  • Unemployment

Wildfires and housing prices

More than two hectares of land were burned in fires that happened in California in 2020. Many residents of the rural places were affected by these wildfires. Moreover, many of them choose to move out of California because they had to constantly rebuild their homes that were destroyed in more than 8500 fires that happened in 2020. Who can blame them, if this was to happen to you more than once. You would definitely be out looking for a new state to move to. In addition, these wildfires do not affect the people who live close to the forests. Residents of big cities also felt the consequences of these fires. The smoke covered the sky of major cities like LA. Thus the residents stayed inside until the smoke cleared. Moreover, if you plan to move out of California you should hire the best cross country movers California has to offer.

A man putting up a sign "home for sale"
The price of buying a home is drastically higher in California compared to the USA average

The next reason why people choose to move to a different state is the cost of houses and apartments. For example, compared to the national average rent of 1,600 dollars. The average cost of renting an apartment in the state of California is 2,800 dollars per month. Which is significantly bigger than the national average. Because of this many people choose to move out of the state where the housing prices are lower. In addition, if you want to stay in California it might be best to find a roommate or to stay with relatives. Until you have a stable income and you become ready to live by yourself, of course. Moreover, if you decide to change your apartment and stay in California, you should hire residential movers California to help you with the move.

High crime rates and living costs

Violent crimes are increasing in California. According to the Public Policy Institute of California, the data was collected from big cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, and San Diego. Show that both property crime and violent crime increased in 2021 compared to 2020. Homicides were up by 17% in these cities compared to 2020. This is also one of the reasons why people are moving out of California. When you do not feel safe in your home or in the street you will likely start looking for a new place to call home. Preferably outside the state’s limits. Moreover, if you decide to move out of California because of the crime rates. You should hire a company with secure moving services California has to offer. Because moving companies always offer insurance for your belongings. This will take a lot of stress away from the moving process.

Moreover, the cost of living in California is approximately 40% higher than the national average. According to the MERIC data, California has the third-highest cost of living in the United States of America. This is one of the biggest reasons why people are moving out of the state. Mostly because many people who are employed by the companies that reside in California have the option to work remotely. Thus they move to other states while they continue working for Californian companies. One of the popular states that people move to is Texas. Because the state of Texas does not require you to pay the state income taxes. Moving from California to Texas will be easy if you hire a professional moving company.

A woman writing on a glass panel
Living costs are becoming higher and higher in California, which makes people move out of the state

High taxes and unemployment

Next on the list of reasons why people are moving out of California is the problem of rising taxes. Legislators of the Californian government want to increase the marginal income tax to 17%. The current marginal tax income in California is 13%. Moreover, the people who are most affected by this are business owners and entrepreneurs. Followed by the crisis of COVID-19 which was already challenging for most business owners. Raising taxes will definitely make more people move their business out of state. When people choose to move their business the first state they usually move to is Arizona. If you decide to move your business here make sure to hire the best interstate moving companies in Arizona to help you with the move.

Another reason why people need to move out of the state is the unemployment problem. California has a national average wage rate of around 75,000 dollars. However, when people lose their jobs in California the costs of living become a much bigger problem. Thus if you do not find a job as soon as possible, you might be compelled to move out of the state in search of a new job opportunity. Moreover, as reported by the US News, the state of Nebraska and Utah had the lowest unemployment rates in February 2020, at 2.1% each. Therefore, if you are moving to one of these states consider hiring the best cross country movers Nebraska.

a man in a white shirt using macbook pro
Unemployment in California is one of the major reasons why people experience stress and choose to move out of the state

How to prepare for your relocation out of Florida

After you tried to stay in California but it did not work out. Your next step is to choose where are you going to move to. When you find a city that is affordable to you, the next step is to start preparing for the move. Moreover, the first thing you need to do is to make a detailed moving plan. Your moving plan should include all of the things that are important for the move. For example, packing is first on the list.

Many people experience stress when it comes to packing. This is because when you have to pack up your whole life it can be quite overwhelming. For that reason, you need to make a plan and start packing accordingly. One of the best ways to pack is room by room. If you do this you will make sure that you packed everything. In addition, make sure to label the boxes in the same way. This will make the unpacking process much easier. Because you will know what box goes in which room.

A picture of a box labelled fragile
When you pack things that can break easily, make sure to label the box “fragile” so that the movers know to handle it with extra care

Make sure to pack the things you use the least first. Because you will need to use the essentials while you are still living in your current residence. To make the packing process easier you should decide what you will pack and what you will donate. Decluttering, before you start packing, will make the packing process much easier. However, if you can not decide whether to pack something or donate you can always rent a storage unit and put your belonging there. Afterward, when you move into your new home you will see if there is a place for the stored things. Make sure to find the best storage services California has to offer.

Other things to help you prepare for the move

In the moving plan that you make, you should leave some space for a moving checklist. Some of the things you should include in the checklist are:

  • Schedule the utility services to shut off
  • Changing your current address for your mail and subscriptions
  • Ordering packing material for the move
  • Hiring a moving company

Crossing things off the checklist as you prepare for the move will bring you a lot of satisfaction. Plus, it will help you stay on track with all of the responsibilities that you have to complete.

One of the key things you should do to prepare for the move is to organize your budget. When you decide how much money you can spend on the move it will be much easier to continue with the move without stress. Moreover, one of the key advantages of hiring a professional moving company is that they offer a free quote. Knowing how much you will spend on the move will help you greatly when it comes to organizing and planning your budget. In addition, do not forget to write down what services you will be needing from the moving company. Because when you inform the moving company of all the services that you will need before you hire them. It will make the quote you get from the company as accurate as possible.

A black calculator near a ballpoint pen on a white printed paper
Organizing your finances before the move will help you avoid unnecessary money problems

In addition, when you start looking for a moving company make sure to always check the reviews. What better way to know if a moving company is reputable than to read what other customers have said about their experience. Moreover, always do some additional research to find out if the moving company changed its name in the past. Some companies do this to avoid being connected to bad work they did in the past.


After you have read this blog about the top reasons why people are moving out of California. You might find yourself considering moving out of the state as well. Keep in mind that trying to move by yourself is much harder than if you hire a professional and reputable moving company to help you with your move. One of the main reasons why people choose to try and expedite the move by themselves is to save money. However, due to the lack of experience with the whole moving process. Many people end up paying even more than they would have paid the professional movers. Due to the unforeseen costs that can happen during the moving process.

A man in a blue t-shirt and black pants standing beside the white moving van
Friendly and professional staff at Best Cross Country Movers will make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible during the moving process

On the other hand when you hire professional movers to help you with the move. As soon as you sign the moving contract you will have insurance for all the things that are being moved. This is one of the main reasons why people hire professional moving companies to help them with the moving process. Having your belongings insured will remove a lot of stress and worry from the equation. Hopefully, reading this blog helped you recognize what are some of the important things to consider when you want to relocate. Consequently, making you prepare better for the moving process whichever city you choose to relocate to when you leave the beautiful state of California.

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