Stand-up piano moving guide

There are a lot of things that you need to worry about during a move. From packing and paperwork to the actual move and transportation of your items – this is a lengthy process. However, not a lot of people realize that it can also be dangerous. Taking moving a stand-up piano, for example. The thing is already massive – so you cannot move it alone. What will you do? Will you call some good friends for help, or will you let long distance moving companies Florida handle this difficult task? And how dangerous can move an item of this size and weight really be? Can you protect yourself from it – and move your piano properly? Find out in this article!

Things you need to know before moving a stand-up piano

What is there to know about your piano. You have had it for ages, played it with love and it would be hard to part away from it and leave it with some professional storage services. So, you decided to move it with you. However, are you aware of just how heavy this thing is? Well, an average stand-up piano can weight from 300 to 900 pounds. That’s from 136 kilos to a staggering 400 kilograms – for those in the metric system.

A stand-up piano.
Stand-up pianos are really heavy.

Obviously, you cannot move an item of this size alone – so you will need some friends. However, there are many, many things you need to be careful if you decide to do so. First, lifting heavy objects always carries a risk of injury. The chances for this can skyrocket if you have never done it – and don’t know how to do it right. What’s more, moving a stand-up piano without professional help will consume time you don’t really have during a move. Finally, you can easily damage your piano, or the walls and floors as well as other furniture if you’re not careful. Because of this, you need to properly plan for the move in advance.

Prepare to move the stand-up piano

If you still decide to move the piano by yourself, knowing the dangers, then you should carefully prepare for it. First, gather up a team of people. They should be able to lift the piano as a team, so think carefully of who you will call. Make sure you ask them if they are willing to do it. If they have a history of injuries connected to the back, hips, legs or arms, then they should not be trying to help. The minimum number of people should be four, but it never hurts to have extra help on deck.

Athletic shoes.
Athletic shoes will help you during the move.

This might seem silly, but you also need to think about the clothes you are going to wear. Just like professional nationwide movers wear clothes for moving, so should you be prepared for it too! You need to be comfortable in the clothes you will wear, but they also need to be loose. This is because you will be moving a lot – and squatting can tear up your tight pants. For shoes, pick something with a treaded sole. You don’t want to slip around while moving a stand-up piano on any surface. Athletic shoes and work boots are the best for this. Finally, finish off your outfit with a nice pair of work gloves.

Protect the piano

Once you protected yourself with good clothes, it’s time to protect the piano, too. First, close down the lid so you don’t damage the keys. If there is a lock on it – lock it. If not, secure it with packing tape. Then, use packing blankets to protect the piano. Have people move it about 6 inches away from any wall so you can have access, and wrap everything up in padding. Then, secure it with some more packing tape. This way, you will protect the piano from scratches and bumps.

Next, you will want to make a clear path for the piano to move through. Roll up the rugs and move furniture so no one slips while moving it. Open up all the doors, and have someone make sure they stay open. Finally, if you are moving the stand-up piano over stairs, then you will need to set up ramps. You can get these from your movers – just remember to set them up before starting the move!

Moving the stand-up piano

Once everything is set up, it’s time to actually move the piano. First, set up the dolly a couple of inches by the piano. A four-wheeler is enough, but it should be at least half the length of it. Then, surround the piano and lift it slowly onto the dolly. Make sure you have one person who will stabilize it onto the dolly, and another to watch out from the sidelines.

A kid squatting like you would when moving a stand-up piano.
Start from a squatting position – but don’t let kids nearby!

When lifting, make sure you start from the squatting position. This way, your legs will do most of the work, thus keeping your back safer from injury. Make sure you lift it at the same time – and don’t put it on its front legs. They are thin and will break off in a moment. Lift it only as high as you need to place it on the dolly. Then, secure it with rope to the dolly and the piano is ready for the move.

Moving a stand-up piano to your home then unfolds in the same way. Just slowly repeat the steps backward and you will be able to set up your piano with ease. Again, we need to say just how important it is to do this properly. If you are unsure about moving your piano, then make sure you call us. We can offer specialty moving services to you and move the piano with ease!

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