Tips for packing musical equipment

Packing takes a lot of time, energy and good planning. Items are shaped differently and they have varying degrees of durability. So, you have to know how to pack each and every one of them properly. And it’s the same when packing musical equipment. They are usually fragile and need extra attention. But they are also made of many different kinds of materials. And you need to know how to handle each and every one. What works for brass instruments won’t necessarily be good for wooden ones. So, here are some tips on how to do it properly. And protect your valuable musical equipment. 

Introduction to packing musical equipment 

Packing musical equipment might sound easy. But, it takes good planning, quality materials and a lot of patience to pack them properly. Otherwise, you risk damaging them in transport. So, before you start looking for cross country moving companies, you should definitely take a good look at your musical equipment. And come up with a plan on how you are going to be packing it. Different musical instruments require different approaches. Wood is not the same as brass. And drums need to have extra protection at the top. But, more important than that is the box that is to follow the entire process from start to finish. Otherwise, you might end up irreparably damaging your musical instruments. 

cello waiting for packing musical equipment
Musical instruments are very sensitive

Be very careful when packing

Before we begin talking about the actual steps of packing musical equipment, it’s worth mentioning that you need to be very careful. Musical instruments are fragile and can break easily. So, if you don’t have the patience or time to pack them properly, then better hire packing services. That way you won’t have to deal with complicated packing processes. And you’ll have peace of mind. If you, however, want to pack on your own make sure you go slowly. And carefully. 

Supplies for packing musical equipment

There are many different packing supplies that you will need for packing musical equipment. From air-filled plastic wrap to packing paper and tape. And each musical instrument requires a different set of supplies. The topic is too long for a single blog post. And if you are not sure, you better check with a user manual or a licensed repair shop. But, some general rules are:

  • Don’t use any materials that can damage your instruments
  • Avoid placing strong tape directly onto the musical instrument
  • Make sure you cushion it properly
  • Consult with experts before packing musical equipment

Gather quality packing materials

Once that is out of the way, it’s time to start thinking about the actual materials that you’ll need. You can get most of them at your local hardware store. Or you can even ask your long distance movers Virginia if they can provide you with packing materials. Make sure you buy only quality supplies. Most musical instruments are very expensive. And you don’t want to damage it just because you decided to save on packing materials.

moving supplies for packing musical equipment
make sure to get enough high-quality packing materials

Boxes for packing musical equipment

You might have noticed that we skipped over the box in which you will put your musical instruments. And for a good reason. It requires a bit more attention. When moving large instruments, not just any box will fit. Like for instance, when moving a piano. And you should definitely contact professionals for such large instruments. But, when moving and packing smaller musical equipment, you need to carefully select the box. You should always try to use an original hard case. Or at least the hard case that you bought for carrying the instrument. It is designed to provide maximum protection. And it’s very good for packing musical equipment. If you are unable to acquire a made-to-shape hard case, then you’ll have to settle for a cardboard one. But, not to worry. With enough air-filled plastic wrap and a good amount of filler materials, you’ll be able to safely pack your musical instrument. Just remember, the bigger the box, the easier it is for it to break at the bottom. So lift carefully. 

moving box
Keep in mind that you need sturdy and quality moving boxes

Clean musical equipment before packing

One of the ground rules of packing musical equipment is to clean everything before packing. You will be moving a long distance. And your musical equipment is going to be sealed inside a box for the day. So, just like you maintain regular instrument hygiene, you need to clean them before putting them in a box. That means wiping any traces of fluids from them and making sure there’s no dust or other residues on them. 

Prepare them for packing

Now that everything is nice and clean it’s time to prepare your musical equipment. For string instruments, it’s important to loosen the strings a bit. That way you’ll prevent them from over-stretching. You never know if you’ll need to put them in storage until your new home is ready. Or if there will be any delay. For woodwind and brass instruments, it’s important to disassemble them before packing and transporting them. The same goes for drums. 

Drums needs to be disassembled before the relocation

Packing musical equipment for transport

Every piece of musical equipment is different and requires different treatment. So, it’s important to know what are the most fragile points on your equipment. And make sure you give them extra protection. When packing musical instruments without a hard case, you should always make sure that they are secure. That means giving them a good wrap with an air-filled plastic wrap. And ensuring that they can’t move around in the box. Also, it’s very important not to pack them with any other objects in the same box. Especially the heavy ones. The filler material can shrink a little bit over time. And in case of a bumpy ride, you don’t want your equipment getting damaged. If you are moving on short notice, and can’t acquire all the supplies you need you can use towels. Make sure they are clean, dry and soft. And use them as filler in the box.

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