Moving your business without disruption – tips and tricks

After a lot of careful thinking, you have decided to finally relocate your business. Whether you found a better space or a cheaper one, you feel like this will be the best move for your business. Which it might just be. But before you can celebrate your victory, there’s one very important thing you must do and that’s moving your business without disruption. The truth is that its this disruption that makes commercial relocation as difficult as it is. But you needn’t worry about a thing. With the tips from the Best Cross Country Movers which were carefully collected over the years, even something as complicated as a commercial relocation becomes a piece of cake.

A good plan constitutes 90% of work

It sounds impossible, but it’s really true. People say that planning is the most important part of endeavors as difficult as moving, and we couldn’t agree more. But to make a plan is somewhat easy – sticking to it is the difficult part. Now, even if your relocation is months ahead, remember this – it’s never too early to make a plan.

A person making a plan for moving your business without disruption.
Want to succeed in moving your business without disruption? Start by making a solid plan.

Sit down with your partners and employees and make the optimal plan for what’s ahead. You’ll have to make plenty of lists which will have to cover pretty much all the aspects. From hiring reliable long distance movers Georgia to deciding which items you want to relocate, consider this as the crucial point of your commercial move. The one which decides whether your office move will go without any disruptions or suffer horrible consequences.

The motto ‘out with the old, in with the new’ will help in moving your business without disruption

Whoever said that moving is a good opportunity to declutter was a wise man. As opposed to your home, your office is not very likely to have old items and an overall messy look. But that doesn’t mean that everything that’s in your current office should find its way in the new one. Think about it – are there any items you think won’t look as good in the new space? There are plenty of ways to declutter your office space and whichever you choose, you can rest assured that it will have a positive effect on your move.

Take a quick look around your office and scan the room. Is it high time to replace those uncomfortable chairs? Is there any equipment that could use to be upgraded? You would be surprised by how many items will be more expensive to transport than to replace. Plenty of long distance movers Atlanta charge based on the weight of the cargo. Besides, not only will you save money, but it will also be much easier to coordinate the move. Fewer items equal to fewer problems and fewer disruptions – very simple.

A conference room.
A beautiful office will motivate your employees and give them the boost they need.

Distribute tasks

We’ve already covered that your office move is going to be really complicated. And that won’t change. All you can do is hope to move your business without minimal disruption and that even if something does go awry, it won’t affect your business too much. Now, if you work by yourself, your chances of success are slim. Besides, unlike residential moving, when you can contemplate DIY moving versus hiring movers, a commercial move is something completely different. But if you put together a reliable team to help you, your odds of a successful move are much better.

Has it occurred to you that you already have a well-trained team right by your side? Your employees will be the perfect helpers, as you will be working towards a common goal. It’s in their best interest for you to move your office without disruption and they will work relentlessly towards helping you achieve it. What is up to you is to distribute the tasks among them and make sure everyone knows what part of the work is theirs. When it comes to you, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t slack off. After all, you are their leader and what you do will reflect on what they do. 

Ensure your business is moved without disruption by notifying your customers

What really causes disruption to businesses during a move is exactly this part – the failure to communicate the whereabouts of your new location to all the people who are interested. Whether you run a retail store or an IT business, your livelihood depends on your customers who pay for your services. You also probably receive deliveries from your distributors/partners and they arrive on your address.

A woman working on her laptop.
Sit down and start sending e-mails to all those who should receive them.

So you can clearly understand how problems will occur if all the interested parties don’t know where to reach you. And this applies whether you are moving your office across country or just to the next block. Also, it’s especially important to let the public know about your relocation if you are owning a retail store. Chances are you have thousands of loyal customers who will want to know where to reach you. Respect your clients and you’ll manage to move your business with minimal disruptions.

Always move with the help of reliable office movers

There are plenty of residential movers to be found. But finding companies that specialize in commercial moving is something different. True, lots of companies offer office moving as a service. But not all companies possess enough knowledge and experience to help you with moving your business without disruption. If you want to ensure your business gets the treatment it deserves, it’s up to you to do the work. So, don’t be lazy – your future and the future of your business both depend on the thorough research you do at this point. Or should do.

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